Draft Day 3 Recap

I’m going to do this one like I did Friday’s recap. I’ll post just the bare bones to start off, and I’ll update the post as I go along. Recapping 30 picks (almost entirely made up of guys we’ve never heard of) is a tall order, and I feel that doing it this well helps keep me accountable. I expect to get most (if not all) of this done today (Sunday), but we’ll see how the day shakes out. I can’t really give much of an overall analysis of this class until I have a chance to look at each of these picks more thoroughly. Yes, the guys taken on days 1 and 2 are obviously the big names, but there’s always some intrigue on day 3. So let’s dig a little deeper, see what kinds of jewels the Giants might have unearthed this year.

Draft Day 3:

11. GREG BRODY, rhp | Belmont (sr) | 6-2, 185 | Age: 22

2014: 22 g, 8 sv, 1.57 era, 26 k, 5 bb

This dude is brand spanking new to pitching, at least at the collegiate level. He actually hit 7 hr as a freshman infielder, but his numbers fell a bit the next year. It looks like he missed all of 2013 (wasn’t listed as a redshirt though), and came out for his senior year as a newfound relief pitcher. He was named to the NCAA’s Stopper of the Year watch list, and had an impressive campaign as the Belmont closer. I haven’t been able to find a scouting report on him yet.

Greg Brody

(Belmont Sports Information)

12. JAMESON HENNING, ss | Western IL (jr) | B:R T:R 6-4, 190 | Age: 21

2014: 197 ab, .310, 1 hr, 12-16 sb, 11 bb, 32 k

2013: 182 ab, .297, 1 hr, 7-9 sb, 6 bb, 33 k

Tall shortstop didn’t hit the cover off the ball in college, but the reports I’ve seen say he knows what he’s doing at the plate. Sounds like he’s a smooth defender as well. Matt Duffy didn’t hit much in college either, and look what he’s doing now! Honestly, that’s all I’ve got on this kid for the time being.

Jameson Henning

(WIU Visual Productions Center)

13. LUIS LACEN, cf | Puerto Rico (hs) | B:R T:R 6-3 195 | Age: 17

Say it like “Mt. Lassen.” He’s young for the high school class. This kid looks athletic, but the reports call him very raw (as you might assume). I’m no scout, but the Perfect Game videos I saw showed a kid with a projectable body and some serious bat speed. His swing looked ugly at times, but it turned impressive quickly once he got in a rhythm. Looks to get some loft under the ball. He’s not as polished of a player as Kevin Rivera, but he’s got loads more projection. Should battle it out with Joneshwy Fargas for Puerto Rican CF supremacy in the Giants farm system.

14. KEVIN RIVERA, 2b | Puerto Rico (hs) | B:S T:R 5-11 170 | Age: 18

He’s 17 now, but will turn 18 in a couple of days. Attended the Carlos Beltran Academy with Luis Lacen. He doesn’t have Lacen’s projectable body, but the reports call him a much more game-ready player at the moment. He’s athletic for his size, plays a clean infield, and the reports say he can play all over the diamond. His swing looks more line-drive, but it’s smooth and balanced, and I like it. I love these two picks. Honestly, they might actually be my favorites of the day.

15. BENTON MOSS, rhp | UNC (jr) | 6-2, 175 | Age: 21

2014: 15 gs, 97 ip, 3.62 era, 35 bb, 77 k

2013: 16 gs, 88.1 ip, 3.77, 34 bb, 92 k

2012: 16 gs, 79 ip, 1.94, 23 bb, 83 k

Pretty cool article about this guy on SFGiants.com, I’ll link it below. Could have gone pro out of high school, but UNC gave him one of the most prestigious academic scholarships in the country to come get an education. As someone who works in the college world, I think that’s pretty awesome. He sounds a little like Ryan Vogelsong already, and he hasn’t even thrown a professional pitch. Fastball goes 90-94, but he’s a guy who relies on control and secondary stuff. Reports give him a 12-6 curve and a slider, and he says his goal is to develop a changeup as a pro. This guy knows how to pitch, he thought he should have been drafted higher, and he’s a little pissed off about it. Great value, in my opinion.

Moss Draft Article

16. KEVIN GINKEL, rhp | Southwestern CC | 6-4 210 | Age: 20

2014: 13 gs, 88 ip, 2.76, 18 bb, 58 k

The only video I can find is a highlight clip from his high school days. Back then he was a tall, skinny kid with an El-Duque type leg kick up by his head. He did show off a mix of different pitches, and had some nice control (in the video)… but it was not game action, just him facing a hitter in batting practice. He plays at a CC in Chula Vista, but it looks like he was committed to USD for next year. Those plans may be changing, but I’m not 100% sure on that.

17. CALEB SMITH, lhp | USC Aiken (jr) | 6-2 205 | Age: 20

2014: 17 g (4 gs), 26.2 ip, 3.71 era, 28 bb, 36 k

2013: 25 g, 24.2 ip, 1.82 era, 18 bb, 38 k

Lefty reliever for one of the top programs in D2. He’s got long hair, a big leg kick, and somewhat of what I’d call a violent delivery. Baseball America’s Clint Longenecker said he has “serious arm strength,” with a fastball running 92-95 and a career bb/9 of 8. Yeah, 8! In other words, the dude has NO IDEA where the ball is going when it leaves his hand. The Giants love these types of guys. David Lee (Augusta’s beat writer) follows this Aiken club pretty closely, and called Smith an exciting arm.

18. EDRICK AGOSTO, rhp | Puerto Rico (hs) | 6-3 240 | Age: 17

Solidly built righty from the International Baseball Academy in PR. Delivery looks very clean in the video I saw, and he’s got some pretty nice arms speed. A look at his Perfect Game profile shows a kid listed at 275 pounds, and looking very unathletic in the picture. Holy smokes! He’s got a low-90’s fastball and a four pitch arsenal. Obviously, with these prep kids, you have no idea how well they throw all four pitches, but it would seem like he could be used as a starter with that mix and his sturdy frame.

19. RICHARD AMION, cf | Alabama St (jr) | B:R T:R 5-10 190 | Age: 21

2014: 211 ab, .336, 4 hr, 17-25 sb, 37 bb, 43 k

2013: 200 ab, .270, 2 hr, 34-41 sb, 32 bb, 33 k

2012: 153 ab, .288, 36-42 sb, 24 bb, 31 k

Three year starter for Alabama State. I love this guy’s profile. He’s got plus speed, plus arm strength and range, and the defensive ability to stay in center field. He even looks to be a guy who can swing the bat at the professional level, with a swing that earned him nice reviews coming out of high school three years ago (where he hit .460 with 8 hr as a senior). If the bat can play at the next level, he might be a legitimate leadoff candidate.


20. BRET UNDERWOOD, cf | Northwestern St (jr) | B:L T:R 6-2, 200 | Age: 21

2014: 204 ab, .289, 0 hr, 18-20 sb, 20 bb, 32 k

Another center fielder with a slick head of hair (that almost seems to be a prerequisite for the Giants now), and the first lefty hitter taken by Sabean’s crew in this draft. Native of Alabama, he played one season at D1 NW State after spending two years at Faulkner State CC. He’s got an athletic build and some wheels on the base paths. College profile says he wants to be an MLB exec some day when his playing days are over. Sounds like a student of the game to me.


(Gary Hardamon/NSU Photographic Services)

21. MATT CROWNOVER, lhp | Clemson (so) | 5-11 205 | Age: 21

2014: 16 gs, 99.1 ip, 2.90 era, 20 bb, 90 k

2013: 14 gs, 70 ip, 2.19 era, 17 bb, 45 k

Draft-eligible sophomore may not sign here, as he’s a prime candidate to improve his stock with a big junior season at Clemson. The Giants will definitely have to pony up a good sum to get him on board. He was Georgia’s high school player of the year as a sophomore and junior, and one of the top draft prospects in the state coming out of school. Had Tommy John surgery in 2012, and it sounds like his stock took a big hit. Frosh All-America at Clemson, followed by a strong sophomore campaign this season. The reports call him a pitch ability guy, but I’ve also heard he can put a little something on his fastball. Not a prototypical pitcher’s frame, but he’s got some sweet arm speed. This would be a steal in the 21st round if the Giants can get him into the organization.

