About the Blog

Cove Chatter is intended to provide perspective on any number of topics related to the San Francisco Giants organization.  I have followed the Giants for about the last 15 years, but really became what I’d call a baseball “junkie” about 8 years ago.  I love the major league team greatly, but my interest in the minor leagues has grown considerably over the years.  My posts are not as stat-driven (or Sabermetric) as some, and I generally try to remain optimistic… I love this game!  I’d consider myself more of an observer than an analyst.  I’ve blogged before, but found myself always crunched for time.  That being said, it is my goal to keep every post reasonably short, with hope that I won’t strain to write them and you won’t strain to read them.  Thanks for stopping by, and as always, go Giants!


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