Giants 2014 Draft Tracker (Rd 1-10)

Day 2 is officially in the books, and we’re 10 picks down. I’m just going to post the essential information at first. Will be working on scouting reports and links throughout the afternoon. Please keep checking back, as I will update as frequently as I can. Here’s a link to’s (updated) Giants draft page.

Round 1 (#14)

TYLER BEEDE, rhp | Vanderbilt (jr) | 6-3, 215 | Age: 21

Rankings (12); Baseball America (15); Kiley McDaniel (23)


2014: 16 gs, 98.1 ip 3.20 era, 43 bb, 106 k

2013: 17 gs, 101 ip, 2.32 era, 63 bb, 103 k

2012: 16 g, 71.2 ip, 4.52 era, 32 bb, 68 k


Big righty with a sturdy frame and hard fastball. This wasn’t a reach, but it truly wasn’t the pick I was hoping for. Touiki Toussaint, Derek Hill and Grant Holmes were all still on the board (my 3 “dream” picks), but obviously the Giants weren’t in the mood to go for the big risk/reward pick. That’s their choice, and I can’t be overly critical of them. Beede was a likely top 5 pick heading into SEC conference play, as he started the season in dominant fashion after absolutely dealing in his sophomore year. He was inconsistent for most of conference action, and didn’t look too sharp in the conference tournament start I watched a couple of weeks ago. He bounced back, though, with an 8 IP, 4 H, 0 R, 14 K effort in the NCAA regionals, and that performance likely helped move him back up some draft boards down the stretch.

Beede has the size and stuff to be a Matt Cain type talent, there’s no doubt about that. His FB runs up to 97, and he mixes in a curve and changeup that can both be solid pitches. He gets better marks for the change, which I’ve seen considered a potential plus pitch by a few evaluators. In the start I watched, he was tossing in a hard slider as well. I love that Beede, like former Vandy stud Sonny Gray, has the curve and changeup in his back pocket. Honestly, that makes me feel a lot better about his chances than a guy like Chris Stratton, who really has turned out to be a FB/Slider pitcher, and his FB hasn’t been as advertised. He really doesn’t seem like he can overpower professional hitters. Beede can, in my opinion.

The big issue with Beede is consistency. He tends to beat himself, and it sounds like he did just that in his Super Regional start against Stanford today. In his final two collegiate seasons, he walked 106 batters in 199 innings. That has to improve, and obviously the Giants and “Ninja” pitching master Dick Tidrow feel they can correct whatever mechanical problems are causing his wildness. If they can, I don’t think it’s out of the question that Beede can move through the minors very fast, like Gray did for the A’s. If Beede continues to struggle with his command (a real possibility), I think he will have a hard time getting out of High-A, much like Stratton and Agosta are right now.

In summary, I didn’t love the pick, but I do believe in Beede’s potential. I’m excited to have him in the organization, and can’t wait to see how the next couple of years unfold for him.


Round 2 (#52)

ARAMIS GARCIA, c | Florida Int’l (jr) | 6-2, 195 B:R T:R | Age: 21

Rankings (78); BA (74): Kiley (35)


2014: 163 ab, .368, 8 hr, 37 rbi, 4 sb, 25 bb, 23 k

2013: 224 ab, .321, 11 hr, 51 rbi, 17 bb, 39 k

2012: 192 ab, .271, 6 hr, 29 rbi, 19 bb, 43 k


Garcia’s name first popped up on my radar about two weeks into the 2014 season, when Baseball America did a feature on him after he started the year on an absolute tear. He’s a threat at the plate, and one of the top offensive catchers in the draft. He’s athletic, but needs work on defense. I pegged him as a guy who wouldn’t get out of the 2nd round, and could be a fit for the Giants. Turns out I was actually right… and that in itself is worth a celebration. Seriously though, I thought a high upside prep player would have been a nice idea in this spot, but Garcia is a solid all-around player. Having both Garcia and Susac in the system now is a nice luxury for the Giants. No complaints from me on this one.