22. MARK REYES, lhp | Crowder CC | 6-1, 185 | Age: 21

2014: 13 gs, 2.20 era, 86 ip, 10 bb, 81 k

Two year player for Crowder CC after spending his freshman year with Arkansas. Looks like he was committed to Southern Miss for his senior season. Lefty with impressive walk rates for the Crowder Roughriders (gotta love that nickname), he was drafted by Baltimore during his senior year in high school. Led his HS team to a state title; tossed a 17-k gem in the state championship. He finished his senior year with a 10-1 record, 0.48 era, and 11 home runs at the dish. In other words, this kid was a stud, and Southern Miss called him one of the top JuCo southpaws in the country. He could run his fastball into the low-90’s coming into college, but I really have no idea whether he’s improved that velocity in the past three years or not. Very intriguing pick.

23. JORDAN JOHNSON, rhp | CSU Northridge (jr) | 6-2 175 | Age: 20

2014: 12 gs, 4.33 era, 72.2 IP, 15 BB, 39 K’s.

2013: 2 g (Injured)

2012: 3 g (Injured)

Pitchability righty who obviously had some sort of major injury that kept him out for nearly two full seasons. Originally from Elk Grove, drafted by the Rockies (42nd round) coming out of high school.
 CSU Northridge Profile

24. MICHAEL PETERSEN, rhp | Riverside CC | 6-7 195 | Age: 20

2014: N/A

Tall righty who hails from San Jose. Looks like he’s been drafted each year since he graduated high school (3 times). Maybe he finally signs? I couldn’t find any stats from this season, but his Perfect Game profile listed his fastball at 83-88. Keep in mind that was two years ago, so I would hope that velocity has improved a bit since then.

26. BYRON MURRAY, rf | Trinity Christian HS (FL) | B:R T:R  5-10 195 | Age: 18 (turns 19 this summer)

2014: .371, 6 hr |2013: .403, 7 hr

I’m very intrigued by this kid. Native of the Bahamas who went to high school in Florida. He’s got a stocky but athletic build, good speed and some serious raw power. Made waves by hitting a 450 foot homerun out of Marlins Park in the “Power Showcase” homerun derby. I found some video footage of him… you have to advance to about the 5:30 mark to see him taking hacks. My goodness does this kid have some bat speed (keep in mind it’s footage from a homerun derby). I really don’t know much else about him, or whether he’ll sign (committed to Southern Miss), but he seems to offer a tantalizing toolset, if not from a prototypical body.

<p><a href=”http://vimeo.com/97293167″>Byron Murray</a> from <a href=”http://vimeo.com/user12919102″>Brian Domenico</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

26. HUNTER COLE, 3b/of | Georgia (jr) | B:R T:R 6-1 195 | Age: 21

2014: 207 ab, .319, 3 hr, 25 bb, 49 k

2013: 211 ab, .303, 4 hr, 27 bb, 50 k

2012: 192 ab, .276, 7 hr, 28 bb, 56 k

3-year starter for Georgia saw his stock slip, but I seriously can’t believe he fell this far. He was the #1 ranked prep player in South Carolina in 2011, drafted by Washington in the 49th round. Seven homers as a true freshman tell me he has some real power potential that he didn’t tap into during soph and junior seasons. Athletic kid who played OF until moving to 3B this season. Lots of K’s, lots of BB’s. No, his numbers aren’t all-world by any means, but getting a guy who hit .319 in the SEC is a nice haul in the 26th round. If the Giants can get some power out of that bat, this is a tremendous pick.

27. CONNOR KADEN, rhp | Wake Forest (jr) | 6-4 200 | Age: 21

2014: 17 g (12 gs), 61.1 ip, 3.52 era, 26 bb, 52 k

2013: 21 g, 30.1 ip, 3.56 era, 18 bb, 27 k

Big righty who transitioned to the Wake Forest rotation this year after pitching in relief in 2013. His Skipper says he’s got “Friday night power stuff,” with a 2-seamer, power slider and change. This is an interesting pick, as he’s obviously got a nice arm to work with, and one that doesn’t have a ton of miles on it to this point. Will the Giants start him or put him back in the pen? How’s that changeup looking? Again, nice value for a 27th pick, even if he’s just a hard-throwing middle-innings guy.

28. NICK SABO, lhp | CSU Long Beach (jr) | 6-5 220 | Age: 21

2014: 14 gs, 79 ip, 3.30 era, 28 bb, 49 k

Dirtbag lefty. We love those Dirtbags now thanks to Matt Duffy. Sabo had 53 bb and 85 k in 134 career innings for Long Beach. Great pitching frame, especially for a southpaw. He looks taller than 6-5 to me in the video here, and really gets the ball moving downhill. Also, he’ll forever be known as the guy drafted one pick after Johnny Manziel… so he’s got that going for him.

29. RYAN CRUZ, rhp | College of the Canyons | 6-3 215 | Age: 20

2014: 13 gs, 92 ip, 3.91 era, 40 bb, 62 k

2013: 13 gs, 76.2 ip, 3.17 era, 26 bb, 50 k

He’s been a workhorse for COC in the past two years. Seriously, I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a JuCo guy throw that many combined innings. The season preview article I read called him a power arm. As we all know, that could mean anything. I wish I knew more, but it’s not so easy to find good information on 29th round picks playing for community colleges.

30. COV COVINGTON, 1b | University of West Florida (sr) | B:L T:L 6-2 200 | Age: 22

2014: 131 ab, .321, 4 hr, 6-6 sb, 22 bb, 26 k

2013: 151 ab, .305, 1 hr, 9-11 sb, 31 bb, 34 k

D2 IF/OF who actually goes by the name Cliff. Four year college player (2 at CC, 2 at D2) who earned All-Region Gold Glove honors in both his seasons at West FL. Another guy with strong hair. Seriously, though, last year’s D2 stud was Blake Miller out of Western Oregon. Look what that guy is doing in San Jose. The Giants see something they like in all of these guys, regardless of where they come from. Love the name, and it sure would look sweet on a baseball card someday.

31. NICK NELSON, rhp | Rutherford HS (fl) | 6-1 195 | Age: 18

32. HUNTER WILLIAMS, lhp | Cosby HS (va) | 6-1 220 | Age: 18

UNC commit who could be a stud two-way player at the college level. Low-90’s arm; takes a smooth, powerful cut at the plate.

33. DEAC DEACON, c | CSU Fullerton (sr) | B:L T:R 6-0 190 | Age: 22

34. TIM SUSNARA, c | St Francis HS (ca) | B:L T:R 6-0 185 | Age: 18

Slick-fielding backstop from Redwood City. I’m in awe of his swing in the video I’ve seen. Would love it if they could find a way to sign this kid, but these are probably all longshots. Oregon commit.

35. MITCH HART, rhp | Granite Bay HS (ca) | 6-3 190 | Age: 18

Committed to USC, another low-90’s arm with a great frame and potential to dream on. Hey kid, see you in three years…

36. ZACH TAYLOR, c | Horizon HS (az) | B:R T:R 6-1 220 | Age: 18

Switch-hitting C/IF who looks like a 30 year-old man. Perfect Game likes his tools behind the dish, says he’s mid-90’s on the mound as well. Again, does he consider signing?

37. GARRETT CHRISTMAN, ss | Noblesville HS (in) | B:L T:R 6-2 180 | Age: 17

38. BENITO SANTIAGO, c | Coral Springs Christian HS (fl) | B:L T:R 5-9 175 | Age: 19

I’ve seen the video of Benito Jr. He doesn’t throw from his knees. Bummer.

39. JOE RYAN, rhp | Sir Francis Drake HS (ca) | 6-1 185 | Age: 18

40. RILES MAHAN, ss | Moeller HS (oh) | B:L T:R 6-3 185 | Age: 18 



Giants 2014 Draft Tracker (Rd 1-10)

Day 2 is officially in the books, and we’re 10 picks down. I’m just going to post the essential information at first. Will be working on scouting reports and links throughout the afternoon. Please keep checking back, as I will update as frequently as I can. Here’s a link to MLB.com’s (updated) Giants draft page.

