The Giants Offseason Rumor Roster

Hey, it took a while, but we’ve finally got enough Giants rumors to fill out a 25-man roster. There’s very little chance of all these players ending up together next year, but it’s still fun to see what things might look like if they did… and I think we’re starting to get a more clear window into how Farhan Zaidi might fill out his first Giants team (barring any unexpected blockbuster deals, of course).

Free Agents

Josh Harrison, INF = this was just a whisper, and there’s nothing new to report. He’s still out there.

Yusei Kikuchi, SP = Giants are getting ready to meet with him and Scott Boras in LA, as are other teams of course. Zaidi has spoken highly of him, and Henry Schulman suggested the Giants may be at or near the top of his preferred list. It sounds like he’s the #1 target at this point.

Mike Fiers, SP = Giants are one of a few teams interested. Nothing new to report.

Troy Tulowitzki, 2B/SS = Zaidi and Bochy got a first-hand look at Tulo yesterday, and why wouldn’t they have interest in signing him? The more prominent question seems to be, why would he be interested in signing with them? The hometown angle and reuniting with old Dirt Bag Longoria would seem to be their best plays at this point.


Tyler O’Neill for Will Smith, or Jose Martinez for Tony Watson = There hasn’t been anything new to report, but the lefties are two of the Giants best trade chips right now, and I believe talks with St. Louis are still in play. The Cards have some hitters the Giants could very much use, but you can understand why there would be some hold-up if the Giants really want O’Neill while St. Louis is pushing Martinez.

Kevin Pillar for prospect(s) = How much would Pillar cost, and is he worth that cost to the Giants? I don’t know the answers to those questions, but keep in mind Cincinnati wanted Heliot Ramos for Billy Hamilton last winter. Pass.

Josh Reddick for Chris Stratton & Josh Osich = You didn’t miss a report or anything! This is total speculation on my part (I’m not the only one, either). Reddick played for Oakland when Zaidi was still there, and was acquired by the Dodgers during the Friedman/Farhan days as well. The Astros don’t have room for him now that they’ve signed Michael Brantley, and moving his $26M remaining salary is probably on their to-do list now. Last I checked, the Giants still had an opening in right field.

The 2018-2019 Rumor Roster


Buster Posey C/1B | 4.4 fWAR Steamer projection

Aramis Garcia C/1B | 0.2


Brandon Belt 1B | 2.9

Brandon Crawford SS | 2.8

Evan Longoria 3B | 2.2

Joe Panik 2B | 2.3

Troy Tulowitzki 2B/SS (1.3) or Josh Harrison 2B/3B (1.2)

Pablo Sandoval 3B/1B | -0.2


Steven Duggar CF | 1.0

Josh Reddick RF | 1.2

Jose Martinez (1.5) or Tyler O’Neill (0.3) or Mac Williamson LF (-0.1)

Kevin Pillar CF ( 2.0) or Drew Ferguson OF (0.1) or Mike Gerber OF (-0.4)


Alen Hanson (0.1)  or Abiatal Avelino (0.1)


Madison Bumgarner L | 2.1 fWAR

Yusei Kikuchi L | N/A

Mike Fiers R | 1.2

Jeff Samardzija R | 1.6

Dereck Rodriguez R (0.8) or Andrew Suarez L (1.6)


Will Smith L (0.9) or Tony Watson L (0.3)

Sam Dyson R | 0.2

Mark Melancon R | 0.3

Reyes Moronta R | 0.4

Ray Black R | 0.4

Travis Bergen L | 0.0

Ty Blach L (0.2) or Andrew Suarez L

Final Thoughts

There’s not much sense breaking down a roster that isn’t super likely to happen, but you know something? That group doesn’t look half bad, does it? For a team that’s been lacking excitement the past couple years, Zaidi could do a lot worse than assembling this roster, or one similar to it, for Opening Day.

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