Preliminary Mid-Season Top Prospects List

We’re not quite to mid-season at the MLB level yet, but most of the minor league teams have hit their half-way point. Running a prospect list can be very time-consuming (but it’s probably my favorite part about blogging), so I figured I should probably get the ball rolling pretty soon on my mid-season updates. Last year, in the infancy stages of Cove Chatter, I debuted a mid-season top 40. I have to admit, I had to research almost every player on that 2013 list. This year, I feel confident that the process will go much smoother on my end and quicker for you, the reader, as I have immersed myself in the Giants minor league system over the last 12 months. Having spent time digging even deeper on some of these players for my offseason top 50, I really feel confident in my ability to write these mid-season “reports.”

Keeping all of this in mind, I haven’t completely decided how big I want this list to be. Honestly, like most “prospect hounds” out there, I really don’t think the rankings are all that important. And really, once you get past the first 20 or so players, you’re looking at guys who really have long odds of making it (even the top names have long odds!). So I think I might make the cut-off at 25 this summer, and add in a few honorable mention guys to watch for.

I don’t quite have a timeline yet for when the first posts will start going out, or how I want to structure them, but I did want to throw my preliminary “list” of players out there to start. For now, I’ve got 55 names that I’m working with, and I will obviously shave that down to about 35 or 40, depending on how many honorable mentions I feel like including. This is not a ranking, but more an overall picture of the top players in the organization this season – with a few names from the 2014 draft added in.

Although this hasn’t been the most exciting 1st half of baseball we’ve ever seen from the Giants farm, it’s still a very exciting exercise to look at how the talent has spread itself throughout the system. There are always sleepers that pop up, so I think it’s very worthwhile to adjust things at the half-way point. Plus, there are ALWAYS prospects that even some of the more interested minor league fans overlook, and this blog is all about uncovering those players.

So, for your reading enjoyment, here’s your 2014 Preliminary Mid-season (Giants) Top Prospects (what a mouthful). Please, feel free to leave me some feedback on this, as I may have missed someone as I was combing through for names. Honestly, most of these guys I pulled off the top of my head, so I wouldn’t be shocked if I did overlook a few players. Thanks for reading, and keep your eye out for the actual rankings… coming soon!

Preliminary List (55)

* = 2014 draftee

Catchers (3): Andrew Susac, Aramis Garcia*, John Riley

Infielders (13): Joe Panik, Matt Duffy, Christian Arroyo, Adam Duvall, Ryder Jones, Angel Villalona, Blake Miller, Brian Ragira, Kelvin Beltre, Jonah Arenado, Brandon Bednar, Rando Moreno, Mitch Delfino

Outfielders (10): Mac Williamson, Mikey Edie, Dylan Davis*, Jesus Galindo, Gustavo Cabrera, Johneshwy Fargas, Luis Lacen*, Chuckie Jones, Tyler Horan, Daniel Carbonell

Left Handed Pitchers (9): Edwin Escobar, Adalberto Mejia, Ty Blach, Luis Ysla, Steven Okert, Christian Jones, Josh Osich, Carlos Diaz, Mason McVaye

Right Handed Pitchers (19): Kyle Crick, Tyler Beede*, Keury Mella, Clayton Blackburn, Derek Law, Joan Gregorio, Chris Stratton, Kendry Flores, Martin Agosta, Ray Black, Hunter Strickland, Cody Hall, Chase Johnson, Kendry Melo, Austin Fleet, Pat Young, Stephen Johnson, Dan Slania, Luis Castillo


(Tyler Beede: Photo by Mike Strasinger)


2 thoughts on “Preliminary Mid-Season Top Prospects List”

  1. Pretty good list. Of the hitters, I think I’d drop Riley, Ragira, and Lacen; and I think I’d have to add catcher Ty Ross to the list. He’s a defense-first kind of guy, but the Giants seem to love these kinds of catchers. With Lacen, it’s just too early for me. Among the just-draftees, I think I’d add Logan Webb from Rocklin. He’s an intriguing HS arm.

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks Lyle! I initially had Webb on my list, but I don’t think he’s signed yet. Lacen has, but I already dropped him in the 1st cuts anyway. Obviously, I’m assuming Beede, Garcia and Dylan Davis are going to sign. Webb probably will too, so he might be a guy worth looking a little closer at.

      I like Ross, but I think I’d like to see him do a little more with the bat in the 2nd half.

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