Round 1 (#14)

TYLER BEEDE, rhp | Vanderbilt (jr) | 6-3, 215 | Age: 21


MLB.com (12); Baseball America (15); Kiley McDaniel (23)


2014: 16 gs, 98.1 ip 3.20 era, 43 bb, 106 k

2013: 17 gs, 101 ip, 2.32 era, 63 bb, 103 k

2012: 16 g, 71.2 ip, 4.52 era, 32 bb, 68 k


Big righty with a sturdy frame and hard fastball. This wasn’t a reach, but it truly wasn’t the pick I was hoping for. Touiki Toussaint, Derek Hill and Grant Holmes were all still on the board (my 3 “dream” picks), but obviously the Giants weren’t in the mood to go for the big risk/reward pick. That’s their choice, and I can’t be overly critical of them. Beede was a likely top 5 pick heading into SEC conference play, as he started the season in dominant fashion after absolutely dealing in his sophomore year. He was inconsistent for most of conference action, and didn’t look too sharp in the conference tournament start I watched a couple of weeks ago. He bounced back, though, with an 8 IP, 4 H, 0 R, 14 K effort in the NCAA regionals, and that performance likely helped move him back up some draft boards down the stretch.

Beede has the size and stuff to be a Matt Cain type talent, there’s no doubt about that. His FB runs up to 97, and he mixes in a curve and changeup that can both be solid pitches. He gets better marks for the change, which I’ve seen considered a potential plus pitch by a few evaluators. In the start I watched, he was tossing in a hard slider as well. I love that Beede, like former Vandy stud Sonny Gray, has the curve and changeup in his back pocket. Honestly, that makes me feel a lot better about his chances than a guy like Chris Stratton, who really has turned out to be a FB/Slider pitcher, and his FB hasn’t been as advertised. He really doesn’t seem like he can overpower professional hitters. Beede can, in my opinion.

The big issue with Beede is consistency. He tends to beat himself, and it sounds like he did just that in his Super Regional start against Stanford today. In his final two collegiate seasons, he walked 106 batters in 199 innings. That has to improve, and obviously the Giants and “Ninja” pitching master Dick Tidrow feel they can correct whatever mechanical problems are causing his wildness. If they can, I don’t think it’s out of the question that Beede can move through the minors very fast, like Gray did for the A’s. If Beede continues to struggle with his command (a real possibility), I think he will have a hard time getting out of High-A, much like Stratton and Agosta are right now.

In summary, I didn’t love the pick, but I do believe in Beede’s potential. I’m excited to have him in the organization, and can’t wait to see how the next couple of years unfold for him.


Round 2 (#52)

ARAMIS GARCIA, c | Florida Int’l (jr) | 6-2, 195 B:R T:R | Age: 21


MLB.com (78); BA (74): Kiley (35)


2014: 163 ab, .368, 8 hr, 37 rbi, 4 sb, 25 bb, 23 k

2013: 224 ab, .321, 11 hr, 51 rbi, 17 bb, 39 k

2012: 192 ab, .271, 6 hr, 29 rbi, 19 bb, 43 k


Garcia’s name first popped up on my radar about two weeks into the 2014 season, when Baseball America did a feature on him after he started the year on an absolute tear. He’s a threat at the plate, and one of the top offensive catchers in the draft. He’s athletic, but needs work on defense. I pegged him as a guy who wouldn’t get out of the 2nd round, and could be a fit for the Giants. Turns out I was actually right… and that in itself is worth a celebration. Seriously though, I thought a high upside prep player would have been a nice idea in this spot, but Garcia is a solid all-around player. Having both Garcia and Susac in the system now is a nice luxury for the Giants. No complaints from me on this one.


BA Garcia Article

Round 3 (#87)

DYLAN DAVIS, of | Oregon State (jr) | 6-0, 215 B:R T:R | Age: 20


MLB (74); BA (93); Kiley (98)


2014: 237 ab, .283, 7 hr, 64 rbi, 4 sb, 21 bb, 31 k

2013: 257 ab, .327, 5 hr, 60 rbi, 8 sb, 19 bb, 35 k

2012: 167 ab, .246, 3 hr, 30 rbi, 4 sb, 6 bb, 32 k


Two-way player at OSU who didn’t have quite the junior season people were expecting. He’s got a big arm and big power potential, and he showed it last summer in the Cape Cod League. The Giants love their Cape performers, and Davis fit the profile of almost exactly what they seem to look for in rounds 3-5. He’s not as big or athletic as Mac Williamson, but he probably has a stronger RF arm, and might offer the same kind of strikeout/homer approach at the plate. Shankbone actually pegged him as the Giants 3rd round pick in the Minorleagueball.com mock draft last weekend. 3 straight college picks, but I think this is good value for the 3rd round.


Davis Article

Round 4 (#118)

LOGAN WEBB, rhp | Rocklin High School | 6-2, 195 | Age: 17


MLB (NR); BA (214); Kiley (190)


2014: 57 ip, 0.49 era, 30 bb, 73 k; .337, 3 hr


Oodles of high school pitching talent in this class, and the Giants take their first shot at a kid I’d never heard of. I love that he’s from Rocklin, that would make for one sweet story if he signs away from Cal Poly and turns into a solid prospect in the organization. Sounds like he sprung up very late in the season, blowing mid-90’s heat toward the end of the year. Not the biggest kid, built more like Martin Agosta, but he’s an athletic kid and Rocklin High’s QB as well. Had an 11-k performance in the Sac-Joaquin playoffs (Rocklin won the section championship), and the Giants were likely in attendance. He’s the Sierra Foothill League MVP, picked from a group of very solid teams and players. Big K and BB rates, but check out that ERA. How did he only win 4 games?! How did that team win the section??? Anyway, I’m intrigued by this kid. 2-sport star, fresh arm, throwing a baseball harder than he’s ever thrown it before. I think he signs, and I think the Giants might have gone behind the scenes and found themselves a dude.


SFGiants Article SacBee Article Two-Hitter


(Photo: Gary Jones/thewinningshot.com)

Round 5 (#148)

SAM COONROD, rhp | Southern Illinois (jr) | 6-2, 190 | Age: 21


MLB (103); BA (136); Kiley (128)


2014: 15 gs, 84.2 ip, 2.87 era, 47 bb, 87 k

2013: 15 gs, 79.2 ip, 4.41, 49 bb, 68 k

2012: 10 gs, 64 ip, 4.64 era, 20 bb, 54 k


College starter with a big heater, hit 98 as a reliever on the Cape. Offers a slider and change… and has absolutely no idea where the ball is going. 40 control, according to MLB.com. That’s some serious wildness. Does he spend half a season starting, or do the Giants move him right to the bullpen and tell him to let it rip?


Round 6 (#178)

SKYLER EWING, c/1b | Rice (jr) | B:R T:R 6-1, 220 | Age: 21


MLB (195); BA (168); Kiley (228)


2014: 242 ab, .335, 9 hr, 48 rbi, 29 bb, 35 k

2013: 146 ab, .226, 4 hr, 23 rbi, 23 bb, 30 k


He’s really a 1B, didn’t catch much at all this year. Bat broke out this year after he mashed last summer in the, wait for it… Cape Cod League. Not a superb athlete, but he’s a strong guy who can put the ball over the fence. Shows a solid approach at the plate. When’s the last time the Giants drafted a Rice hitter?


Round 7 (#208)

SETH HARRISON, cf | UL Lafayette (r-jr) | B:R T:R 6-1, 195 | Age: 21




2014: 243 ab, .317, 9 hr, 63 rbi, 15-20 sb, 19 bb, 60 k

2013: 210 ab, .338, 9 hr, 45 rbi, 10-17 sb, 23 bb, 52 k


The Giants love UL Lafayette hitters, and there were a bunch of them who had big seasons for the top 5 Cajun’s. Harrison has shown solid power for both of the last two seasons. He strikes out a ton, but he should be able to hold his own at a corner OF spot. For a 7th round pick, and technically a “senior sign,” you can’t ask for a whole lot more than that.


Round 8 (#238)

AUSTIN SLATER, cf | Stanford (jr) | B:R T:R 6-2, 205 | Age: 21


MLB (NR); BA (139); Kiley (115)


2014: 216 ab, .352, 2 hr, 40 rbi, 6-7 sb, 16 bb, 25 k

2013: 197 ab, .259, 3 hr, 30 rbi, 5-7 sb, 24 bb, 33 k


MLB.com calls him a “tweener” without a defensive profile, but he hits the ball hard, and might be able to hang around all 3 outfield spots. I don’t know a ton about Slater, but I’ve seen a few “4th outfielder” labels stuck on him already. Taking a with that kind of rep in the 9th round wasteland is an absolute steal of a pick, in my opinion. He’s very upright in the batter’s box, and looks kind of goofy taking his hacks. But there’s some nice bat speed hidden in that funkiness, and he hit .352 in the Pac-12 this year. Go take a look at the conference stats, not many other guys can make that claim.


