Mid-Season Prospects: #20

20. Joan Gregorio, RHP, Augusta (A)

2014: SJ – 6 G (5 GS), 22.2 IP, 6.75, 27 H, 13 BB, 27 K
2014: AUG – 4 G (3 GS), 14.2 IP, 4.30, 8 H, 2 BB, 14 K

Gregorio is a lanky 6-ft-7 righty with a ton of upside who’s taken a step backward in 2014. Like many of his rotation mates in San Jose, he just hasn’t performed up to expectations this year. In fact, Gregorio was actually reassigned to Augusta after returning from an early-season injury. Really, for someone who showed great durability on the mound in his first 3 summers with the organization, he’s had a tough time staying healthy in his 1+ full-season campaigns. But it’s not just injuries that have hurt his stock this year. He walked 13 batters in 22.2 IP with San Jose, which is pretty eye-opening for a guy who allowed only 17 BB all of 2013. As is the case with any tall pitcher, you have to wonder whether he lost feel for his arm slot. That is my best guess at this point.

He throws a fastball that can reach mid-90’s when it’s on, and his go-to secondary pitch is his changeup. Greogorio was dominant in stretches for Augusta last year, and his 11 K performance (5.2 IP) for San Jose in April told me he definitely still has the stuff. Right now, he’s got to take a step back and try to regain that stuff, as well as his confidence. Hopefully he can work his way back to the Cal League before the season ends. He’s got easy velocity and a solid 3-pitch mix, and I could still see him making the bigs as a reliever if his body and mechanics don’t hold up as a starter.

(Video c/o Conner Penfold)



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