A Cool Moment for a Blogger and Some Notes from Raley Field

It was a scorcher in the valley yesterday (110 in Chico), but that didn’t keep me from having a very cool experience at Raley Field in Sacramento. Mac Williamson has been one of my favorite players in this organization for a few years, so I was nervous as all get-out when I saw him signing autographs by the LF wall (just down from our seats). I walked down and introduced myself, and had the most rewarding moment of my blogging tenure when he recognized Cove Chatter. He thanked me for my positive writing, and I told him I was excited to see him play. That was about 5 minutes after we entered the yard, and my night was officially made.

I’m not someone who started a blog seeking fortune, fame & all that other junk. Not even for one second. This is and always has been a hobby for me (though the future Mrs. Cove Chatter may disagree completely). I love Giants baseball, and following the prospects coming up through the system. I never dreamed of the connections I’d make in two short years while doing this, and getting to meet and be recognized by a pretty dang good player (and even better person) in this organization was a humbling experience for me. That kind of thing makes all of this worth it.

Anyway, I thought I’d mention a few notable performances from the game, which was a good one for the Rivercats.

Clayton Blackburn was the undoubted player of the game. He allowed only 6 baserunners over 7 shoutout innings. Though his fastball was primarily 87-89, that 70 mph curve really is a putaway pitch for him. You could clearly see how much break it had from our seats in LF. Blackburn had 5 K in all. He stole the show in the 3rd though when he put a charge into one that sailed over 400 feet to dead center. I would guess that was his first career HR as a professional, and it was a beauty. A nice night for the young righty, whose ERA dropped to 3.50 in the mighty PCL.

Michael Broadway is going to help the Giants again this season, I’m almost sure of it. He worked a clean (but filthy) 9th inning last night, K’ing the side with a 96-98 FB and a diving slider. I can’t remember now, but threw the slider for strike three to at least two of the batters, and I want to say he did for the final out as well. Just an impressive performance from Broadway.

Raley Field in Sacramento
Raley Field in Sacramento

Adam Duvall turned on a ball in the 2nd and hit an absolute moonshot just inside the LF foul pole. It was one of those homers that stayed in the air so long that people were almost stunned as they watched it fly. Man does that guy have some power. He also made a really nice pick on a throw in the dirt from Frandsen late in the game.

Everth Cabrera didn’t look very comfortable in CF, but his speed sure can impact a game. He misplayed a ball that sailed over his head in the early innings, but made up some major ground while chasing another one down later in the game. He also had two hits from the leadoff spot, stole a base and was called out on another attempted steal (though it looked like he may have been safe). Hopefully he has cleaned up his off-field issues, and I could really see the Giants swapping Adrianza out for him down the road.

Kelby Tomlinson, the player I’d really like to see get a call up, beat out an infield single and later made solid contact on a sac fly in the 7th inning. He also had an error on a dropped catch at 2B (he was the SS), but admittedly I didn’t see the play.

Mac was 1-4 in his return from a short DL stint. He roped a ball nearly to the wall in dead center for an out in his final AB, but I was most impressed with the arm he showed off in RF, forcing a runner who I initially thought would have scored easily back back to 3B. And finally, if you happen to read this Mac, it was really great to meet you!


5 thoughts on “A Cool Moment for a Blogger and Some Notes from Raley Field”

  1. Glad to see you back here. Now I can comment again. Still consider your Twitter column a must-read everyday.

    Having Mac tell you he reads your blog and compliment you on it, must have put you on Cloud 10. I don’t think there is any drink or drug that can give you a better high than that!

    Keep up the great work.

    1. Thanks for returning. That means a lot to me. Mac was awesome. He’s turning out to be one of my favorite prospects in the org, and just seems like another great person on top of being a freak athlete. Yes, meeting him like that was something I never imagined when I started all this.

  2. If Pagan gets hurt.Maybe Mac gets called up.I thought he was a bat only guy.But,a lot of the reports on his game have been defense related.Good stuff.In our line up.He could bat 7th or 8th.His power could be a threat at the bottom of the line up.Peace.

  3. Cove Chatter.I know you follow Mac pretty closely.Would you say he’s a better fielder than Aoki right now.If the answer is yes.He needs to be called up tonight to take Maxwells spot on the roster.We need a LF.Aoki is terrible deffensively.Good bat,good speed.good teammate.Terrible defender.We had the same problem last year with Morse.Aoki needs to move to the bench.It’s not going to affect our line up.It will just make our bench stronger.When he was out.Our offense was better.Peace.

  4. Hey Cove. Well, just thought I’d come back to this post and… post. lol. You certainly got your wish on Kelby’s call-up. And by golly has he delivered! It’s the coolest thing when “one of our own” contributes to the big club, huh? Straight away from his debut. Hope it is just the beginning of a long and productive big league career.

    I feel like it’s not a matter of “if,” but “when”on some others. Like Broadway’s return or Mac’s promotion. I recall a couple seasons ago feeling like his outfield defense was a bit suspect. He’s really improved and become a strong defender! Hoping great things for them and others. Always.

    It might seem too weird for me to explain, but I’ve had a few instances like your interaction with Mac. That is SO cool. You continue to do great works. Thanks for what you do. Cheers.

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