ULL Profile

Round 9 (#268)

STETSON WOODS, rhp | Liberty HS (Madera) | 6-9, 210 | Age: 19





Monster of a kid from Central CA. The scouts were all fixated on Jacob Gatewood and Luis Ortiz, so this guy took his act on the road. Flew out to Iowa for a Perfect Game tournament where he played with a bunch of midwest farm boys and got his name on the map. He’s competed against some of the top talent in the country for years, and he’s held his own. PG profile has his fastball working 88-93. Video shows some definite two-seam movement. I like his delivery, very clean and repeatable (which is always the issue for these tall guys). The Giants took towering Dylan Brooks out of Canada last year. I think this Woods is much more polished than Brooks, and I hope they can get the money together to sign him. Committed to Fresno State, just like his “close friend” Ortiz. The Giants wouldn’t draft him this high if they didn’t think he could sign. That’s just not their style. Lock him up, Sabes!


Round 10 (#298)

MATTHEW GAGE, lhp | Siena College (sr) | 6-4, 240 | Age: 21




2014: 16 gs, 110 ip, 4.50 era, 39 bb, 90 k

2013: 14 gs, 97.1 ip, 3.42 era, 30 bb, 84 k

2012: 15 g (7 gs), 41 ip, 3.95 era, 26 bb, 34 k


Lefty with a 3/4 arm slot, got an invite to the Cape Cod League after his freshman year at Siena (where he was an all-star). Seems like a very humble kid, and those K numbers show me he’s certainly no slouch for a senior money saver in the 10th round. Matt Lujan is an underrated lefty with decent stuff in the system who was just named a starting pitcher for the SALLY All-Star game. Gage throws a harder fastball than Lujan, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him on the Augusta staff next year if things go well in Salem-Keizer this summer.


Gage CCL All-Star Siena Profile

UPDATED: Draft Day Wish-Lists: Who to Watch For

I know we’ve already done a mock for tomorrow’s MLB draft, but I thought it might be worthwhile to post my individual rankings for the 1st round, as well as some lesser-known players I’d like the Giants to go after in later rounds. Call this a kind of “wish-list,” if you will. I’ve done a lot of digging, especially on the “other guys.” With 30 teams picking, it’s easy to forget that each team might only get 3-4 players from the Top 100 lists… some may not even get that many. The majority of the Giants draft class will be made up of names falling outside that top 100.

If I remember correctly, Christian Arroyo was the only BA Top 100 player the Giants selected last year – and he was considered a reach in the first round. The Giants, for their part, did really well in snagging some nice value picks in rounds 5-15, selecting multiple college players that were ranked somewhere in the mid-100’s while other teams were going after elusive prep talent in many of those rounds. The Giants were able to grab a few high schoolers late, along with some intriguing collegiate options… most importantly, they got something like each of their first 30 picks to sign. That’s impressive. Keeping that in mind, I tried to find players who fit the Giants drafting mold. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll see Brian Sabean, John Barr and their crew latch onto a couple of these guys outside the 3rd round.

As for the first round, I decided to come up with a top 30 “best player available” list. These are my personal rankings, and the order is not at all how I think the players will be drafted. I truly don’t think anyone in the top 6 (Aiken to Toussaint) will make it to the Giants at 14. Really, I don’t believe LSU’s Aaron Nola will slide that far either (he’s #7), but I wouldn’t completely rule it out just yet. The range to look over closely is that 8-16 group. Those are the guys who I think are realistic targets for San Francisco, and that is the order in which I would take them. Obviously, Grant Holmes is my #1 pitching target, and Elk Grove star Derek Hill is the hitter I’m dreaming on. If neither of those two are available, I’d gladly take Pentecost, Reid-Foley or Chavis as a consolation prize. Kyle Freeland is projected to go higher than 11, where I have him, and I don’t think he makes it to 14. But he’d be an interesting arm to consider, if he falls.

As for college bats, I really wouldn’t be shocked to see the Giants go after Trea Turner or Brad Zimmer. I’m not in love with either of those guys, but both of them do offer speed, athleticism and defense. If they can hit, you could be looking at 5-tool talents. However, I’m not sold that either will at this point. Anyway, I hope you enjoy looking this over. If you’re unfamiliar with some of these players, I’d recommend MLB Pipeline or Baseball America. MLB has their top 200, with grades and profiles on each player, while BA has quite a bit of video uploaded for its top 500 list. I use those sites a lot. Knowing the Giants, they probably have a completely different view of the draft class, and won’t select a single player listed here! But it’s still a fun exercise to get to know this group a little better.

Top 30 Wish-List (chance of being available at 14)

1 Brady Aiken LHP – HS (0%) Went #1 to Houston.

2 Carlos Rodon LHP – NC ST (0%) #3 to CHW.

3 Alex Jackson C/OF – HS (0%) Fell to Seattle at #6.

4 Tyler Kolek RHP – HS (0%) #2 to Miami.

5 Nick Gordon SS – HS (0%) Went right here to Minny.

6 Touki Toussaint RHP – HS (10%) Fell (past the Giants!) to AZ at #16.

7 Aaron Nola RHP – LSU (10%) Went #7 to Philly.

8 Grant Holmes RHP – HS (35%) Fell big time to Dodgers at #22.

9 Derek Hill CF – HS (45%) Taken by Detroit at #23… right after Holmes. Ironic?

10 Max Pentecost C – KNSW ST (20%) #11 to Toronto. 

11 Michael Chavis IF – HS (60%) #26 to Boston.

12 Sean Reid-Foley RHP – HS (60%) Dropped all the way to Toronto at #49.

13 Kyle Freeland LHP – Evansville (15%) #8 to Colorado.

14 Kyle Schwarber C/OF – IU (40%) Big riser to Cubs at #4.

15 Trea Turner SS – NC ST (35%) #13 to San Diego.

16 Brad Zimmer CF – USF (40%) Fell to Cleveland #21.

17 Sean Newcomb LHP – Hartford (25%) #15 to LAA.

18 Monte’ Harrison OF – HS (75%) Fell to Milwaukee at #50!

19 Jacob Gatewood SS – HS (50%) Milwaukee again, #41!

20 Tyler Beede RHP – Vandy (50%) Our guy at #14. Like it or not, you just joined the Beede fan club.

21 Michael Conforto OF – OSU (30%) #10 to Mets.

22 Kodi Medeiros LHP – HS (55%) #12 to Milwaukee. What a draft for the Brew Crew.

23 Brandon Finnegan LHP – TCU (75%) #17 to Kansas City.

24 Jeff Hoffman RHP – ECU (30%) Toronto at #9.

25 Nick Howard RHP – UVA (75%) Taken #19 by Cincinnati.

26 Forrest Wall 2B – HS (85%) #35 to Colorado. Nice pick.

27 Foster Griffin LHP – HS (75%) #28 to Kansas City.

28 Luke Weaver RHP – FSU (85%) St. Louis at #27.

29 Casey Gillaspie 1B – Wich ST (75%) #20 to Tampa Bay.

30 Luis Ortiz RHP – HS (70%) #30 supplemental pick to Texas.

2nd Round Wish-List (Pick 52)


Cameron Varga RHP – HS (#47 MLB.com/#60 Baseball America) Dream pick. 6-3, 205: 60 FB, 60 SL. 2nd Rd Tampa Bay.

Carson Sands LHP – HS (53 MLB/53 BA) FSU commit. 6-3, 200. FB 90-94, 12-to-6 hammer curve.

Jacob Lindgren LHP – MS ST (51/50) Lefty starter turned reliever w/ overpowering FB/SL combo. 2nd Round Yankees

Jack Flaherty RHP/3B – HS (54/39) Star SoCal 2-way player. UNC commit w/ signability concerns. #34 to St. Louis.

Alex Verdugo LHP/OF – HS (60/55) ASU commit, 2-way player. FB reaches 94, 55 CV. Dodgers #62.

Keith Weisenberg RHP – HS (65/70) 6-4 Stanford commit. May be tough to sign.

