Sunday Wrap: Esky Steps Up, Crick Struggles

A few tidbits from a very busy day for the organization. Edwin Escobar, a “class-A pitcher” in the words of Vin Scully (I think he said it about five times, actually) outdueled Clayton Kershaw, no doubt impressing the front office in the process. Escobar certainly wasn’t always sharp, and I wondered whether he would make it out of the 1st inning.

He would ultimately toss four innings, allowing only one run on one hit. His four walks were uncharacteristic, but I can’t blame the guy for being amped up. As DrB noticed even on gametracker, Esky got squeezed on a number of pitches too. A solid outing for the kid against the archrivals, with hopefully many more to come.

Apparently Kyle Crick wasn’t able to work out of trouble in the “futures game” like Escobar was against the Dodgers. Sounds like Cricky was all over the place, and didn’t make it out of the inning. Walks, wild pitches and an infield hit. I believe it was 5 ER altogether…notice, he didn’t get hit hard. He rarely does. As most of us know, it’s all about control for the kid. You can’t beat yourself in this game, and Crick knows that.

A few other notes from today:

Big time homer from Brandon Hicks today. Taking Kershaw deep is a big deal, even in Spring Training.

Pablo looked solid again, both at the plate and in the field. He’s just such a different player when he’s in shape.

Conner Penfold from Giant Potential hit the jackpot today, getting footage of Luis Ysla and Keury mella in minor league camp. Conner was very, very impressed with Ysla, who featured a 3-pitch mix and ran his fastball up to 95… yeah, you read that right. Sounds like there’s plenty of video coming soon on his site, Giant Potential. If I’m not mistaken, that will be the first (and only) video of Ysla on the web.

Penfold also noted some strong performances from Ty Blach (sitting 93-94), Derek Law and Clayton Blackburn today. Seriously, just too much good pitching in this camp. I can’t wait for these guys to get their seasons started next month.

That’s all for this weekend. I’m hoping to have some updates on the camp position battles tomorrow, so stay tuned. Only three more weeks until Opening Day!


2 thoughts on “Sunday Wrap: Esky Steps Up, Crick Struggles”

  1. I was at the Futures game. Yeah, Crick was a Wild Thing. Blackburn was very solid, Blach looked pretty good, and Law looked nasty. Villalona looked very good at the plate (two hits including one off Bum), and Matt Duffy killed a ball over the CF’s head and looked sharp at SS, too.

    But I think my favorite moment was Christian Arroyo getting a solid hit off Santiago Casilla. Arroyo actually clapped his hands when he crossed the first base bag. He was like a little kid, so thrilled. Imagine a kid who this time last year was in high school getting a hit off a guy who helped win two World Series.

    1. Thanks for the updates! Happy to hear that it wasn’t just the pitchers who performed well today. The Arroyo hit is very impressive, and would have been awesome to see.

      Matt Duffy’s aunt will be pleased to read about Matt’s performance. She commented here today, asking if anyone had reports on Matt and the minor league camp. Duffy and Arroyo, two very underrated shortstop prospects. Jeremy Sy had a long AB against LA today, and worked a walk. Middle infielders looking good! Hope you enjoy that sunshine… And baseball.

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