5 Minute Recap: Los Angeles Series

The Giants made an early statement, ruining the Dodgers’ home opener while eventually taking two of three from their archrivals to the south. They couldn’t make it a clean sweep on Sunday Night Baseball, but winning both series’ on the season-opening road trip should be a big momentum boost before coming home to the Bay tomorrow afternoon. Here’s how the weekend in La La Land shook out…

Game 1: Giants 8, Dodgers 4

Box Score:

The Giants spoiled Opening Day at Dodger Stadium, scoring all 8 runs in the first two innings off Hyun-Jin Ryu. It seemed to help matters tremendously that LA went into full blown meltdown mode with two outs in the first. The early offense was enough to hold off the Dodger offense, although Vogey couldn’t make it out of the 5th inning.

Game 2: Giants 7, Dodgers 2

Box Score:

Madison Bumgarner was masterful, striking out 10 Dodger hitters and allowing only 1 ER in 6.1 innings of work. The Giants brought their bats to the yard with them again, sending three big flies into the seats on a warm afternoon in LA. Both Mike Morse and Pablo Sandoval hit their first HR of the year, while Buster Posey drilled his second long-ball of the young season down the LF line. The Dodgers tried to make it interesting late, but Hunter Pence nailed AJ Ellis at home, effectively ending a pretty significant rally against Santiago Casilla.

Game 3: Dodgers 6, Giants 2


Box Score:

The Giants fell short of a sweep on Sunday Night Baseball, as Zack Greinke outdueled Matt Cain on a very windy night. Cain looked sharp early, but developed a case of homerunitis as the game wore on. Two big flies each from Hanley Ramirez and Matt Kemp put the offense in a tough hole to climb out of, although they tried. Both Pence and Belt went deep off Greinke – who I seriously can’t stand – in the 6th, but it wasn’t enough.

NL West Standings

Giants 5-2

Dodgers 5-3 | 0.5 GB

Rockies 3-4 | 2 GB

Padres 2-4 | 2.5 GB

Diamondbacks 2-7 | 4 GB

What’s Ahead

Our Gigantes take their early 1st place record to AT&T Park for the home-opening series, a 9-gamer against Arizona, LA and Colorado. This is a confident team, but also one that’s been living and dying by the HR ball early on. While the offense might take a little hit returning to San Francisco, I’m hoping the park will help some of the pitchers keep the ball in the yard as well. Either way, the Giants have a tremendous opportunity here, especially starting things off with lowly Arizona. You’d have to think they have every opportunity to win each of these series’.

It’s an off day today, but I seriously can’t wait for tomorrow afternoon! There’s just nothing quite like baseball in your home park, especially a home-opener.


4 thoughts on “5 Minute Recap: Los Angeles Series”

  1. Yeah, the Giants need to step on the D-backs neck and win this series. At minimum, Hudson should get us off to a good start, he has owned the D-backs everywhere he has pitched against them. But with Lincecum and Vogie after that, a bit of a question mark, but we should get one of the two, which with a Hudson victory would give us the series.

    Do you know what the matchups are for the LA series? I guess we got Bumgarner, Cain, Hudson, so our three best up against them, can’t ask for more than that. Plus, LA hasn’t won a seasonal series from us since 2009, and they don’t have Kershaw, so you got to like our chances against them too.

    And with Colorado as the bookend, the Giants have a good chance to have a really nice first homestand, depending on how tough the Dodgers decide to play against us.

    1. Oh, and just found out the Dodgers lost their starting catcher to surgery, out for at least a couple of weeks, and their backup hasn’t been that good a backup, should make people appreciate Hanchez more.

      Also, the Arizona matchups are here: http://www.mercurynews.com/giants/ci_25516267/san-francisco-giants-arizona-diamondbacks-pitching-matchups?source=rss

      Hudson looks good against Cahill, who has been struggling, Lincecum at home, even if against Arroyo, and Vogie, as badly as he’s done, Delgado hasn’t exactly been an ace either. Looks like a good matchup to get series win.

      1. I saw that this morning. Meniscus tear. The Dodgers are a very banged up club, but they’ll be looking for revenge BIG TIME next week. Have to knock them on their butts again, show them the Gigantes aren’t going away this year.

    2. I goofed up the order of this homestand. It’s AZ, then COL, and finally LAD. Colorado hasn’t looked real sharp to me early. Not sure of the pitching matchups there. 6-3 on this series should be very realistic, but I’ll take a winning record nonetheless.

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