Giants Minor League Rosters… They’re Here!

Part 1

Ok, so Richmond’s roster hasn’t been revealed, but we can put the pieces together through process of elimination, and they do have a partial roster posted to their website… So I’m going for it anyway!

I won’t list every last player here (you can find complete rosters/announcements for Augusta, San Jose, and Sacramento at, but I definitely wanted to touch on the headliners for each group. This is a big day for us “prospect hounds,” you know.


I have the 2008 Greenjackets to thank for introducing me to the magical world of minor league baseball. Bumgarner, Nick Noonan, Angel Villalona, Thomas Neal, Dan Runzler… That club was so talented. Well, this year’s Augusta club has a roster that jumps off the page at you.

The Giants, as I had hoped (but certainly didn’t assume), are ready to push their young shortstops, Lucius Fox and Jalen Miller. Both are opening in the SALLY, as is the rejuvenated Gustavo Cabrera. Did you catch the BANG video interview with him last week? Pretty inspiring stuff. Those three tools machines are joined by 1st rounder Phil Bickford, he of the video game numbers at Southern Nevada last season.

Lucius Fox headlines a talented young Augusta roster. | Photo Credit:

Starter Michael Santos gets another shot at A-ball after missing most of last year, and should pitch near the top of the rotation. Young guys Logan Webb and Mac Marshall should be in the rotation too. Cory Taylor, the righty drafted out of Dallas Baptist last summer, is a name to file away for later. He’s a stockier guy, but it sounds like he’s got some real heat on his fastball.

A few others worth noting: 19-year-old SS Manuel Geraldo gets the nod in Augusta straight from the DSL… that is something you don’t see happen very often. Kelvin Beltre has very little experience to his name, but the Giants LOVE his potential. Where are they going to play all these young infielders?!

Tyler Brown, a teammate of Bickford at CSN, gets a shot in the Augusta infield as well. He was #50 on my list this winter and a definite sleeper in the system. Finally, if you’re out there Carmot – I’m excited to see how Jean Angomas plays in his first full-season gig. He’s put in his time, but skipping him from the AZL to Augusta tells me the young man impressed some folks in the organization this spring.

Reminder: The Giants were given no consideration as a top-10 system in MLB this offseason. Most of the publications still put this organization’s prospects firmly in the bottom half of the league. And yet I find myself giddy over the Augusta roster. So many tools, so much to dream on. Isn’t that what prospecting is all about?

San Jose

If the Greenjackets are a dreamy team for their youth, the little Giants are a pretty stout group in terms of their college talent. I expect big things from this team in 2016, and it starts with the rotation.

Most lower level minor league teams employ a 6-man rotation, as the Giants nearly always do with their clubs below AAA. I don’t know how San Jose’s will shake out exactly, but my recommendation from their new roster would be Sam Coonrod, Andrew Suarez, and Jordan Johnson at the top. How’s that for a 1-2-3? If I were to amend my prospect rankings based on spring observations, ample room would be made near the top for Coonrod. The guy was electric in Arizona, and should be a headliner in the Cal League this year. Suarez is the polished lefty from Miami, and Johnson is one of the biggest wildcards in the system. He has TREMENDOUS upside.

Sam Coonrod heads to San Jose after an impressive spring. | Photo Credit: Augusta Chronicle

Rodolfo Martinez turned heads in fall instructs. That will happen when a guy throws 100 mph! He’ll likely compete for a late-inning role in San Jose. Reyes Moronta throws hard as well. What about Martin Agosta? He’s back in the CAL after racking up the K’s last year, but he wasn’t mentioned as a starter in the press release. Will his stuff play up in relief, as it was believed coming out of college?

The Giants had a solid run on college position players in the early rounds of last summer’s draft, and those guys will be infiltrating San Jose this spring. Chris Shaw has an easy swing and some of the greatest power potential in the organization. If he’s healthy, look out. Jose Vizcaino, Ronny Jebavy, and C.J. Hinojosa all had varying degrees of success in Salem-Keizer last summer, and I’m excited to see how they look in high-A.

Steven Duggar (Clemson) is heading to San Jose as well. Duggar had trouble putting everything together at times in college, but he sure caught my attention the other night in Sacramento. We’re talking about some moonshots off the bat in BP. Speed, defense, and a cannon in right field too? Yep, there’s a lot to like with this guy. Keep his name in mind.

Aramis Garcia is one of the best catching prospects nobody is talking about. He can hit, he can throw, but further developing his glove will be the key.

Others of note: Jonah Arenado made it through the grind of the SALLY last year. That is not an easy task. Marty Lurie had good things to say about him this spring. Johneshwy Fargas made it out of Augusta alive as well. He was stealing bases at ease in minor league camp last week. He can roam CF and he’s got a very good arm. Between Fargas, Duggar, and Jebavy, there’s going to be some highlights in the outfield this year.

It’s getting late, so I’ll check back in with looks at Richmond and Sacramento’s respective rosters tomorrow. Thanks for reading. Are you excited yet?


5 thoughts on “Giants Minor League Rosters… They’re Here!”

  1. I hope Carmot is still here, indeed. His boy is impressing the front office guys. I am excited by the amount of great prospects to follow this season! Even though someone replied things that say that “scouts” say that the Giants are full of 2 WAR-type players, this is the most that I am so excited for the Giants farm. With Mr. Conner back, this should be a lot of fun!

  2. Howdy CC! I’m late to the party here, but just checking in as much as I can. Bummer I’m not able to be more active. Not able to get on internet often enough to learn all the news and goings-on. Thanks for the shout. My feeling is crazy optimism for our overall farm. I’m of the mind that consistent 2-ish WAR bench guys are one factor that can make good teams great. Hello guys like Gregor Blanco or Chris Stewart or Pat Burrell. Teams need stars, but also… DEPTH.

    We got zillions of prospects that might fulfill a 2 WAR potential as not quite everyday player. Between role/platoon/utility/bench. Or a 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th bullpen arm (was Kontos kinda a 8th/9th as he got yo-yo’ed a couple seasons? Gaudin through the All-Star break had a sick ERA for us in ’13… And maybe starter, if all clicks. From a Kelby Tomlinson, think of how many names go between him and Miguel Gomez or Jean Angomas. Beicker Mendoza. Kelvin Beltre. Guys like Williamson, Shaw, Edie, Duggar, Ragira, Cole, Jebavy, Fargas…

    Arms race? So many with enough potential to play up to The Show, eh? Bickford, Jordan Johnson… But also relievers. Ray Black. How about Carlos Diaz? My brain hurts trying to figure out how far down the list we go to reach Deiyerbert Bolivar or Eury Sanchez. Is Ian Gardeck still around?

    Yet, I also still hold hope we use our IFA budget-breaking to grab more talent. Sure, why not? Cheers. Go Giants. Dream big.

  3. Dang. HTML tags for [p] or [br] still don’t work on your site? That is just a hot mess, sorry Cove. My bad. Yikes!

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