The 2016 Cove Chatter Top 50 Prospects

Here are all of the top prospect profiles from this winter (as well as the previous two), organized in one place for your convenience. This page can be found under the “Cove Chatter 100” category in the right-hand links bar. Please use it as a reference all season long!

Top 10 Link

  1. Christian Arroyo, SS
  2. Mac Williamson, OF
  3. Tyler Beede, RHP
  4. Phil Bickford, RHP
  5. Clayton Blackburn, RHP
  6. Chris Shaw, 1B
  7. Adalberto Mejia, LHP
  8. Chase Johnson, RHP
  9. Aramis Garcia, C
  10. Lucius Fox, SS
  11. Sam Coonrod, RHP
  12. Jordan Johnson, RHP
  13. Ray Black, RHP
  14. Andrew Suarez, LHP
  15. Jarrett Parker, OF
  16. Hunter Cole, OF
  17. Austin Slater, 2B/OF
  18. Ty Blach, LHP
  19. Jalen Miller, SS
  20. Kyle Crick, RHP
  21. Michael Santos, RHP
  22. Mikey Edie, CF
  23. Johneshwy Fargas, CF
  24. Steven Okert, LHP
  25. Mac Marshall, LHP
  26. Chris Stratton, RHP
  27. Joan Gregorio, RHP
  28. Derek Law, RHP
  29. C.J. Hinojosa, SS
  30. Ryder Jones, 3B
  31. Ronnie Jebavy, CF
  32. Steven Duggar, RF
  33. Miguel Gomez, C/3B
  34. Jose Vizcaino, 3B
  35. Trevor Brown, C/IF
  36. Jake Smith, RHP
  37. Jonah Arenado, 3B/1B
  38. Kelvin Beltre, 3B/SS
  39. Mike Broadway, RHP
  40. Cody Hall, RHP – No longer with organization
  41. Ian Gardeck, RHP
  42. Martin Agosta, RHP
  43. Rodolfo Martinez, RHP
  44. DJ Snelten, LHP
  45. Matt Gage, RHP
  46. Deiyerbert Bolivar, LHP
  47. Logan Webb, RHP
  48. Mitch Delfino, 3B
  49. Rando Moreno, SS
  50. Tyler Brown, 2B

Honorable Mention I | Honorable Mention II

2015 Top Prospects | 2014 Top Prospects



11 thoughts on “The 2016 Cove Chatter Top 50 Prospects”

  1. Once again, awesome job on your mega prospect project. I like that you’ve given your list it’s own flavor by putting Mac #2. Why not? It’s not like there is otherwise a clear #2 to Arroyo. My personal flavor is running Johnson up to #4. By the grades, there isn’t much separation, if any, between #2 and #8. Guys will move and shake based on how they perform. It’s going to be another fun year following these guys. I’m looking forward to the SJ Giants swinging by Visalia a couple of times between April and June. It will be a while before the Rivercats come to Fresno. My mission is to catch more Cal League action and scout more of the top prospects in baseball while they are playing High A ball – a critical juncture in their development. Hey, here’s my personal top prospects, with my grades, that I put together in the fall:

    1. Christian Arroyo, 20, IF, Grade B
    2. Phil Bickford, 20, RHP, Grade B/B-
    3. Tyler Beede, 22, RHP, Grade B/B-
    4. Chase Johnson, 24, RHP, Grade B/B-
    5. Clayton Blackburn, 23, RHP, Grade B/B-
    6.Adalberto Mejia, 22, LHP, Grade B/B-
    7. Sam Coonrod, 23, RHP, Grade B/B-
    8. Mac Williamson, 25, OF, Grade B-
    9. Aramis Garcia, 23, C, Grade B-/C+
    10. Chris Shaw, 22, 1B, Grade B-/C+
    11. Lucius Fox, 18, SS, Grade C+
    12. Jordan Johnson , 22, RHP, Grade C+:
    13. Andrew Suarez,, 23, LHP, Grade C+
    14. Chris Stratton, 25, RHP, Grade C+
    15. Hunter Cole, 23, OF, Grade C+
    16. Jarret Parker, 27, OF, Grade C+
    17. Johneshwy Fargas, 21, CF, Grade C+
    18. Austin Slater, 23, IF/OF, Grade C+
    19. Michael Santos, 20, RHP, Grade C+
    20. Ty Blach, 25, LHP, Grade C+

    1. Comparing my list to yours, as well as DrB’s, and the MCC community list, it’s amazing how much of a consensus there was on the tiers of prospects this season. Sure, we may have individual players ranked in slightly different positions, but for the most part you are seeing all the same names. I’m not really sure what that tells me (maybe we’re all getting pretty good at this prospecting business?), but I can’t remember another time when nearly everyone had the same 20 or so names at the top of their board.

      All 4 of those mentioned lists have Mac in the top 10 as well. While I might be the high person on him, it reassures me that I am not alone… and I think that’s a position we’re all going to see come through in the very near future, as opposed to Baseball America, which ranked Parker ahead of Mac!

  2. 1.Arroyo

    Augusta-Webb,Marshall,Woods(maybe),Miller,Fox,Beltre,Murray, and hopefully Cabrera.If Cabrera is healthy(big if),and Miller moves to CF.That outfield is pretty nice.

    San Jose-Bickford,Coonrod,J.Johnson,Suarez,Santos,C.Taylor,Garcia,Fargas,Jebavy,Duggar,Shaw,Gomez,Hinojosa,T.Brown.



      1. You know, John Sickels had Johnson down near 20. David’s opinion is that Chase is a future reliever, as a lot of others believe too. I may be higher on the guy myself, but I can respect his opinions, as I know he puts a lot of thought into them. Calling someone ignorant over a ranking is the opposite of putting thought into things.

      2. C.Johnson being ranked #24 is just a reflection of how deep our system is.The six guys behind him are pretty solid too.Cabrera having the potential to break out.If healthy.Where did you have C.Johnson at?

    1. I am a big fan of Chase, and I agree that his San Jose results back up his elevated status. My point was there’s no reason to insult anybody’s intelligence here. David is a loyal reader and thoughtful commenter, and I appreciate his opinion.

  3. I love that you have linked Wrenzie Blogs Giants – following the Giants from the Philippines and constructing a pretty good prospect list.

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