Cove Chatter Top 2016 Prospects: #14

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San Francisco Giants Top 2016 Prospects: #14

#14: Andrew Suarez, LHP, Age 23: Suarez turned down a 2nd round selection from Washington in the 2014 draft and returned to Miami for his senior season. He suffered through an early season oblique strain and some inconsistency, but when healthy was again one of the better college southpaws in the country. He was rated right around 75 in pre-draft rankings, and the Giants made him their second round pick last June.

Once Suarez signed his professional contract, the organization didn’t waste much time moving him up the latter. After logging a handful of innings in Arizona, he joined Salem-Keizer’s rotation in the short-season NWL. He allowed 1 hit and no runs over 5 innings in his 5th start for the Volcanoes, and was immediately headed back down the West Coast to San Jose. He’d spend the rest of the summer in the Cal League, allowing 3 ER in 15 innings over 3 starts with the Giants. He took the ball two more times in the postseason.

Suarez is a 6-ft-2 lefty with a bit of a stocky build and a compact delivery. He had labrum surgery that cost him his freshman year at Miami, but was able to enjoy a mostly healthy career upon his recovery. Polished lefties are tough to come by, especially those who offer four average or better offerings and can sit low-90’s with their fastball. To be honest, I feel like he’s too low here, but I also happen to really like the 13 players above him on my list. Nothing is ever guaranteed in this game, and Suarez’ shoulder issues are worth filing away for now. But if he remains healthy, he sure seems like a guy who could zoom through the system and become a reliable #4 or 5 starter.


6 thoughts on “Cove Chatter Top 2016 Prospects: #14”

  1. Suarez-He had a nice Minor League debut lest season.Consistent strike thrower,who understands what kind of pitcher he is,and how he wants to attack hitters.Looks like he has the ability to add and subtract on all his pitches.Should move to AA Richmond pretty quickly.And,he should be in Sacramento by years end.Could be ready to fight for a rotation spot in 17′.But,he will have stiff competition from Blackburn,and Beede.

    Peace Kyle

    1. Thanks David. I didn’t comment on Suarez’ command, but I should have. Right now I see him as a Ty Blach-type with better velocity and a higher possibility of sticking in a rotation. Could turn out to be a very savvy pick for the Giants… can we comp him to Noah Lowry?

      1. I just watched some video of Suarez on You Tube.Most of the video is shot behind the catcher.There is one video.It’s an ACC player video.He’s doing an interview.There three clips of him striking out hitters.Two left handed hitters,and one right handed.He struck the right handed out with a high FB(92mph).Looks like it had pretty good life on it.He struck out one lefty with a late breaking slider.And,one with a big CB.Stuff looks pretty good.What separates Suarez and Blach.Suarez has more bend on his breaking balls,and more life on the fastball.You’re right.Could be another good selection by the Giants scouts.

  2. Thanks for the great write-up, I learned some stuff!

    Your description makes me think of Stratton, what you said about four average or better offerings. Suarez hopefully can do better in his climb up (though I do feel bad for Stratton that he got hit in the head by a line drive in his first pro season, and know that pushed back his development having to recover from that).

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