Michael Cederoth RHP – SDSU (59/45) Moved to bullpen this year. High-90’s heat, poor control.

Austin DeCarr RHP – HS (70/68) FB/CV/CH. Ceiling not as high, but might have higher floor.

Mac Marshall LHP – HS (66/57) LSU commit. 6-2, 180. FB/CV/CH all have above average potential.

Scott Blewett RHP – HS (55/51) 6-6, 210. +FB, athletic frame. Has some health concerns. 2nd Round Kansas City.


Taylor Sparks 3B – UCI (56/87) Big, athletic IF. Fits Chris Dominguez mold. Might not be around in 3rd. 2nd Round Cincy.

Matt Chapman SS – CSUF (82/64) Big arm, can handle 3B. Has power, but questions with hit tool. #25 to Oakland.

Matt Railey OF – HS (64/59) Bat stands out. Currently CF, might move to corner.

Aramis Garcia C – FIU (78/74) Won’t make it out of 2nd round. Good all-around backstop. Didn’t make it past 2nd… Gigantes snagged him at 52.

Josh Morgan SS – HS (85/63) UCLA commit with an interesting tool set. May move to 3B, but should hit.

3rd Round (Pick 87)


Jake Cosart RHP – CC: Features a FB up to 98 and a “biting” curve.

Daniel Gossett RHP – Clemson: Video A’s 2nd round (#65). 

Zech Lemond RHP – Rice: Video

Jordan Brink RHP – Fresno ST: Video

Sam Coonrod RHP – SIU: Video Giants just plucked him 5th round. #102 overall on MLB.com. Good value. 6-2, 180 reliever. Big velo, no idea where it’s going. Classic Giants pick.

Wyatt Strahan RHP – USC: Video

James Norwood RHP – St Louis: Video


Jordan Luplow OF – Fresno ST

Dylan Davis OF – OSU: Video Giants 3rd round pick, right here. Similar profile to Mac Williamson. Big guy, contact questions, power profile… plus arm strength. Maybe not as athletic as Mac.

Connor Joe C – USD: Video #39 to Pittsburgh.

Brian Anderson IF – Ark: Video

Nick Torres OF – Cal Poly: Video

Greg Allen CF – SDSU: Video

Others to Watch For


Cameron Bishop LHP – HS: Video

Gage Hinsz RHP – HS (Billings, MT, represent!): Video

Justin Garza RHP – CSUF

Andrew Morales RHP – UCI 2nd round St. Louis (#71).

Jake Reed RHP – Oregon

Reed Reilly RHP – Cal Poly

Jake Jewell RHP – CC

Ben Smith LHP – Coastal Car.

Mason McCullough RHP – Lander CC

Brian Clark LHP – Kent ST

Matt Cooper RHP – Hawaii

Austin Davis LHP – CSU Bak.

James Farris RHP – Arizona


Joey Pankake 3B – South Car.

Austin Cousino OF – UK

Tyler Kuresa 1B – UCSB

Max Murphy CF – Bradley

Michael Katz IF – William & Mary

Brandon Cogswell OF – UVA

Shane Zeille C – UCLA

Jake Peter IF – Creighton

Skyler Ewing C – Rice

Cove Chatter 2014 Mock Draft

It’s been too long since any good work has been done around this joint, so I thought I’d toss my hat back in the ring with something big. The MLB draft is less than a week away now, and for the first time in my life as a baseball fan, I’ve taken a pretty significant interest in draft prospects. I have to give the credit to Drb and Shankbone for that, as their draft knowledge really helped make me a fan over the past year. Honestly, I still do a lot more reading and listening on the matter than I do writing and talking, but I’ve been following this draft class (especially the college ranks) pretty heavily all spring. I decided, very last minute, to put together a mock draft of my own.

To make things a little different, and since this is a Giants blog, I wanted to take on a bit more than just the first round, as you see in most standard mocks. So, here you will find the first 52 picks in next week’s first-year player draft. Why 52? Well, that just so happens to be the Gigantes 2nd round pick, so I thought it a good stopping point for this exercise.

A few things to note here. With both lost and compensation picks factored into the equation, the “true” first round is only 27 picks. The Royals have the first compensation pick at 28, and the 2nd round doesn’t actually begin until Houston’s pick at 42. I have been keeping tabs on a good number of these players for most of the season, but I also referenced MLB.com’s draft profiles for my comments section. The specific grades that I noted for an individual player came straight from MLB. I had nothing to do with those.

After analyzing this class pretty closely through sites like MLB Pipeline, Baseball America, Scout.com (Kiley McDaniel), and Shankbone’s Giants discussion groups at Minor League Ball, it’s hard not to fall in love with all the pitching talent, especially on the high school side. Yes, Brady Aiken and Tyler Kolek have separated themselves at the top, but I seriously think all 30 teams could draft a prep arm with their first pick, and each team would probably feel good about that pick. When (injured) flamethrower Dylan Cease doesn’t even make a 52-pick mock, you know you’re working with a loaded bunch of pitchers.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this mock. As I said, this is a first for me, and I’m very excited about it. I’m also very excited about the potential the Giants have to snag a solid player at pick #14. My selection of Derek Hill might not be most popular, and some will undoubtedly find it a reach, but the kid is moving up charts big time lately, and I think he’s a guy that has a chance to really do big things on a diamond. And hey, if Max Pentecost or Grant Holmes happen to fall to 14, that wouldn’t hurt my feelings a bit! Knowing the Giants though, they’ll probably go in a completely different direction and surprise us all. Either way, happy draft season!

Please, feel free to leave me some feedback below, as I would love to discuss any of these picks.

