Cove Chatter: One Year Later

Just thought I’d share this little tidbit. Today is the one-year anniversary for Cove Chatter. Boy, time flies when you’re having fun! In all seriousness, though, it seems like only yesterday I wrote that very first post. Honestly, I don’t even remember what it was about. It probably wasn’t very good though! The goal of this blog was to share my thoughts about a baseball team that literally consumes about 90% of every waking thought on my mind. Over the course of a year, I have learned so much about this organization, from the majors all the way to the rookie leagues. Heck, I even took an interest in the MLB draft, and created what I felt was a pretty well informed mock draft. That was definitely a first for me.

Anyone can start a blog, and many folks have. But dedicating yourself to it is quite a challenge. Believe me, there were certainly a few occasions where my drive waned a bit. But if you truly love something, the passion and excitement are always there. That, I feel, is why I’ve been able to keep rolling out posts (for the most part) for the past year. Really, it’s amazing what starting something like this will do for your life. When you’ve researched as much as I have for projects like the Cove Chatter 100, and conversed with some of the greatest minds in the Giants blogosphere, you really start to feel like an expert on the subject.

Obviously, I am no baseball expert. But I do believe I could bust out a pretty accurate scouting report today for about 80-85% of the prospects in the Giants organization without doing a Google search. One year ago, when I started my mid-season prospect rankings, I literally had to dig up information on every player. Talk about a transformation!


(Packing for the games, April 2013)

There have been many small milestones for Cove Chatter since its creation, and I feel I have benefitted greatly as a person since starting this blog. But I truly believe the greatest impact this blog has had on me is all the different people it’s introduced me to. DrB, Shankbone, Obsessive Giants Compulsive, Conner at Giant Potential, Foothills Ryan, Dana (Dr. Lefty), and so many other knowledgeable posters have helped make me a better fan. Many of these folks have been mentors for me in the blogging world, and I am in awe to even be mentioned in the same sentence as them. These folks truly are the heavyweights among Giants bloggers and online community members, and I strive to be like them in my own way.

This also seems like an appropriate time to get everyone caught up on some major changes that have taken place in my life recently. About two months ago, I interviewed for and accepted a teaching position in the Chico area in northern California. I earned my degree in Elementary & Special Education a few years ago, so this will be my first teaching position. I start school in August, and could not be more excited. My best friend, who both introduced me to the wonderful world of Giants baseball, and accompanied me on a wild move to a foreign land (Montana), will be teaching 8th grade at the same small school… and I can’t tell you how excited I am about that. As it is, I’ll be relocating from Montana to my hometown in the Sacramento Valley. I’m leaving in a week, actually!


(At the Yard, August 2013)

My last professional position (which I finished a week ago) didn’t always keep me busy. In turn, I had quite a bit of extra time to dedicate to the blog, even if some of those posts were coming from Minneapolis, Denver, Chicago, Fargo, Pasadena, and many other places I have traveled in a year’s time in search of prospective college students.

Unfortunately for this site, that “free time” likely will not be the case with my future 4th grade classes, especially in this first year. It is inevitable that Cove Chatter will have to move down the priority list a bit. I can tell you with honesty, however, that I have no plans to disband the blog. Even if I am only able to check in a handful of times by this fall (as the Giants are hopefully making another October run!), I know that I just can’t let this thing go. It’s become too big of a part of my life, and I just enjoy writing and interacting with all of you too much. So, even if the activity dwindles a bit at times around here, I sincerely hope all of you will still try to make a little time for old Cove Chatter each month, as I certainly hope to do the same for you.

For the time being, we are right in the middle of the mid-season Giants prospect updates. I am very excited to release the top 25, and will continue to work on them as I am moving to California. I would hope that we could get to #1 (which is actually up for a bit of debate around Giants circles lately) within the next couple weeks. This is probably the most well educated list I’ve compiled, as I’m learning more and more about these players.

So, to make a short story long, Happy birthday Cove Chatter. Thanks for giving me something to work toward for the past year. I am very proud of how this blog has evolved in a year’s time, and can’t wait to see what the future holds. Lastly, thanks to all of you for supporting my efforts here, basically from day one. Without your following, this little project wouldn’t have lasted long. Thanks for reading, and as always, GO GIANTS!


(Leaving on the ferry, August 2012)



10 thoughts on “Cove Chatter: One Year Later”

  1. Congrats on the one-year anniversary! I really, really have enjoyed your blog. You do a great job reporting on the prospects and you’re a solid writer overall. Best of luck with the move and the new job, and welcome back (soon) to Giants Country!

    1. Thanks Lefty! I cannot wait for the move, and will certainly be heading to a game or two this summer. I appreciate your support and compliments. Thanks for following!

    1. Thanks so much DrB. Your blog was the inspiration for me, and you’ve been a mentor throughout this process. I appreciate your following, as well as having the confidence in my work to link it to your site. This blog would be struggling big time had you not done that. Thanks again!

  2. I think you’ll also be busy staying in touch with a Mariners fan who enjoys sharing baseball info and hearing about the Giants young guns. Just a hunch…

    1. Stuck, your first comment! Those M’s are 5 games over .500 all of a sudden. Holy smokes! We’ll keep the chats rolling, from sea to shining sea. There’s no doubting that.

      1. I’m not very hard to read eh? “Anonymous” yeah right… Maybe we’ll finally get our dream series in the next couple years eh? Giants/M’s. Not so concerned about you guys. M’s may need an act of God.

      2. I’m not very hard to read eh? “Anonymous” yeah right… Maybe we’ll have our dream series in the next couple years. Giants/M’s. Not too concerned with you guys, M’s may need an act of God for that to happen.

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