Giants Top Prospects, Spring 2017

Hello all. I didn’t have the time to put together a top 50-100 Giants list this year, and my knowledge of the system isn’t as deep as it once was. But it still didn’t feel right to start the year without posting my thoughts on the top prospects in the system. That was one of the reasons I began this blog in the first place! Better late than never, I suppose.

Without further ado, here are the 20 best prospects in the organization – according to yours truly.

#1(a): Christian Arroyo, Inf, Age 21 = His “doubles, not homers” power in AA last year dropped his stock in some eyes. Not mine. He’ll be in AAA with the potential to do some real damage.

#1(b): Tyler Beede, RHP, Age 23 = Beede & Arroyo are very different prospects, but both will be in Sacramento, and both are future cornerstone pieces for the franchise. Tyler will likely make his MLB debut this season.

#3: Bryan Reynolds, OF, Age 22 = The Giants didn’t have a 1st round pick last summer, but they snagged a legitimate 1st round talent in Reynolds. He’s an all-around hitter who swings from both sides. Can he stick in CF?

#4: Ty Blach, LHP, Age 26 = We saw the best of Blach last September when he mowed down the Dodgers and outpitched Clayton Kershaw. Where he starts the season I don’t know, but he should get his shot at some point this year. Will he settle into the rotation?  

#5: Steven Duggar, CF, Age 23 = Athletic; great arm; solid plate discipline; chance to stay in CF. He surprised a lot of people last year, surging to AA in his first professional season.

#6: Chris Shaw, 1B, Age 23 = The jump to AA took some of the sting out of his bat last summer, but it was still a great debut season for one of the premier power hitters in the organization.

#7: Heath Quinn, OF, Age 21 = One of my favorite players in last year’s draft class. I was ecstatic when the Giants called his name. He roasted NWL pitching, and I believe he has the bat to continue that trend moving forward.

#8: Steven Okert, LHP, Age 25 = I know ranking relievers is a tricky deal, but Okert has shown flashes of being an impact arm throughout his pro career. He pitched well in his opportunity late last season and has had a spring that could see him land on the opening day MLB roster.

#9: Andrew Suarez, LHP, Age 24 = He’s a Ty Blach type, but with better fastball velocity. There’s a good chance he spends some time in Sacramento this summer. How will he handle the jump?

#10: Sandro Fabian, OF, Age 19 = I’ll admit I don’t know as much about this kid, but he torched the AZL as an 18 year-old, and is consistently getting mentions among the system’s top 10. Currently projects as a solid all-around RF, but still has a long way to go to get there.

#11: CJ Hinojosa, SS, Age 22 = A sneaky upside pick in the 11th round, he turned heads almost immediately in his first full season. Most projections have him as a below average SS, more of a utility type.

#12: Austin Slater, OF, Age 24 = Athletic IF/OF had a power uptick last season, and might just be the super utility type the Giants have been longing for. He’s got a real shot to see big league time this year.

#13: Aramis Garcia, C, Age 24 = Injuries have slowed his development, but his arm and defensive chops still make him a significant prospect in the system for me. Will his bat catch up?

#14: Joan Gregorio, RHP, Age 25 = 6-ft-7 arm has been around a long time. AAA batters hit him hard, but his K rates were some of the best of his career. I envision a future power arm out of the bullpen.

#15: Sam Coonrod, RHP, Age 24 = Another guy with velocity, but concerns about whether he’ll remain a starter. I haven’t seen him this spring, but thought his stuff looked pretty electric at times last year.

#16: Chris Stratton, RHP, Age 26 = Hasn’t lived up to his 1st round pedigree, but he did take a step forward last year and should see more time in Bruce Bochy’s bullpen this season.

#17: Reyes Moronta, RHP, Age 24 =  He took over the closer’s role in San Jose when Rodolfo Martinez moved to AA last summer and had a huge season for the Giants. He’s a smaller guy, but his fastball sure isn’t.

#18: Dan Slania, RHP, Age 24 = Big Dan became a starter last season and had himself a nice season. I could have put just about anyone in this spot, but I’ve always envisioned Slania as a big league arm. If he can start, that sure ups the ante.

#19: Ryder Jones, 3B/1B, Age 22 = Ryder takes his fair share of heat, but he also showed pretty good pop in Richmond last year. More importantly, the Giants believe in him.

#20: Miguel Gomez, Inf, Age 24 = Let me put it this way. Gomez can flat out hit. Now he’s hitting for power too? I’m sure someone will find a spot for him one of these years (he’s on the Giants’ 40-man now too).

Honorable Mention: Matt Krook, Rodolfo Martinez, Clayton Blackburn, Ray Black, Jonah Arenado

6 thoughts on “Giants Top Prospects, Spring 2017”

  1. Sacramento AAA


    C-Fed X/Brown



    *If they decide to go w/one lefty.Gage,Lujan,or Suarez



    Tough news regarding Williamson.Guy can’t catch a break.

    Hinojosa-Should be able to stick at SS.Turner felt that he was rushing himself last year,when he was playing SS.They feel like they have that settled.

    Slania-I think he’s behind Beede and ahead of Coonrod.Good FB control.Giants value that.

    Coonrod-Pitching in SAC will be good challenge.I think he’s going to have a good season.I also think he stays in rotation.

    Moronta-Looks like he’s in better shape.Could be in AAA by break.

  2. I agree, love your new format. Why no Law if you include Okert? Was it a time in majors thing? He was even better in his MLB debut.

    Plus, for me, Okert showed more than flashes, he was downright dominating. When people talk about Windows, it usually revolves around our core hitters, but I would throw in the window for a great crop of relievers, Strickland, Okert, Law, and Osich.

    Other than that, can’t quibble with your ranking.

    Too bad you weren’t following as closely this year (not complaining, just lamenting, as I understand why), as I would love to hear your thoughts on Kyle Crick’s performance this spring.

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