My First Twenty-Five: Part 1

I’ve attended 25 Giants games in my “fan career.” Twenty-five is a pretty special number around these parts, so I thought I’d go back and recap them all, starting from the most recent and working my way back.

Game #21 | October 10, 2016 | AT&T Park | NLDS Game 3 | Giants 6, Cubs 5  (13 innings)

Box Score

Madison Bumgarner vs Jake Arrieta

Player of the Game: Conor Gillaspie (2 RBI)

Entertainment Rating: 9 (out of 10) | Record in Games Attended: 13-8

This was the first and only postseason game I’ve ever attended. My wife and I sat in the view reserve along the 3B line. With Bumgarner on the mound, that was a kind of electricity I hadn’t remembered feeling since the days of Bonds. Arrieta homered off him early and took the air out of the stadium. All seemed lost until Gillaspie stepped in against Aroldis Chapman and tripled into the gap. The tying and go-ahead runs scored, an incredible 51% win probability added according to Baseball-Ref. We both had work the next day and a 3-hour drive home, so we couldn’t stay for extras. We were losing it in the car with KNBR on all the way home. A game I’ll never forget.

Game #22 | June 14, 2017 | AT&T Park | Royals 7, Giants 2

Box Score

Johnny Cueto vs Jason Hammel

Player of the game: Lorenzo Cain (3-4, HR)

Entertainment Rating: 3 (out of 10) | Record in Games Attended: 13-9

Wife and I went for this one on a Wednesday afternoon. Cueto just didn’t have his stuff, issued 5 walks and served up three homers. Jorge Bonifacio’s 2-run big fly in the 3rd was the top WPA play of the game. Eduardo Nunez & Austin Slater knocked in the Giants two runs. Our usual 3-hour drive home took 5. Pretty forgettable day!

Game #23 | July 9, 2017 | AT&T Park | Marlins 10, Giants 8 (11 innings)

Box Score

Johnny Cueto vs Jose Urena

Player of the game: Brandon Crawford (HR, 3 RBI)

Entertainment Rating: 5 | Record in Games Attended: 13-10

Our first wedding anniversary and the start of a tradition we hope to continue for many years. Again Johnny Beisbol scuffled, giving up 6 ER on an unbelievable 6 walks. Crawford and Hundley homered, but the Giants were still in a hole going into the late innings. They rallied, and Miguel “Go-Go” Gomez did this to earn his first career hit, while we watched from the SRO above the bricks in right. The game ran long, and we had to bolt for the ferry building to catch the last boat out of town. G’s lost in extras. Hey, Jae-Gyun Hwang played in this game. I wonder if we’ll ever hear from that guy again?

Game #24 | April 4, 2018 | AT&T Park | Giants 10, Mariners 1

Box Score

Johnny Cueto vs Felix Hernandez

Player of the game: Pablo Sandoval (HR, 4 RBI)

Entertainment Rating: 7 | Record in Games Attended: 14-10

Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 6.24.48 AM

Second home game of the season and our third straight Cueto start. He was back to his old self in this one. The Giants were really due for some runs, and boy did they put a hurt on the King, Felix Hernandez. My college roommate from Montana flew in for this one, as we renewed our personal Giants/Mariners interleague rivalry. We sat in the premium club, as we did the first time he came out for a game three years earlier. He wasn’t thrilled when Gorkys Hernandez launched one into the seats off his franchise icon. I tried to play it cool, because I care, you know… But I couldn’t keep it in when Pablo parked a 3-run bomb into the cove. What a moment, and a nice blowout win for the good guys.

Game #25 | July 8, 2018 | AT&T Park | Giants 13, Cardinals 8

Box Score

Madison Bumgarner vs Jack Flaherty

Player of the game: Pablo Sandoval (HR, 5 RBI)

Entertainment Rating: 8 | Record in Games Attended: 15-10

Last Sunday and our 2nd-anniversary game. Another one where the Giants were due for some runs. 17 hits, and another Pablo 3-run homer. We also saw the MLB debuts for Steven Duggar and Ray Black, which was pretty special for them, and also for me. Bum didn’t have his best stuff, but the bats just pounded out hit after hit, running promising rookie Flaherty from the game early. A four-hour affair, but a fun boat ride home after career Giants game number Two-Five for this fan.

Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 6.24.17 AM


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