Rolling Along

We are on the 20th day of May, and you probably know that there hasn’t been a single post here this month. Please accept my sincerest apologies for that. No, I haven’t lost interest in Giants baseball or this blog. Not one bit. But it has been a wild, wild couple of months around here, and other circumstances have pushed Cove Chatter down on the priority list a bit.

We’re a family around here, so allow me to get you caught up to speed. Since the 2014 season began, this is my life in a nutshell: To start things off, I developed a whacky swallowing problem that severely limited my ability to eat… anything… Needless to say, I lost a good deal of weight, right in the middle of travel season for work.

Speaking of work, I’m on my final run as a college admissions counselor. I’ve accepted a 4th grade teaching position, and will be returning to the Golden State in a couple months after a solid run in Big Sky Country. I will be close to my family again, and am very excited to get my teaching career rolling.

Speaking of the Golden State, I spent the past two weeks in NorCal, first working a college fair circuit in the Bay Area, then preparing for my best friend’s wedding last weekend. The ceremony turned out great, all the folks seemed to have a wonderful time, and I felt that I brought home a solid Best Man’s toast. The next day, we were back on the plane for Montana. Like I said, it’s been a wild couple of months.

Alas, I finally feel like I’ve got some breathing room to get back to blogging. I certainly haven’t been able to catch every Giants game this season, but I’m still always scanning box scores and checking in on the blogs around here even when I can’t see the games on TV. And our Gigantes, they’re rolling right along. They’ve been beaten up some over the past few weeks, and it sure would have been nice to see how many HR Brandon Belt was going to hit over a full season, but this team has persevered. 28 wins, tied with Oakland for tops in all of baseball. The Bay Area is 56-33 at the moment… can you friggin’ believe that?!

Raise your hand if you thought Tim Hudson, Mike Morse and Ryan Vogelsong would have been three of the Giants top performers at this point in the season. Not many hands up, I expect. But there it is, the underrated moves of the offseason paying off big time in the early going. Huddy, Morse, Vogey, Brandon Hicks, now Tyler Colvin… knock on some wood with me, but this is starting to feel like one of those seasons folks. Sure, you have to keep your squad intact for the most part, but this group has shown that they’re capable of playing with the big dogs.

I’ll be the first to admit that last year scared me, and certainly left some doubts in my mind entering 2014. But I’m a big believer in this club right now. It’s almost late May, and we still haven’t seen the best of Madison Bumgarner, Matt Cain, Hunter Pence, and really hadn’t seen much at all from Pablo Sandoval until recently. This team, 11 games over .500, has the potential to get a lot better. And you have to imagine Brian Sabean is already playing with trade ideas for July. The bench needs help, the pitching staff might need some as well, and it never hurts to find an established hitter (Scutaro, 2012) to bolster your offense down the stretch. There are definitely some trade pieces in the minors right now, and I have to think 99% of them will be in play if the Giants are contending come deadline time.

Lots to like if you’re a fan of the orange and black right now. Again, I’m sorry for the lengthy delay in posts. But thank you so much to those of you who still check in. I’ll be around more frequently now, as we’ve got a LOT to get caught up on. Thanks for reading, and “Vamos Los Gigantes!”

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5 thoughts on “Rolling Along”

  1. Glad to see you back posting, and sorry to hear you haven’t been feeling well. Hope your situation has stabilized or will soon.

    Exciting news that you’ll be moving back closer to the Giants…um, I mean, your family!

    Yes, the Giants are doing great, and you’re right that they haven’t yet clicked on all cylinders, either–and that Sabean is likely to make a trade or three. The only disappointment so far is that our highly touted minor league arms so far have been pretty unimpressive, with a few exceptions. But how about the Fresno team and its bats, and the San Jose team, too? Interesting stuff.

    Be well, Kyle; thanks for thinking of us!

    1. Thanks Lefty! Let’s just say this, I have become very thankful that I have good insurance. And I am incredibly excited to be closer to the Giants… and possibly our new AAA team in Sacramento too, if that plays out!
      Tough loss last night, I thought we had that one in the bag. It’s a very good thing the Giants are playing well, because the farm system has really been a letdown to this point in the season. Those pitching staffs in Richmond and San Jose just aren’t getting it done like I’d hoped… but there is time. I am thrilled to see the Fresno hitters doing well though. Panik and Susac will be competing hard for time next season (if they aren’t traded this summer), and I would personally give Duvall a MLB call-up right now if I could. In SJ, Blake Miller might be my favorite player in the organization. He played here in Billings for Western OR a few times, and our head coach just raves about him!

      1. I live near Sacramento, too (Davis) and would find it very exciting if the AAA team became the River Cats. I’ve been to games there a number of times, and it’s a fantastic place to watch a game.

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