Bryce Harper, Adjusted for Home Stadium

I ran Harper’s 3-year averages through the Park Factors “by handedness” in the Fangraphs Guts! section. Here are the results.

2 thoughts on “Bryce Harper, Adjusted for Home Stadium”

  1. FWIW, GUTS was wrong and I’d done a huge, huge post on why it was wrong. Then I archived it for myself and just felt like I shoudl drop it. Now that Harper is not available, I’ll give the extra super-short, Reader’s Digest version:

    LH Power Hitters not named Barry Bonds:

    McCutchen 1/45 vs 1/23 everywhere else (1/17 with the Yankees). 51%
    Belt: 1/46 vs 1/23 on the road. 50%
    Crawford: 1/57 vs 1/35 on the road. 61%
    Cabrera: 1/111 vs 1/26 on the road. That’s a freak # and I tossed it.
    Huff: 1/36 vs 1/24 on the road. 67%.

    These numbers can be looked up and computed with nothing harder than grammar-school math. So clearly I’m not making it up. Clearly I know than GUTS which just gets it wrong and I don’t know why though I have my suspicions that they’re only adjusting for dimensions and not temperature, humidity and barometric pressure.

    Visiting teams LHers don’t hit HRs. Giants LHers don’t hit HRs. Yet GUT thinks is some minor stuff… It’s not minor. It’s enormous.

    1. Are those HR/PA rates? While I can respect the research and appreciate your analysis, I’m going to be brutally honest and tell you the original comment left me very frustrated. It really took me some time to cool off and put everything in perspective, but I do want you to know I was hurt by the tone of your response…..

      Now that I’ve got that out of my system, I would be very interested in reading your extended analysis on park factors. It makes sense that things would be heavily skewed from Barry. I’d just never considered it before.

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