2017 Mock Draft

With only one weekend until draft day, I decided to throw a mock out there. This will probably be the only version I post. It feels a little too close to the consensus for me, but considering those guys miss a lot of picks anyway, I’m not too worried about it. I tried to focus on who I thought the Giants could target, & jotted a few names to look for on the second page.

Do I have a favorite player in this class? Well, I suppose that guy is Adam Haseley, Virginia CF. He won’t come close to #19 though, so there’s no sense in writing much about him. Kentucky’s Evan White was a guy I felt like Evans and his team could target, and wouldn’t you know it he started getting mocked to the Giants by most of the major sources. Now his stock seems to be soaring, & it doesn’t seem likely he’ll make it to 19 either.

In this scenario, Oregon southpaw David Peterson falls into the Giants’ lap. I’d be very happy with that, as my preference would be to grab an impact college performer right off the bat, then pick from a deep high school pool in the second round.  Personally, I just hope they go with some consensus here (preferably someone who isn’t of the “high floor, low ceiling type of prospect we’ve become accustomed to them taking). The system needs a rebuild at all levels, & Monday is a great opportunity to get the ball rolling.

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy!


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