BA Garcia Article

Round 3 (#87)

DYLAN DAVIS, of | Oregon State (jr) | 6-0, 215 B:R T:R | Age: 20


MLB (74); BA (93); Kiley (98)


2014: 237 ab, .283, 7 hr, 64 rbi, 4 sb, 21 bb, 31 k

2013: 257 ab, .327, 5 hr, 60 rbi, 8 sb, 19 bb, 35 k

2012: 167 ab, .246, 3 hr, 30 rbi, 4 sb, 6 bb, 32 k


Two-way player at OSU who didn’t have quite the junior season people were expecting. He’s got a big arm and big power potential, and he showed it last summer in the Cape Cod League. The Giants love their Cape performers, and Davis fit the profile of almost exactly what they seem to look for in rounds 3-5. He’s not as big or athletic as Mac Williamson, but he probably has a stronger RF arm, and might offer the same kind of strikeout/homer approach at the plate. Shankbone actually pegged him as the Giants 3rd round pick in the mock draft last weekend. 3 straight college picks, but I think this is good value for the 3rd round.


Davis Article

Round 4 (#118)

LOGAN WEBB, rhp | Rocklin High School | 6-2, 195 | Age: 17


MLB (NR); BA (214); Kiley (190)


2014: 57 ip, 0.49 era, 30 bb, 73 k; .337, 3 hr


Oodles of high school pitching talent in this class, and the Giants take their first shot at a kid I’d never heard of. I love that he’s from Rocklin, that would make for one sweet story if he signs away from Cal Poly and turns into a solid prospect in the organization. Sounds like he sprung up very late in the season, blowing mid-90’s heat toward the end of the year. Not the biggest kid, built more like Martin Agosta, but he’s an athletic kid and Rocklin High’s QB as well. Had an 11-k performance in the Sac-Joaquin playoffs (Rocklin won the section championship), and the Giants were likely in attendance. He’s the Sierra Foothill League MVP, picked from a group of very solid teams and players. Big K and BB rates, but check out that ERA. How did he only win 4 games?! How did that team win the section??? Anyway, I’m intrigued by this kid. 2-sport star, fresh arm, throwing a baseball harder than he’s ever thrown it before. I think he signs, and I think the Giants might have gone behind the scenes and found themselves a dude.


SFGiants Article SacBee Article Two-Hitter


(Photo: Gary Jones/

Round 5 (#148)

SAM COONROD, rhp | Southern Illinois (jr) | 6-2, 190 | Age: 21


MLB (103); BA (136); Kiley (128)


2014: 15 gs, 84.2 ip, 2.87 era, 47 bb, 87 k

2013: 15 gs, 79.2 ip, 4.41, 49 bb, 68 k

2012: 10 gs, 64 ip, 4.64 era, 20 bb, 54 k


College starter with a big heater, hit 98 as a reliever on the Cape. Offers a slider and change… and has absolutely no idea where the ball is going. 40 control, according to That’s some serious wildness. Does he spend half a season starting, or do the Giants move him right to the bullpen and tell him to let it rip?


Round 6 (#178)

SKYLER EWING, c/1b | Rice (jr) | B:R T:R 6-1, 220 | Age: 21


MLB (195); BA (168); Kiley (228)


2014: 242 ab, .335, 9 hr, 48 rbi, 29 bb, 35 k

2013: 146 ab, .226, 4 hr, 23 rbi, 23 bb, 30 k


He’s really a 1B, didn’t catch much at all this year. Bat broke out this year after he mashed last summer in the, wait for it… Cape Cod League. Not a superb athlete, but he’s a strong guy who can put the ball over the fence. Shows a solid approach at the plate. When’s the last time the Giants drafted a Rice hitter?


Round 7 (#208)

SETH HARRISON, cf | UL Lafayette (r-jr) | B:R T:R 6-1, 195 | Age: 21




2014: 243 ab, .317, 9 hr, 63 rbi, 15-20 sb, 19 bb, 60 k

2013: 210 ab, .338, 9 hr, 45 rbi, 10-17 sb, 23 bb, 52 k


The Giants love UL Lafayette hitters, and there were a bunch of them who had big seasons for the top 5 Cajun’s. Harrison has shown solid power for both of the last two seasons. He strikes out a ton, but he should be able to hold his own at a corner OF spot. For a 7th round pick, and technically a “senior sign,” you can’t ask for a whole lot more than that.


Round 8 (#238)

AUSTIN SLATER, cf | Stanford (jr) | B:R T:R 6-2, 205 | Age: 21


MLB (NR); BA (139); Kiley (115)


2014: 216 ab, .352, 2 hr, 40 rbi, 6-7 sb, 16 bb, 25 k

2013: 197 ab, .259, 3 hr, 30 rbi, 5-7 sb, 24 bb, 33 k

Comments calls him a “tweener” without a defensive profile, but he hits the ball hard, and might be able to hang around all 3 outfield spots. I don’t know a ton about Slater, but I’ve seen a few “4th outfielder” labels stuck on him already. Taking a with that kind of rep in the 9th round wasteland is an absolute steal of a pick, in my opinion. He’s very upright in the batter’s box, and looks kind of goofy taking his hacks. But there’s some nice bat speed hidden in that funkiness, and he hit .352 in the Pac-12 this year. Go take a look at the conference stats, not many other guys can make that claim.


