More Bad Baseball

My apologies for the lack of activity lately. Busy schedules combined with crappy baseball don’t really cultivate the most ideal environment for blogging. As I type this, the Giants appear to be blowing another getaway day game against the Orioles. An early 2-0 lead has turned into a late 7-2 deficit, which if it stands will ensure the Giants another series loss at home… Yikes, make that a 10-2 deficit as Adam Jones parks a Barry Zito offering into the LF seats.

Let’s not beat around the bush here people; this season royally sucks. Embarrassing losses like this one, especially at home, just add salt to the wound. At this point, it’s hard to imagine the Giants not losing 90 games this year. If not for the pitching staff lately, we may have the worst record in all of baseball. If you’re someone who thinks about draft positioning, then maybe the worst record in baseball isn’t so bad. But from a realistic, competitive perspective, being one of the worst teams in the league is an embarrassment. It has been absolutely brutal watching the Giants this summer, and when you consider the expectations coming into the season, it’s even tougher to swallow. Yes, the high draft pick next June will be nice, and the Giants have done well with their top 10 picks recently, but that alone doesn’t make me feel good about the opportunities that were wasted this year. 

Baseball, on the outside, can seem like such a simple game. There are three key components: hitting, pitching and fielding. If you can do all three well, you’re usually very successful. If you keep those basic tenants in mind, there really isn’t a huge difference between strong play and poor play, especially at the professional level. I think that’s what has made this season so maddening for the Giants and us, the fan base: they really could have been so much better. Eventually though, when you fail to field the ball and hit with runners in scoring position like the Giants have, you can only hold up for so long.

So, yes, the Giants continue to pitch well for the most part – although their pitching let them down in the late innings of today’s game – they still cannot produce good at-bats consistently, and their games continue to be a buzz kill. I am hoping to do a series of posts looking at ways this team can be improved for next season, but I will likely focus a bit more on the minor leagues from here on out. There is a lot to talk about on the prospect front, and again, you can only write about crappy baseball so much before you run out of things to say.

Now, we’re off to Washington, DC, where the orange and black haven’t exactly been successful lately. Keep your head up, if you can.