  1. HOU | Brady Aiken | LHP | 6-ft-3 lefty with 3 potential + pitches. 65 FB 60 CV 60 CH
  2. MIA | Alex Jackson | C | Best pure bat in the class. Comp’d to Wil Myers. Could move to OF.
  3. CHW | Carlos Rodon | LHP | Stout college ace was clear-cut #1 entering season, battled some consistency issues.
  4. CHC | Tyler Kolek | RHP | 6-ft-5 Texan is one of hardest throwing prep arms of all-time.
  5. MIN | Nick Gordon | SS | Can field, run and throw with the best in the class. Will he hit?
  6. SEA | Aaron Nola | RHP | One of the elite NCAA arms this year, carves hitters with exceptional command from 3/4 slot.
  7. PHI | Trea Turner | SS | Was an easy top 5 pick entering the season, but struggled offensively for a good bit of year. Could see him dropping out of the top 10.
  8. COL | Kyle Freeland | LHP | Evansville lefty has a + FB and ridiculous K/BB numbers. Delivery concerns some scouts.
  9. TOR | Touki Toussaint | RHP | Big arm speed, athletic, best curve in class. Repeating delivery is the issue.
  10. NYM | Brad Zimmer | OF | 6-ft-5 CF has the ability to do a little bit of everything. Power is a concern.
  11. TOR | Jeff Hoffman | RHP | ECU ace had TJ surgery mid-season. Was in top 5 consideration before, not sure where he fits now. Maybe TOR takes a big upside risk?
  12. MIL | Max Pentecost | C | Arguably the best college bat in the class. Has ability to stick at C.
  13. SD | Grant Holmes | RHP | Prep arm has one of the biggest FB/CV combos in class, but gets knocked for his body.
  14. GIANTS | Derek Hill | CF | If Holmes is still here, the Giants would have to seriously consider him. There’s been a lot of buzz about Hill lately. One of the best defenders in the class. Has a chance to hit. Elk Grove kid, dad was a big leauger. Maybe a slight reach for the Gigantes? Personally, I don’t see anyone in the next 5 picks who I’m in love with, so I think I’d be happy with Hill in this spot.
  15. LAA | Sean Newcomb | LHP | Sturdy frame, great FB. Struggles with control at times.
  16. AZ | Tyler Beede | RHP | Considered a top 10 talent early in the year. Has the size and stuff, but lacks consistency.
  17. KC | Michael Conforto | OF | Great plate approach, big power. One of the top bats in the class. Might end up relegated to 1B.
  18. WAS | Brandon Finnegan | LHP | Was cruising before late shoulder injury. Tim Lincecum body and arm speed, from the left side.
  19. CIN | Sean Reid-Foley | RHP | Prep arm could be considered by Giants at #14; I wouldn’t mind. 60 FB 60 SL
  20. TB | Monte’ Harrison | OF | Stud athlete, big arm. Committed to Nebraska for football & baseball.
  21. CLE | Michael Chavis | 3B | Might be the 2nd best prep hitter in the class. Takes knocks for his defense and size. Strong arm. Shankbone likes him as a possible Giants pick at 14, and I wouldn’t be a bit disappointed by that.
  22. LAD | Jacob Gatewood | SS | 6-ft-5 lanky frame with freakish power. Bat wasn’t as consistent as hoped this spring.
  23. DET | Nick Burdi | RHP | Big relief arm with a FB that grades out at 80.
  24. PIT | Kodi Medeiros | LHP | Hawaiian lefty has a funky delivery and nasty stuff. A definite wildcard in this class.
  25. OAK | Ti’Quan Forbes | SS | MS prep looking to follow in Billy Hamilton’s footsteps. Doesn’t have quite the speed, but his athleticism and bat should give him plenty of opportunity to succeed.
  26. BOS | Kyle Schwarber | 1B | Some mocks have him going much earlier. Elite lefty bat, but lacks a defensive position (and abilities).
  27. STL | Forrest Wall | 2B | Solid prep hitter, with near-elite speed on the bases to boot.
  28. KC | Nick Howard | RHP | Stock has been rising of late. FB goes 95-98, teams might look to make him a starter.
  29. CIN | Erick Fedde | RHP | Another potential top 10 pick who went under the knife. Has size and ability to grow into frame once he’s healthy.
  30. TEX | Casey Gillaspie | 1B | Connor’s little bro has a big bat, and should be a good fit for an AL club looking for a bopper.
  31. CLE | Luke Weaver | RHP | Reminds me of Chris Stratton. Didn’t live up to the pre-season hype, but has seen his stock rising lately.
  32. ATL | Foster Griffin | LHP | 6-ft-5 GA southpaw could be a perfect fit for his local team in the compensation round.
  33. BOS | Scott Blewett | RHP | 6-ft-6 New Yorker has a big FB and a solid CV. If his CH develops, he could be a tremendous starter.
  34. STL | Luis Ortiz | RHP | Big hype entering the year, injuries caused his stock to drop. Could be a good fit for Cards if he’s still available.
  35. COL | Derek Fisher | OF | One of the better college bats in the class. Doesn’t offer much on defense, but offense could lure COL.
  36. MIA | Jakson Reetz | C | Not a very deep catching class, but Reetz should stick behind the plate and hit a little as well.
  37. HOU | Michael Cederoth | RHP | 100 mph arm out of the bullpen could go higher than this if a team wants him to start again.
  38. CLE | Michael Gettys | OF | One of the better athletes in the class. Will he hit?
  39. MIA | Spencer Adams | RHP | If he’s still here at this point, MIA would be wise to pluck him and his 95 mph FB.
  40. KC | AJ Reed | 1B | This year’s Golden Spikes winner has a very powerful bat. Was also UK’s ace on the mound this season.
  41. MIL | Marcus Wilson | OF | Athletic CA prep has the ability to be a 5-tool talent. Big time risk/reward pick.
  42. HOU | Alex Blandino | 2B | Stanford 3B was a Cape Cod standout, and has a solid hit tool.
  43. MIA | Matt Imhof | LHP | Cal Poly lefty has size and deception, but lacks the velocity to make him a 1st round pick.
  44. CHW | Cameron Varga | RHP | One of the oldest preps in the class has a big frame and solid FB/CV combo. Intriguing pick.
  45. CHC | Justus Sheffield | LHP | Vandy commit won’t wow you, but has 3 solid pitches that he controls well. Will he sign?
  46. MIN | Braxton Davidson | OF | Another big upside play. His bat has the potential to be special, but he might end up a 1B or DH in the long-term.
  47. PHI | Matt Railey | OF | Prep lefty bat plays CF and projects to hit well. One of the older HS players in the class.
  48. COL | Joey Gatto | RHP | NJ prep is a monster who’s still growing into his body. FB 65 CV 55
  49. TOR | Taylor Sparks | 3B | Started the year slowly, but has the ability to hit the ball a long way, with a strong arm at 3B.
  50. MIL | Mac Marshall | LHP | Not the biggest arm in the class, but he features 3 solid offerings and one of the best CH in the draft.
  51. SD | Michael Kopech | RHP | 6-ft-4 TX righty has a 65 FB and 60 CV, but he lacks control and a 3rd offering.
  52. GIANTS | Keith Weisenberg | RHP | It will be a shame if the Giants don’t dig into the deep bag of prep arms in this class. I think they will, and here’s my guy. 6-ft-4 FL righty with room to grow; FB reaches 95; repeats delivery; earns high marks for “makeup and intelligence.” I like this guy, and think he’d make a great 2nd round pick. Stanford commit’s can be tough to sign, but the Giants got Ryder Jones in the 2nd last year, so I don’t see that as a major factor here.

NCAA Update: Week 7

As we conclude a very busy day (and a sweet win in Dodger Stadium), here is your promised weekly update.

*Note: If you’ve been checking in on these, you might notice I changed the pitching chart a bit. The stat categories didn’t change, but I decided to sort them by K/9 instead of ERA.

Pitchers School ERA IP BB K K/9
Nick Burdi, R Louisville 0.00 10.33 3 19 16.6
Nick Howard, R UVA 1.88 14.33 4 23 14.4
Mason McCullough, R Lander 2.97 30.33 21 46 13.6
Matt Imhof, L Cal Poly 1.05 51.67 16 77 13.4
Brandon Finnegan, L TCU 1.42 50.67 12 73 13.0
Jonathan Holder, R MSU 2.60 17.33 6 23 11.9
Aaron Nola, R LSU 0.55 49 9 61 11.2
Kyle Freeland, L Evansville 2.02 49 4 60 11.0
Carlos Rodon, L NCST 2.09 47.33 18 55 10.5
Sean Newcomb, L Hart 0.00 39.67 19 46 10.4
Tyler Beede, R Vandy 2.48 40 14 46 10.4
Daniel Mengden, R TX A&M 3.12 49 15 56 10.3
Jake Stinnett, R UMD 2.16 50 10 57 10.3
Zech Lemond, R Rice 1.34 40.33 13 44 9.8
Sam Coonrod, R SIU 3.21 33.67 19 36 9.6
Andrew Morales, R UCI 0.51 52.67 12 56 9.6
Daniel Gossett, R Clem 2.25 44 15 46 9.4
Aaron Brown, L Pepp 2.84 50.67 13 51 9.1
Erick Fedde, R UNLV 1.98 50 15 50 9.0
Michael Cederoth, R SDSU 2.25 24 13 24 9.0
Jeff Hoffman, R ECU 3.80 45 18 45 9.0
Harrison Musgrave, L WVU 2.06 48 8 46 8.6
Austin Robichaux, R ULL 2.92 49.33 13 47 8.6
Matt Cooper, R Hawaii 1.26 50 13 46 8.3
Ben Wetzler, L OSU 0.47 38 10 34 8.1
Frankie Vanderka, R Stony Brk 2.21 40.67 12 35 7.7
Luke Weaver, R FSU 2.53 46.33 11 38 7.4
Grahamm Wiest, R CSUF 1.94 41.67 6 34 7.3
Parker French, R UT 1.57 46 14 37 7.2
Spencer Turnbull Alabama 1.63 38.67 19 31 7.2
Jordan Brink, R Fresno 1.67 43 34 34 7.1
Benton Moss, R UNC 3.23 47.33 14 36 6.8
Chris Ellis, R Miss 1.91 42.33 15 29 6.2
Aaron Garza, R Houston 1.17 54 2 29 4.8
Hitters School AB AVG HR-RBI BB/K SB/ATT
Joey Epperson, LF UCSB 92 0.478 3-18 14/2 10/10
Michael Katz, IF W&M 111 0.432 13-52 12/14 0/0
Bradley Zimmer, OF USF 107 0.430 6-21 7/17 11/15
Casey Gillaspie, 1B Wichita 99 0.404 5-28 21/12 1/1
Mac James, C OU 102 0.402 3-22 10/3 3/5
Aramis Garcia, C FIU 104 0.394 5-25 18/11 3/4
Michael Conforto, OF OSU 90 0.389 1-33 29/12 1/4
Jeff Gardner, OF Louisville 91 0.385 3-34 9/12 0/0
Ross Kivett, 2B KSU 101 0.376 2-21 19/15 8/8
Sam Travis, IF IU 102 0.373 0-22 11/10 5/6
Brett Austin, C NCST 98 0.367 1-8 14/14 5/5
Austin Fisher, IF KSU 99 0.364 2-18 15/8 5/7
Max Pentecost, C Kennesaw 130 0.362 3-21 13/16 9/10
AJ Reed, LHP/1B UK 98 0.357 9-33 21/17 0/1
Connor Bright, IF SC 104 0.356 0-19 9/16 4/5
Grayson Greiner, C SC 90 0.356 4-29 12/12 0/0
Mike Papi, OF/1B UVA 93 0.355 5-26 23/16 2/5
Connor Joe, IF USD 111 0.351 5-29 16/17 2/4
Nick Vilter, 3B UCR 83 0.349 8-24 16/20 4/4
Jace Conrad, 2B ULL 106 0.349 6-34 9/11 11/14
Nick Torres, RF Cal Poly 107 0.346 4-27 5/13 1/2
Joey Pankake, IF SC 96 0.344 3-18 10/8 3/6
Auston Bousfield, OF Miss 121 0.339 3-18 9/10 9/9
Kyle Schwarber, C/OF IU 99 0.333 4-14 19/9 3/4
Garrett Boulware, C Clem 97 0.330 2-21 15/9 0/1
JD Davis, OF CSUF 94 0.330 3-19 18/20 4/4
Max Murphy, CF Bradley 85 0.329 4-22 17/23 8/8
Brian Anderson, 2B Ark 101 0.327 2-23 6/20 2/3
Taylor Sparks, 3B UCI 101 0.327 3-22 11/31 3/7
Alex Blandino, 2B Stanford 74 0.324 2-13 8/7 1/2
Greg Allen, OF SDSU 111 0.324 0-11 18/13 14/16
Hunter Cole, OF/3B UGA 116 0.319 1-15 17/28 2/3
Trea Turner, SS NCST 105 0.314 4-18 12/11 8/10
Dylan Davis, OF OSU 104 0.308 3-32 14/18 2/4
Mitch Meyer, RF KSU 72 0.278 2-21 7/18 2/2
Matt Chapman, 3B CSUF 84 0.262 3-17 9/15 2/3
Brandon Downes, C/OF UVA 91 0.231 4-19 16/15 3/3

