Three in Five; Giants Win it All!

Video of the final out:

What a night. What a series. What a month. What a year… What an organization!

Maybe they make us pull our hair out from time to time, but they sure have made us the most blessed fan base in American professional sports during the last five years. The leadership has stayed the same during that time, the core players mostly intact. The story lines are always changing, but this team perseveres something fierce regardless of its roster makeup. That comes from the top.

What will you remember this year? For me, it’s Crawford’s granny in Pittsburgh; Belt’s bomb in the 18th in DC; Ishi’s shot; Bumgarner’s poise. Tonight it was Panik’s incredible diving stab and flip; again Bummy’s poise; and finally, Pablo’s Scutaro moment, making the final out and sprawling onto his back. That will be a hard one to forget, regardless of what jersey the Panda buttons up next year!

You knew Bum would pitch tonight. There was absolutely no doubt in my mind we’d see him. But 5 innings? 5 of the most heart-thumping, intense innings of his life? Madison Bumgarner literally put this team on his back, and carried them to victory in the biggest moment of his life. While you and I were yelling at our TV’s, this legend of a southpaw was pitching like he was back in Augusta, GA, circa 2008. 270 IP for the season, and he looked like he could have tossed 300 without flinching. He’s 25. 25! 3 rings and a World Series MVP trophy on his mantle… just like Pablo.

Pablo WS

I had an old college buddy (a fellow teacher and die-hard Giants fan) from Montana send me a congratulatory text tonight. I checked to see when we’d talked last. Turns out I sent a congrats text his way, two years ago to the day. I wonder what the occasion was. Winning does funny things, but it also brings people together. And for that I will be forever thankful.

There’s nothing like being a Giants fan these days. You can’t explain it to fans of other teams. We have literally become the most frustrating organization in baseball. Ask me how much I care. Seriously, ask me. ESPN called this the “Worst World Series Ever,” even before it started. I hope they forgot to tune in… idiots.

2014 World Series Champions. Let that sink in for a minute. Congratulations, Giants Nation! Enjoy your celebration, wherever you may be. It’s been one hell of a ride.


One thought on “Three in Five; Giants Win it All!”

  1. You are absolutely right…you cannot explain what being a Giants fan is like to fans of any other team. I cannot even put it into words. But when I read from the likes of you and Grant Brisbee, Tim Flannery, comments from other fans, I know I am part of something pretty special myself nowadays.I am grateful to #50 for that…and the Giants organization, veteran players for pulling him in as family. We really are ALL together in this. Duffy’s run home after wild pitch in NLCS, Ishi’s walk-off…OMG!…and Madbum….my most memorable and forever lasting happiness!

    and Bochy’s smile last night! 🙂 Congrats!! 2014 World Series Champs!

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