Waiting for the Imaginary Hot Streak

Gosh, I’ve been itching to write lately, and there just aren’t enough hours in the day right now. But I’m definitely having some baseball withdrawals, so it’s time to get a few thoughts out there. 

The Giants have really yanked us around this year, haven’t they? I’ve been thinking a lot about this season, and I’m beginning to wonder if we aren’t all just waiting around for some hot streak that isn’t coming. Am I the only one who feels this way?

There were signs of life from the offense today, and a sweet comeback on a day that looked all but lost. Hey, that wildcard spot is right there for the taking. Honestly though, I need to see so much more than a Saturday afternoon rally to make me believe in this club right now. The Giants haven’t won back to back home games since June 6-7. June 6-7! Ouch.

Look, a lot of things have gone against this club in 2014, just as they did in 2013. Injuries, slumps, what have you. But if this team fails to make the playoffs for a second consecutive season, it has to be time for some changes. If things continue down this path, I can think of a couple players who might be prime trade candidates this winter… If Sabean decides it’s time to explore that route. 

There are 40 games left for these guys to turn it around. That’s plenty of time to make a run. Will they? Not unless they show some more consistency. Morse’s bat finally seems to have awaken, and that could be a great sign. Mike absolutely carried this offense in April and May. Can he do that again?

On a very positive note, I love what I’m seeing from the kids right now. Joe Panik can play this game. Bochy should stick him in the 2 hole in the lineup tomorrow, and keep him there for the rest of the season. When the Giants were making their run in 2012, Pagan and Scutaro were a lethal combination at the top of the order. Between those two, the pitching staff had the luxury of working with early leads almost every night. What made Scutaro so special? Aside from him hitting at a .360 something clip, he was essentially an artist at the plate. He was nearly impossible to strike out, and he could split the infield gaps something fierce. Panik is in the midst of his first major league hot streak. He can hit, he can take a walk, and he should be the 2 hitter. It’s a small sample size, but I wonder what all those critics who questioned the Giants on draft day 2011 have to say about Mr. Panik now. 

There’s so much more to talk about, and I’d love to get into some minor league thoughts, but that’s is all I’ve got for tonight. Thank you to those who have been patient, both to me and Los Gigantes. Don’t forget that anything can happen over 40 games. Does this team have enough to push themselves to the finish? We shall see.

Joe Panik   

(Christian Petersen/Getty Images North America)


4 thoughts on “Waiting for the Imaginary Hot Streak”

  1. You said “If things continue down this path, I can think of a couple players who might be prime trade candidates this winter…” But didn’t mention any names. I will…Pablo Sandoval The $100 million he apparently wants for a new contract is way too high. It also eats up most of what the Giants have available to spend. I like the Panda, but one good 3rd baseman won’t make up for needs at 1st base, 2nd base (Panik hasn’t proven long term success yet) shortstop (Crawford is going down hill fast) and left field. There is still a lot of terrific talent on this team and I still have hope that they will gel and make the playoff where. as the experts say, anything can happen.

    1. If the Giants happen to sneak in, even as the 2nd wildcard, I certainly won’t be betting against them! My prime trade candidate is Crawford. With the emergence of Panik, Adrianza and Duffy, I think there is enough room to move one of the 4. Crawford has the highest value, and in my opinion could be dealt. Problem is, he’s sort of playing his value into the ground right now.

      Thanks for reading!

  2. I’m feeling some optimism right now, and not just because the Giants had a luck-fueled rally in the sixth inning. (Not to discount that at all. They were due for some luck, and they got it all at once there.)

    I’m excited about how Carbonell has done since joining San Jose and how Tyler Horan has done since being promoted from Augusta. All of a sudden the Giants have not one but TWO outfield prospects who look worth watching, and then there’s Mac Williamson. Send Carbonell to the AFL, take a good look at him in spring training, and send him to Richmond or Fresno, and hopefully he’s ready when Pagan gets his injury next year. (Sorry, just being real here.) And if Horan and/or Mac progresses well next year (I’d think both should be in Richmond), maybe our non-Pence outfield problem is solved internally by 2016.

    Then there’s Clayton Blackburn’s stellar outing last night (8 IP, 0 R, 3 H, 0 BB, 11 K, under 100 pitches). I’ve always liked Blackburn, and now that he seems to be past his injury, I’ll be watching closely. Send him to the AFL, too, and maybe next year he’s in camp competing for a fifth starter job or parked in Fresno to be the first one up where there’s a need.

    The minors have been kind of discouraging this year, but of late, things are looking up!

    1. I completely agree Lefty. In fact, I was just writing as much in a new post! Hope you will give it a quick look, as I talked about Carbonell, Blackburn and quite a bit about prospect evaluation. I probably should have mentioned Horan though. That guy is on fire!

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