Post-Break Jottings

Howdy, folks. It’s been a little hectic around here lately, between the move from Montana to the Golden State and settling into a new career. We’re well overdue for a check-in, so I thought I’d offer up a few thoughts about Los Gigantes. This will be more of a “quick-hits” type post than lengthy paragraphs. Sometimes it’s just easier to get everything out that way.

First, an admission on the mid-season prospect rankings: It seems I bit off way more than I could chew this time around. My apologies for not being timely, but I am planning to release my overall list (hopefully with a couple thoughts on each player) very soon.

Another screw-up on my part: I nearly bought tickets for last Sunday’s game before talking myself out of it (the seats were rather expensive… people must love their bobble-heads). My cousin and his wife were there. They got to see history, and we missed out. But I look at it this way. I’ll probably never get to see something like that again, but neither will he, or you, or anyone else! Either way, huge win heading into the break.

Props to the Giants for starting the “2nd half” off right. Friday’s win was a thing of beauty. Saturday was methodical. A sweep was there for the taking today, but 2 of 3 in Miami this time of year works just fine for me. The G’s played great ball this weekend. 

Injury updates: Pagan’s out through the All-Star break now, and Belt is back on the DL with a concussion stemming from a fluke accident in warm-ups. Get healthy, Belter. For the meantime, Adam Duvall is headed back to the bigs. The kid has been confident with the bat since returning to Fresno, and I’d play him every day while he’s up. 

It’s great to have Scutaro back on the squad! Personally, I’d save him for pinch-hit opportunities in September, when the division is really on the line. Don’t burn that back out in July!

Some trade news: The big names swirling around are Zobrist and Utley, while there hasn’t been much talk about Dan Murphy. As of this weekend, Cleveland’s Asdrubal Cabrera and Mike Aviles are Giants targets. I think Aviles is a great fit, and the type of under-valued player that Sabean usually looks for this time of year. I still really like Zobrist… and I don’t believe the David Price rumors for a second.

Roster issues: Whether or not Sabean lands a big fish, it’s time to add some depth to this club. Injuries have hit, and the role players just aren’t pulling their weight. I don’t see the point in having both Arias and Adrianza on this team. Adrianza is younger, cheaper, and likely has more potential. No hard feelings, but I’d like to see Arias replaced. 

We also seem to be in 2013 mode with Pagan out and Blanco seeing most of the playing time in CF. What should be done about that? Does Colvin get more time out there… Does Pence move to center… do the Giants try Gary Brown as a RHH platoon partner? I was ridiculed for this on Twitter last week, but the Cubs are a team willing to part with just about anyone not in their future plans. A guy like Ruggiano could probably be had for pretty cheap. Would Bonafacio be worth a look? There has to be something better than watching Blanco struggle offensively every game.

Lastly, the Giants are in a wonderful position right now. Remember, baseball isn’t a sprint. This baby is a marathon. Tune out the negativity, and glance at the standings. It’s going to be a true fight to the finish with LA, and I’m looking forward to it. 


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