Raj Mathai Exclusive with Bonds

Great work here by Raj, and definitely worth a watch.

Barry Bonds is one of the biggest reasons I’m a baseball fan today. He shaped my childhood as a Giants die-hard. He hit one into the Cove during the first game I ever attended, then proceeded to homer in my next two games attended as well. So many memories of that guy. And I’ll admit, I never had a problem with his attitude. I think I loathed the media as much as he did.

While I had the fortune of growing up in northern California with so many Giants fans, I’ve certainly learned the hard way that the rest of the baseball world isn’t so understanding. I’ve had my fair share of colorful conversations about Bonds, but make no mistake, I will always defend the guy. If that doesn’t sit well with you, I’m sorry. He is and will forever be my favorite player, and there will probably never be another hitter who changes the game like Barry did.

It’s very nice to see him wearing that orange and black again. More important, though, is how great it is to see and read about him enjoying himself on the field with the team. For him to stay loyal to this organization, after they essentially ran him out of town, says a lot about Bonds as a person. I don’t think there’s ever been a player singled out the way he was, and there probably won’t be again… but he seems to hold no grudges. As much as I love baseball, it’s got a lot of black eyes. And there are still many, many people in the greater MLB community who continue to bring the sport down. Hopefully, Bonds has seen the end of the hatred.

Ok, soap box over. I just really enjoyed Bonds’ interview with Mathai, as well as Baggarly’s article about the instruction Barry has been giving in camp. I wanted to share them both with you. It’s hard not to smile about the thought of Bonds working with Mike Morse and Hunter Pence on a sunny Arizona day. Pretty cool stuff.

Bonds Interview

Baggarly Article

Bonds Q & A

(Christian Petersen/Getty Images)


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