July 29: Deadline Deal Looming?

Welcome back to Cove Chatter, “The Original.” I’ve found that sometimes the grass really isn’t always greener, and will be working to switch back over to WordPress permanently. Why? To be frank, I really couldn’t stand Weebly. It seems like a great place to market a product or advertise a business, but it’s truly not blogger-friendly. Guess I should have checked into that a little more before I made the change last winter. I really do apologize for the jumping around, and hope that a few folks will follow me back to the original site. I’m thinking I will delete the Weebly Cove Chatter eventually to cut confusion. I really loved the Disqus commenting forums

Bobby Evans, trade deadline texting extraordinaire?  (Jason Grohoske)
Bobby Evans, trade deadline texting extraordinaire? (Jason Grohoske)

on the other site, but in general it just became too much of a hassle to keep everything updated. I’m ready to simplify things & get back to some fun Giants blogging. So, if you’re reading this, welcome back!

Ok, so we’re two days out from the trade deadline. Folks, I think it could be a long, stressful couple of days. Why? Right now, the stars just don’t seem to be aligning for Evans & company to land the big fish they apparently are seeking. To me, the only move that really makes sense for this team at the moment is trading for a starting pitcher… preferably a very good one.

Here’s what I know about this time of year: For starter’s, there’s a lot of big talk. People often forget this, but the landscape is changing for MLB GM’s. In this day of younger, more tech-savvy front office types, I often wonder how many phone conversations actually take place. My guess is there’s a lot more text & email conversations going on, and I think that hurts certain organizations (namely this one). Bobby Evans seems to be a bit more media/PR friendly than Sabean is/was, so maybe he fits in better with the crowd. I don’t know, but I do get the feeling that teams like the Phillies are doing their usual dancing and prancing around, asking for every team’s top 6 prospects. The Giants don’t have a package to entice Philly?¬†Until I hear some actual names and offers, I’m going to believe that’s a load of garbage. The Phillies just want the moon.

The Giants have plenty of trade chips. Susac, Beede, Arroyo, Mella, Williamson, Crick, Mejia, Osich, Okert, Chase Johnson, Coonrod, Blach, Blackburn, Tomlinson, Slater, Cole… There are some future big leaguers, and some solid players on that list. Sure, the front office may not want to give up some of these guys, but they certainly have the pieces to land a player like Hamels… unless, of course, the Phillies keep playing games and upping the offer.

In short, I’m not holding my breath for a Hamels trade unless something drastically changes. And that’s a bummer, because he really is one of the only impact arms that makes sense. David Price? Yes, I’d LOVE to have him, but I’d give him about a 5% chance of re-signing in the offseason. He’s getting huge money on the open market, and there’s no way I’m sending the Tigers a boat of players for that. If I thought he would stay in SF, I’d do it in a heartbeat. But that’s just not the case in my opinion.

So, what else is out there? Are the White Sox trading Samardzija? I’d still take him despite his impending free agency. To me, Shark seems most like a 2012 Hunter Pence – an above average player who’s never signed a big contract, might love playing in SF, and be willing to lock in for the next 5 years. That’s what you’re banking on when you make a deal for a rental player.

Mike Leake? Another rental, but a guy who apparently loves San Francisco (which loves him back, we’ve heard). He gets knocked for being just a “mid-rotation” starter, but the guy just puts up solid performances. If you can’t land a big fish, I don’t see anything wrong with grabbing a guy like Leake. He’s durable & mostly dependable, and he’d sure make for a better option than Tim Hudson down the stretch.

I’ll summarize by saying I do believe the Giants need to bolster their pitching staff in order to keep this run going. They’ve got the pieces, they’ve got financial flexibility (as the media keeps reminding us), and they’ve got a tremendous young lineup. This team, as it stands, is very streaky… I don’t doubt they’ll play themselves right back to .500 in the next month if they don’t find an upgrade. If they do, however, I think the sky is the limit for these 2015 Giants. Thanks for reading, cross your fingers, and stay tuned.


2 thoughts on “July 29: Deadline Deal Looming?”

  1. Just one word: Blogger. :^)

    Jest messing with you, have no idea which is better, but blogger was free and I’ve not had much problems with it, other than the BB-Ref.com tool don’t work with it, so I manually have to place the links in….

    This reminds me of the Giants past, where other teams want probably one guy – Beede – and I don’t think the Giants are going to trade him. Unlike Wheeler, he took to change and was able to perform well even with the change, plus the limitation of not using one of his best pitches so far.

    OK, maybe two guys, but Susac I can’t see the Giants trading yet, they need someone who can take over for Posey in the next 2-4 seasons, and Susac is that guy right now, though Aramis Garcia is making a big statement right now. If Garcia wasn’t hitting, I would see zero chance of Susac being traded, but Garcia is still in the lower minors, I can’t see the Giants trading Susac until Garcia reaches AA and performs well there. Hitters don’t translate as well from the lower minors as pitchers, there are huge hurdles in AA, AAA, and then the majors.

    Price and Hamel I would love, but the former is not signing with us and both would cost an arm and a leg.

    Schulman is tweeting that Phillies are asking for guys off their major league roster, so that means younger guys, like Panik, Duffy, Heston, Susac. If it were one of them, I might consider it, depending on who else we add, but I would not trade off more than one, we do not have that many replacement parts coming up the system, I don’t think, at least not for sure.

    I think Leake is more doable, both because he’s not as good as the above and because he’s a coming free agent who is signable, but he is not that much better than what we got right now, so I would not give up much for him, and rather wait for off-season to try to sign him.

    Shark is nothing like Pence. Pence was a good hitter since the very beginning, a very steady producer for the most part. Shark has one above average season, 2014, that appears to be an outlier relative to his career numbers, including this season. He would cost more than Leake, but I doubt he will be that much better.

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