Roster Moves in Waves

The Giants took one on the chin from the Bums last night, and likely have an uphill battle against Clayton Kershaw tonight. But that’s not the focus of this post. No, we’re gathered here today to play catchup after a busy 48 hours for the Giants 40-man roster. Sticking with the theme from my post last weekend, here’s a few thoughts on the latest moves… “quick hits” style.

First, the big one. The Giants traded for Jake Peavy this morning, sending Edwin Escobar and Heath Hembree to Boston in exchange for the veteran righty. With Hector getting dinged last night, you knew a roster move was coming this morning. Without any clear DFA candidates on the 40-man, I wondered if some kind of deal might go down to free up some space. I checked Twitter about 10 minutes later, and the Giants were hot on the trade trail.

Peavy this year: 20 GS 124 IP 4.72 ERA 7.3 K/9 3.3 BB/9 20 HR. Obviously, this hasn’t been his best year. But go back to 2012 and you’ve got an All-Star who tossed 219 innings to the tune of a 3.37 ERA for the White Sox. He’s a 33 year-old former ace who’ll be a free agent at the end of the season. The Giants needed someone to take Matt Cain’s spot in the rotation, and Peavy fits the bill.

Thoughts on Hembree and Escobar: Some have said the Giants gave up too much. I honestly don’t see it that way. Both of these guys will be MLB arms at some point. No doubt about that. But I honestly don’t see either making a real impact in the majors. Esky lit the world on fire last year, but righties were absolutely pummeling him this year in the PCL. For a top prospect in the organization, his season was very alarming. Hembree’s stock has really cooled off in the past couple seasons. Admittedly, I wanted to see more of him. But you kind of got the sense the Giants didn’t see a ton of value in him anymore. I wish both of them well, but I think it was a pretty fair deal.

Do the Giants have one more trade in them this week? I think they do. Sounds like the Phillies were scouting Kyle Crick last night (career high 11 K). Are the Giants going to use Crick to try for Utley? I honestly don’t know how to feel about that one…

Other roster moves: yesterday was the 2B shuffle. Scutaro and Adrianza to the DL; Dan Uggla and Tony Abreu to the MLB club. Nick Noonan and Jose De Paula were DFA. The only issue I have here is with Abreu. Personally, I don’t see any reason for him to be on the roster, especially if Panik is healthy enough to play. I guess the front office didn’t have much else to pick from. Hopefully Adrianza can get his hamstring right and get back to the majors soon. He was starting to look pretty confident at the plate.

Saved the best for last here. Andrew Susac is headed to the Show, the second highly-rated pick from the 2011 draft to make his debut for the Giants this year (Joe Panik). I am obviously excited for him, but it’s hard not to be concerned about Hector Sanchez. Hector took a foul straight off the mast last night, and he’s on the 7-day concussion DL with Belt. The Giants can’t seem to catch a break lately, injury-wise. 

As for Susac, he’s hitting .268 with 10 HR in 213 AB for Fresno this year. He’s had two DL stints in 2014, and that’s been the big story of his career to this point. I love the kid’s bat. Hitting .311 against lefties this year… the best lefty in baseball happens to be on the hill tonight against the Giants, with another good one in Ryu to start tomorrow. How aggressive does the coaching staff get with Susac here? Either way, Susac’s promotion is an exciting time for northern CA and specifically the Sacramento area. Give ’em hell, Andy!




4 thoughts on “Roster Moves in Waves”

  1. Hated the Uggla pickup but that was just Sabean being Sabean.
    Looking at the numbers, Petit has been much better than Peavy over the last two years. But the Giants don’t pay much attention to numbers.
    I wanted them to pick up George Kotteras who is now available since the Cards signed that other catcher. Kotteras is greatly underrated. I don’t mind bringing up Susac. Sometimes a .270 hitter with plate discipline can move up from AAA and do OK. Sometimes but not often.

    1. Uggla of even 2012-2013 would have been an improvement over Giants 2B this season. It was worth the pickup for them to assess him up close and personal. Obviously, they didn’t care for what they saw.

      The Giants do pay attention to numbers. They just pay attention to different numbers than other teams. Two big rings in the past four seasons says that they are paying attention to the right numbers.

      The more important thing to me is the Giants pay attention beyond the numbers. They saw Lincecum and saw a starter. Other teams looking at his numbers saw a reliever. They saw Bumgarner and saw a major leaguer in two years. His numbers did not suggest that, lots of HS pitchers have good numbers, look at these numbers, most teams ahead of the Giants would gladly take Bumgarner today, many chose other pitchers:

      For Belt, others saw his numbers and thought “soft-hitting 1B”, but the Giants scout loved him so much that he pushed the Giants hard to select him. For Crawford, others saw his diminished numbers in his junior year, dropping him from a first round pick until the Giants selected him in the 4th round, and he has performed better than most first round picks.

      So numbers have meaning for the Giants, but they also compile it with scouting and the human touch. Mike Fast, a well known saber who uses numbers and now works for the Astros, just the other day (I retweeted them for those interested) tweeted that there is a lot of information on prospects publicly available today but the difference is that the teams have the internal personnel to put that information into the proper context, know how to synthesize that information in order to make decisions. Here’s one:

  2. I hope we get a long look at Duffy and Panik as a 2B platoon. If one of them gets hot and can take the position it would be huge for next year. I’m really glad we didn’t go out and mortgage the farm for a .260-.270 hitter at 2B. Next year we won’t be able to count on Scutaro and really, I think he is done. When epidurals don’t help at all and given the amount of time he has had, he is surgical. Speaking of surgical, Matt Cain just needs to get it over with and start the healing process so he is ready for next year. One last thing, Susac looks like the real deal to me.

    1. Thanks for the comment RBJ! I’ll be honest, Panik, Susac and now Duffy all look like they can play to me. That would be HUGE for this organization, which is in major need of some younger talent. Susac has an ease about him, and Panik/Duffy look like guys who just know how to find a hole in a defense. I like them… a lot.

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