Top Prospects Stock Watch: Week 2

I don’t have time to get to as many players as last week, but I thought we’d at least check in on the top 15 players in the organization. Right now, I’d say Flores and Gregorio are making the most noise out in San Jose, while Mella is holding his own in Augusta. The Fresno hitters continue to shine (including Adam Duvall, who isn’t mentioned in this post), with Susac picking up his 2nd HR a couple nights ago.

1: Kyle Crick, RHP (AA):  2 GS, 1-0, 2.35 ERA, 7.2 IP, 5 BB, 10 K – Crick’s second start wasn’t nearly as solid as his first. He walked 3 (and also struck out 5) over only 2.2 IP. Stock: Stable

2: Edwin Escobar, LHP (AAA): 3 GS, 0-1, 8.53 ERA, 12.2 IP, 4 BB, 17 K – His peripheral stats look good, but Esky is getting knocked around early in the PCL. He’s allowed 22 hits and 12 ER in just 3 starts. Stock: Down

3: Andrew Susac, C (AAA): 13 G, 45 AB, .333/.423/.533, 2 HR, 3 2B – Susac is still rolling along in the middle of that Fresno lineup. Stock: Up

4: Adalberto Mejia, LHP (AA): 2 GS, 1-0, 6.00 ERA, 6 IP, 1 BB, 6 K – Not much to update on Mejia, who was pulled from his last start after 1 IP when a comebacker hit his leg. He’s apparently fine, and will take the mound this evening. Stock: Stable

5: Clayton Blackburn, RHP (AA): 3 GS, 1-1, 1.76 ERA, 15.1 IP, 3 BB, 12 K – Blackburn had his best outing of the year yesterday, throwing 6.1 shutout innings. He’s been the most consistent arm among the big 4 in Richmond so far. Stock: Up

6: Mac Williamson, OF (A+): 15 G, 51 AB, .235/.371/.373, 1 HR, 4 2B, 4 SB/1 CS – Mac is still in San Jose, but his bat is starting to come around. He’s hitting .324 over his last 10 games, and clubbed his first HR of the year last night. Stock: Stable

7: Christian Arroyo, SS/2B (A): 14 G, 54 AB, .185/.241/.241, 1 2B, 1 3B – Arroyo is still having a tough time getting accustomed to SAL pitching, but he does have a couple multiple hit games over his last 10. Stock: Down

8: Ty Blach, LHP (AA): 3 GS, 1-1, 2.30 ERA, 15.2 IP, 4 BB, 6 K – He’s still not blowing hitters away, but he’ done a nice job of keeping runs off the board. Eventually I’d like to see some of these Richmond guys start working more than 5 IP. Stock: Stable

9: Chris Stratton, RHP (A+): 3 GS, 1-1, 3.94 ERA, 16 IP, 4 BB, 13 K –Stratton has pitched at least 5 innings in each of his starts, but he still hasn’t shown those 1st round pedigree numbers yet. Stable

10: Keury Mella, RHP (A): 3 GS, 2-0, 2.16 ERA, 16.2 IP, 5 BB, 15 K – Mella has been a pretty cool customer in his first 3 starts at Low A. He’s not racking up the K’s, but I think that will come with time. Stock: Up

11: Joe Panik, 2B/SS (AAA): 15 G, 59 AB, .271/.343/.322, 1 2B, 1 3B – Panik has cooled off a bit since his hot start, but he does have 6 hits in his last 3 games. I don’t think he’s going to be the .300 MLB hitter I was once hoping for, but he could still be a nice contributor. Stock: Stable

12: Kendry Flores, RHP (A+): 3 GS, 2-1, 3.00 ERA, 18 IP, 3 BB, 18 K – Flores killed his 3rd start, allowing only 3 hits and striking out 9 over 6 shutout IP. He and Gregorio look like the frontline starters in San Jose right now. Stock: Up

13: Martin Agosta, RHP (A+): 2 GS, 0-1, 1.93 ERA, 4.2 IP, 5 BB, 4 K – Agosta’s season got a bit of a late start, and he hasn’t pitched more than 3 innings in either start. He walked 3 batters in only 1.2 IP last night. Stock: Down

14: Joan Gregorio, RHP (A+): 3 GS, 2-0, 1.88 ERA, 14.1 IP, 5 BB, 22 K – Gregorio had arguably the outing of the season for Giants farmhands so far, striking out 11 in 5.1 IP a couple nights ago. He’s off to a heck of a start early. Stock: Up

15: Derek Law, RHP (AA): 6 G, 3 Sv, 1.42 ERA, 6.1 IP, 2 BB, 9 K – Law continues to role as Richmond’s closer. How long will they keep him in AA? Stock: Up


2 thoughts on “Top Prospects Stock Watch: Week 2”

  1. I would say that Arroyo’s stock is stable. His strikeout rate is actually pretty good, so I would credit his poor start more to SSS and the BABIP gods taking hits away. Plus, he’s adjusting to a new position, something he might not be happy about, so that could have also affected the start of his season. So I would call him stable until he has a month or two under his belt and he’s still struggling.

    I would also cut Stratton a break as well. He pitched well enough in his first and third starts, as his second start, in Lancaster, well, that’s like knocking a pitcher for not pitching well in Coors, not really fair because the park does do things to the pitcher. For those two other starts, he’s 11.0 IP, 5 hits, 3 ER for a 2.45 ERA, 3 walks (low) and 9 K’s (probably the only area that he’s lacking in right now in these stats, given his age and pedigree).

    I have to think that the Giants will keep Law in AA so that he can close there, while allowing Hembree to close in AAA. The Giants have noted that top prospects often jump from AA to the majors, with little AAA experience, so I have to think they prefer to have both closing. Only when Hembree is needed in the majors, I think, would they promote Law to AAA.

    I would also note that AnVil is continuing to hit well, in fact, probably took it up a notch in recent games. More importantly, he’s not striking out as much either. Both good signs. And he just piled up a bunch of walks, the other teams appear to be recognizing that he’s not as easy to get out anymore.

    And I would also note that while Brown has cooled off recently, he also started taking a bunch of walks, while also keeping his strikeout down, so he still seems to be in a good hitting stroke, just not getting the lucky bounces as earlier. As long as he controls the zone well to avoid strikeouts and get walks, he should be in good shape, he normally makes good bat contact when he connects, as he’s always hit for some power when he’s on.

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