NCAA Update, Week 6

A few thoughts here: I’m sure he’ll heat up as the season wears on, but I’m still not completely sold on Carlos Rodon as the favorite to go #1 this June. There’s just so much prep talent in this class, and Rodon hasn’t pitched as well as advertised so far. I’ll give him this though; he seems to be the kind of pitcher who can K 10 hitters in 5 innings, but you’re still not satisfied because he walked 3 or 4 and allowed a few runs. Those are pretty high standards, but so it goes for a potential #1 pick in the draft.

While I’m still on the fence about Rodon, I’m definitely not taking Jeff Hoffman if I have the #2 pick… not unless he shows me more than what he’s put together here in the first month and a half. There are 30-something pitchers on this list, and his ERA grades out the worst of the group. He might throw high-90’s, but you still have to achieve the results at some point if you want to be considered a top 5 pick. As it stands right now, Nola, Imhof and Finnegan are still probably the hottest pitchers in the land, while lefty Newcomb continues to lay low out there at Hartford. The more I read on him, the more I like.

On the hitting end, Trea Turner might have had one of the best weeks in the country, hitting 3 HR. Turner had been pretty quiet at the plate in the last few weeks, but he looks ready to breakout now. He’s likely still a top 10 pick this summer. The guy I keep looking to is Bradley Zimmer of USF. In a year when power is down across college baseball, he’s sitting there with 5 HR to go along with 11 SB early. I’d still like the Giants to take a pitcher with their 1st round pick, but he seems like a guy who might be playing himself easily into top 25 consideration.

At some point, I feel like I might need to cut the list down a bit, but I figure the more names we can become familiar with, the better. I would love some feedback on these weekly updates though. Is the chart difficult to follow? The formatting is not perfect, and I really don’t know how to fix it. Is it too cluttered? I’d love to hear any thoughts you have.

Pitchers School ERA IP BB K K/9
Sean Newcomb, L Hart 0.00 32.67 15 38 10.5
Nick Burdi, R Louisville 0.00 8 3 15 16.9
Aaron Nola, R LSU 0.22 40.33 8 56 12.5
Spencer Turnbull Alabama 0.28 32 18 27 7.6
Ben Wetzler, L OSU 0.59 30.67 6 28 8.2
Andrew Morales, R UCI 0.62 43.67 11 44 9.1
Chris Ellis, R Miss 0.67 40.33 15 26 5.8
Zech Lemond, R Rice 1.06 34 12 39 10.3
Aaron Garza, R Houston 1.17 46 2 29 5.7
Grahamm Wiest, R CSUF 1.24 36.33 5 33 8.2
Matt Imhof, L Cal Poly 1.27 42.67 16 64 13.5
Matt Cooper, R Hawaii 1.32 41 11 37 8.1
Brandon Finnegan, L TCU 1.44 43.67 9 65 13.4
Parker French, R UT 1.62 39 12 35 8.1
Austin Robichaux, R ULL 1.76 46 10 47 9.2
Erick Fedde, R UNLV 1.88 43 13 47 9.8
Harrison Musgrave, L WVU 1.98 41 4 41 9.0
Jordan Brink, R Fresno 2.00 36 16 29 7.3
Tyler Beede, R Vandy 2.06 35 11 42 10.8
Carlos Rodon, L NCST 2.18 41.33 15 50 10.9
Kyle Freeland, L Evansville 2.25 32 2 35 9.8
Jake Stinnett, R UMD 2.36 42 8 51 10.9
Nick Howard, R UVA 2.38 11.33 3 19 15.1
Frankie Vanderka, R Stony Brk 2.48 32.67 9 31 8.5
Daniel Gossett, R Clem 2.50 36 14 40 10.0
Benton Moss, R UNC 2.51 43 11 34 7.1
Michael Cederoth, R SDSU 2.61 20.67 13 22 9.6
Mason McCullough, R Lander 2.97 30.33 21 46 13.6
Luke Weaver, R FSU 3.13 37.33 9 34 8.2
Aaron Brown, L Pepp 3.19 42.33 12 43 9.1
Daniel Mengden, R TX A&M 3.24 41.67 12 46 9.9
Jonathan Holder, R MSU 3.29 13.67 4 17 11.2
Sam Coonrod, R SIU 3.45 28.67 17 25 7.8
Jeff Hoffman, R ECU 4.03 38 17 39 9.2
Hitters School AB AVG HR-RBI BB/K SB/ATT
Joey Epperson, LF UCSB 75 0.493 3-16 14/1 8/8
Mac James, C OU 88 0.432 3-22 8/3 3/4
Bradley Zimmer, OF USF 89 0.427 5-19 4/14 11/14
Aramis Garcia, C FIU 89 0.416 5-24 16/8 3/4
Michael Katz, IF W&M 98 0.408 12-47 10/13 0/0
Connor Bright, IF SC 83 0.398 0-19 8/9 3/4
Nick Vilter, 3B UCR 68 0.397 8-22 16/16 4/4
Casey Gillaspie, 1B Wichita 84 0.393 4-26 20/11 0/0
Jeff Gardner, OF Louisville 79 0.380 3-31 9/11 0/0
Auston Bousfield, OF Miss 103 0.379 3-18 8/8 9/9
AJ Reed, LHP/1B UK 82 0.378 9-32 20/15 0/1
Brett Austin, C NCST 85 0.376 0-7 14/11 5/5
Michael Conforto, OF OSU 75 0.373 1-30 28/10 1/4
Connor Joe, IF USD 92 0.359 5-25 14/13 1/3
Austin Fisher, IF KSU 85 0.353 2-15 10/7 4/5
Mike Papi, OF/1B UVA 77 0.351 5-22 20/13 1/2
Alex Blandino, 2B Stanford 63 0.349 1-12 7/6 1/2
Garrett Boulware, C Clem 86 0.349 2-20 12/6 0/1
Nick Torres, RF Cal Poly 90 0.344 4-23 5/9 1/2
Grayson Greiner, C SC 74 0.338 3-22 12/10 0/0
Max Murphy, CF Bradley 71 0.338 3-20 15/20 7/7
Hunter Cole, OF/3B UGA 98 0.337 1-15 16/20 2/3
Ross Kivett, 2B KSU 84 0.333 1-14 17/14 7/7
Max Pentecost, C Kennesaw 112 0.330 2-18 12/16 8/9
Brian Anderson, 2B Ark 76 0.329 1-15 6/14 2/3
Greg Allen, OF SDSU 95 0.326 0-9 13/11 9/11
Sam Travis, IF IU 83 0.325 0-17 10/8 3/4
Jace Conrad, 2B ULL 87 0.322 5-26 7/7 9/11
JD Davis, OF CSUF 82 0.317 3-16 17/20 3/3
Taylor Sparks, 3B UCI 89 0.315 2-17 7/29 3/6
Trea Turner, SS NCST 92 0.315 4-17 12/9 7/9
Kyle Schwarber, C/OF IU 83 0.313 3-11 16/9 2/3
Kevin Cron, 1B TCU 83 0.313 1-16 8/14 1/4
Joey Pankake, IF SC 75 0.307 3-12 9/6 3/5
Mitch Meyer, RF KSU 60 0.300 2-19 5/14 2/2
Dylan Davis, OF OSU 89 0.281 2-24 13/17 1/3
Matt Chapman, 3B CSUF 84 0.262 3-17 9/15 2/3
Brandon Downes, C/OF UVA 76 0.237 4-16 12/12 1/1