ULL Profile

Round 9 (#268)

STETSON WOODS, rhp | Liberty HS (Madera) | 6-9, 210 | Age: 19





Monster of a kid from Central CA. The scouts were all fixated on Jacob Gatewood and Luis Ortiz, so this guy took his act on the road. Flew out to Iowa for a Perfect Game tournament where he played with a bunch of midwest farm boys and got his name on the map. He’s competed against some of the top talent in the country for years, and he’s held his own. PG profile has his fastball working 88-93. Video shows some definite two-seam movement. I like his delivery, very clean and repeatable (which is always the issue for these tall guys). The Giants took towering Dylan Brooks out of Canada last year. I think this Woods is much more polished than Brooks, and I hope they can get the money together to sign him. Committed to Fresno State, just like his “close friend” Ortiz. The Giants wouldn’t draft him this high if they didn’t think he could sign. That’s just not their style. Lock him up, Sabes!


Round 10 (#298)

MATTHEW GAGE, lhp | Siena College (sr) | 6-4, 240 | Age: 21




2014: 16 gs, 110 ip, 4.50 era, 39 bb, 90 k

2013: 14 gs, 97.1 ip, 3.42 era, 30 bb, 84 k

2012: 15 g (7 gs), 41 ip, 3.95 era, 26 bb, 34 k


Lefty with a 3/4 arm slot, got an invite to the Cape Cod League after his freshman year at Siena (where he was an all-star). Seems like a very humble kid, and those K numbers show me he’s certainly no slouch for a senior money saver in the 10th round. Matt Lujan is an underrated lefty with decent stuff in the system who was just named a starting pitcher for the SALLY All-Star game. Gage throws a harder fastball than Lujan, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him on the Augusta staff next year if things go well in Salem-Keizer this summer.


Gage CCL All-Star Siena Profile


9 thoughts on “Giants 2014 Draft Tracker (Rd 1-10)”

    1. Thanks! Scouting reports are all done. Hopefully I can do a little more digging and post some more links tonight. Not the flashiest class so far, but there’s still a lot to like here. Thanks for reading, I appreciate it.

  1. I just finished watching Beede and Slater play each other in the Vandy Stanford game. Beede has a lot of movement in his pitches and I was pretty impressed by his consistant 93-94 fastball and what looked like a good change-up that there were some swings and misses on. He should have made it out of the 4th inning without allowing a run but the ump didn’t give him a couple of pitches that I thought were strikes. Slater looks like a fair hitter with a quick bat. He looks like a gritty player as well, who went hard into second to break up a double play.

  2. Great rundown on the top 10. I am bestowing the moniker of “Dick Tidrow’s Greatest Project” on Beede. The Giants rep with pitchers gets overblown sometimes, but its needed now, and Beede does have the talent and upside to be an Ace.

    Garcia looks like the 2nd best catcher in class to me, assuming Jackson is an OF, which is what the Mariners assigned him as, so that looks like serious value right there.

    Like last year, despite crazy interest and a myriad of ranking lists, you see how quickly the pro’s veer off looking for talent as opposed to ranking lists.

    As far as the Giants picks, Davis seems like a nice gamble, I like the pitchers Webb, Coonrood and the senior sign Gage. The Giants continue to look for CF and Catcher, up the middle positions. Sounds good to me.

    1. Thank you good sir. I’m debating whether I’d put Beede ahead of Crick on the mid season list. That requires some deep thought. I’m assuming we’ll see more big lefties today, hopefully a shortstop or two… And I’d like to see the Giants sneak in some prep guys like last year. I think they will.

  3. I think I would put Beede ahead of Crick due to his secondary pitches and movement. I am wondering how far you are going to move Steven Okert on your list.

    1. I envision Crick and Beede being very similar pitchers in their prime. Beede has the secondaries (and polish) going for him, but I think Crick’s fastball is a touch better. That one’s going to take me a while.

      I was actually just thinking about this the other night. I don’t have a solid ranking made up yet, but Okert would definitely have to be top 20 if I rewrote them tomorrow. His numbers are just too good to ignore.

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