Cove Chatter Top 2016 Prospects: #16

Hunter Cole

Top 2016 San Francisco Giants Prospects: #16

#16: Hunter Cole, OF, Age 23: Cole had 3 steady seasons for Georgia, but his power didn’t develop as hoped after hitting 7 HR as a freshman. He seemed like a pretty good bet to return for his senior year when he fell to the 26th round in 2014, but the Giants were able to sign him anyway. A year later, and he was rising levels at a rapid pace. 2015 saw him in San Jose after just 10 games with Augusta, and in Richmond for the final 51 games. Between all 3 stops, Cole hit .301/.358/.474 with 9 HR, 9 3B, and 33 2B. The Giants tried him at 2B (he played 3B and OF in college), but in AA he was a full-time RF.

Like Austin Slater, Cole doesn’t take a ton of walks and is not immune to strikeouts. Also like Slater, he was able to put the ball in play and impact a lot of games consistently during 2015. While the Giants appear to still have Slater working in the infield, it seems that Cole could end up as a corner OF only. They’re overall profiles are very similar, but I have a hunch Cole’s bat will be the difference maker. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him add more power to his right-handed swing, and eventually work his way into at least a platoon MLB left fielder role if the opportunity presents itself.


3 thoughts on “Cove Chatter Top 2016 Prospects: #16”

  1. Cole-He had a good year at the plate last year.Has a nice set of tools.Like the 51 XBH.Like Slater,Cole gives the organization another solid bat w/double digit HR potential.And,another piece in AAA knocking on the big league door.Competing very hard for a spot on the bench.Sometimes players with All Stars in front of them get discouraged,and their game regresses.Giants have done a good job of drafting hard working ball players.That are determined and dedicated to getting to the big leagues.And,doing whatever it takes,and take on any role to help the team win.

    1. That’s a great point David. Nobody would have thought Tomlinson would be the starting 2B in 2015, but he took advantage of an opening and ran with it. You just never know what will happen during a long season, and guys need to be ready to step up.

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