NCAA Update, Week 4

Sorry this is getting out so late. A few more new names on the list. Hopefully the player links work. If not, I’ll see if I can get the bugs fixed. Huge Friday night in college baseball, as Carlos Rodon and Luke Weaver square off in one heavyweight bout, while Aaron Nola and Tyler Beede match up in an SEC clash. Easily four of the top five or six pitchers in the entire country, right there. I believe the NC State/FSU game has already gotten underway.

Pitchers School ERA IP BB K K/9
Aaron Nola, R LSU 0.00 27 2 36 12.0
Sean Newcomb, L Hart 0.00 17.2 9 23 12.0
Nick Burdi, R Louisville 0.00 6 3 9 13.5
Andrew Morales, R UCI 0.00 30 6 30 9.0
Aaron Garza, R Houston 0.30 30 2 20 6.0
Ben Wetzler, L OSU 0.57 15.2 3 17 10.1
Matt Cooper, R Hawaii 0.95 28.1 4 25 8.0
Zech Lemond, R Rice 1.02 17.2 7 22 11.5
Parker French, R UT 1.07 25.1 6 25 9.0
Tyler Beede, R Vandy 1.08 25 5 33 11.9
Matt Imhof, L Cal Poly 1.33 27 9 41 13.7
Josh Staumont, R APU 1.35 33 11 42 11.5
Grahamm Wiest, R CSUF 1.59 28.1 5 26 8.3
Harrison Musgrave, L WVU 1.78 25.1 2 33 11.8
Austin Robichaux, R ULL 1.86 29 5 29 9.0
Jordan Brink, R  Fresno 1.88 28.2 11 21 6.7
Michael Cederoth, R SDSU 1.88 14.1 9 17 10.9
Erick Fedde, R UNLV 2.00 27 9 30 10.0
Brandon Finnegan, L TCU 2.12 29.2 6 45 13.9
Benton Moss, R UNC 2.20 28.2 4 25 8.0
Nick Howard, R UVA 2.25 8 0 12 13.5
Jake Stinnett, R UMD 2.25 28 6 31 10.0
Luke Weaver, R FSU 2.25 24 6 24 9.0
Carlos Rodon, L NCST 2.40 30 7 30 9.0
Daniel Mengden, R TX A&M 2.67 27 9 35 11.7
Aaron Brown, L Pepp 2.93 28 5 30 9.6
Kyle Freeland, L Evansville 3.00 18 1 20 10.0
Jeff Hoffman, R ECU 3.28 24.2 13 32 11.9
Jonathan Holder, R MSU 3.38 10.2 3 11 9.7
Hitters School AB AVG HR-RBI BB/K SB/ATT
Mac James, C OU 62 0.500 2-17 2/2 2/3
Aramis Garcia, C FIU 65 0.431 5-21 11/4 2/3
Connor Bright SC 59 0.424 0-16 8/6 3/4
Casey Gillaspie, 1B Wichita 50 0.420 3-17 16/5 0/0
Bradley Zimmer, OF USF 61 0.393 3-12 4/11 5/7
Jeff Gardner, OF Louisville 56 0.393 3-22 6/10 0/0
Greg Allen, OF SDSU 67 0.388 0-8 7/9 4/6
Michael Conforto, OF OSU 55 0.382 0-26 23/6 1/2
Connor Joe, IF USD 63 0.381 4-22 10/8 1/3
Austin Fisher, IF KSU 56 0.375 1-6 7/5 3/4
Grayson Greiner, C SC 54 0.370 3-19 9/8 0/0
Brett Austin, C NCST 54 0.370 0-6 10/5 5/5
Alex Blandino, 2B Stanford 52 0.365 1-12 4/4 1/2
Nick Torres, RF Cal Poly 61 0.361 4-20 3/6 1/2
Mike Papi, OF/1B UVA 53 0.358 5-16 13/8 0/1
Brian Anderson, 2B Ark 51 0.353 1-10 3/9 1/2
Trea Turner, SS NCST 60 0.350 0-8 10/2 7/9
Hunter Cole, OF/3B UGA 60 0.350 1-10 12/11 2/3
Kyle Schwarber, C/OF IU 58 0.345 3-8 8/5 1/2
Taylor Sparks, 3B UCI 60 0.333 0-12 6/21 2/4
Derek Fisher, OF UVA 51 0.333 0-7 4/7 1/2
Max Pentecost, C Kennesaw 84 0.321 1-11 9/14 5/6
Sam Travis, IF IU 54 0.315 0-13 8/6 3/3
Max Murphy, CF Bradley 55 0.291 3-16 13/15 6/6
JD Davis, OF CSUF 55 0.291 3-9 12/15 2/2
Matt Chapman, 3B CSUF 60 0.283 2-11 7/12 2/3
Joey Pankake, IF SC 51 0.255 1-6 7/5 2/4
Dylan Davis, OF OSU 66 0.242 2-20 10/12 1/2
Brandon Downes, C/OF UVA 54 0.222 3-15 11/8 1/1

Maxpreps Top 100 Seniors

Say, while I’ve got you on the subject of the draft…

I paid a visit to Maxpreps.com (my go-to for high school sports) this morning, and found Kevin Askeland’s newly published Top 100 seniors list. As high school ball starts to get under way across the country, I thought this would be a good time to start brushing up on some of the names (both well known and unknown) that we might hear in this summer’s draft.

Askeland and the crew over there used a number of different factors in determining the formula for their rankings, including mock drafts and various recruiting rankings. Alex Jackson comes in at #1 on the big board, with Michael Gettys and Jacob Gatewood right behind him.

The top arms that you’ve likely heard of include big Texan Tyler Kolek (#4), Grant Holmes (#5), Luis Ortiz (#6), Touki Toussaint (#7), and Brady Aiken (#10). Lots of Californians and Floridians on the list (making up almost half the 100). I know there are a few sites that do very good work on high school baseball coverage, but I thought this list could serve as a nice reference as the season gets going.

Maxpreps 100 List

If you’re not familiar with Askeland’s work, I would highly recommend you give this piece – and others – a look. His articles are almost always featured on the homepage over at Maxpreps, and he covers the gamut of sports.

A little background here: Kevin and I are alumnus of the same small high school in northern California. When I was in high school, I took on a major sports journalism project as part of my graduation requirements. All told, this “project” would ultimately become a 100+ page book on football and basketball at my high school in the 1950’s and 60’s.

Kevin was my mentor for this project, and really helped give me the spark that would drive me throughout the entire process. He’s one of the most knowledgeable sports people I’ve ever met… you literally cannot have a conversation with him without learning something new. He puts in tireless work for Maxpreps, and he’s a high school teacher by day. If writing were his full-time job, I have no doubt he’d be one of the household names in sports journalism.

I got to catch up with Kevin for a few minutes this week, and told him about the (newish) blog. So if you happen to see this Kevin, thanks for all that you do for the high school sports community.