Cove Chatter Top 2016 Prospects: #50

Tyler Brown

*Note: I certainly don’t have the time (or desire this year) to post each profile one at a time. I still plan on releasing them in chunks of 10 or so. But this profile turned out pretty fun, and I thought it would be cool as a standalone. More to come in the follow days. Thanks for reading, and here’s to prospect season! ~ C.C.

San Francisco Giants Top 50 Prospects

#50: Tyler Brown, 2B, Age 21: The #50 spot seems like a great place to put a wildcard player or a profile you have a soft spot for. For me, that profile is the underdog, scrapper type… the dirt bag, if you will. Now most of you know just how much I respect and look up to Matt Duffy, who I’ve followed since his early days in the organization. It’s very, very difficult for me to say anyone is the “next Duffy,” as success stories like that don’t just pop up all the time.

Duffy worked incredibly hard to get where he is, and that work ethic and immense mental focus has turned him into one of the best young infielders in the game. So I can’t say there is another Duffy in the system right now. But there are definitely some major underdogs out there, and a few of them will find their way to the majors. Others will not.

Tyler Brown fits the profile of a scrappy college shortstop, low round draft pick, who showed up in the pro’s with his bat in hand, ready to do some damage. Brown was teammates with Phil Bickford at Southern Nevada, where he hit .320+ and stole 48 bases during his two seasons. He also walked more than he struck out during his CSN career (something to file away for later), and made an offensive impact from day one in the program. The Giants plucked him in the 26th round last summer and sent him to Arizona for some work. He hit .356 in a very small sample (87 AB), and with all the prep-aged middle infielders in the system, it’s not out of the question that the older Brown gets the nod as Augusta’s shortstop next spring.

Is he a flash in the pan, or something more? That’s way, way too hard to speak on at this point. Either way, he interests me enough to be the guy that kicks this whole thing off.



3 thoughts on “Cove Chatter Top 2016 Prospects: #50”

  1. Nice job by the scouts identifying him while scouting Bickford.Could be another sleeper.I like the experience w/ wood bat,and the stolen bases.

    1. Good call David. I forgot those Nevada JC’s play with a wood bat. That Giants definitely have their eye on those things, as they show every year taking Cape Cod guys in the draft.

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