Giants Thumped by Seattle

Ok, maybe thumped is an understatement. But hey, turns out I didn’t miss much of a game yesterday. Not for the Giants, who surrendered 18 runs on 18 hits to the Mariners. The pitching had been pretty solid lately, but all good things must end. The way I look at it, if you’re going to have a game like this, you might as well get it out of the way when the scores still don’t matter.

A couple of notes here. There’s a lot of chatter about Ryan Vogelsong’s outing yesterday, as you would expect when a guy who struggled the previous season gets tagged for 7 runs in less than 3 innings of work. Yes, it would be very easy to look at Vogey’s line and ask if he’s got anything left in the tank. But having this blog has taught me more than anything not to settle for the easy answer – to look a little deeper.

Vogey gave up two 1st inning home runs, one to Brad Miller and the other to Michael Saunders. Both were two-run shots. I’ve watched the video of those home runs a few times, and I honestly didn’t see anything to be concerned about. The location really wasn’t bad. Both pitches were low and inside to a lefty hitter, and both hitters beat the pitch. And I’m not even sure either of those balls would be homers in any NL West park. They certainly wouldn’t have been in either AT&T or Safeco (the Mariners’ home). Both balls looked very wind-aided to me, especially Saunders’.

Long story short, I don’t think anyone should start sounding the alarm on Vogelsong after that performance yesterday. Does he have the same velocity he once did? Nope. Can he get by with 87-90? Maybe, but it’s way, way too early to make that determination right now.

These are just my opinions, and of course you may have a different one. But enough about that. So the Giants got waxed by a split-squad Mariners’ team that also put up 9 runs on the Dodgers last night, to the tune of four more home runs (2 from overweight Jesus Montero).

You know, the M’s did this last spring, and it really didn’t carry over to the regular season at all. A good friend of mine is a big Seattle fan, so I do pull for them. But unfortunately, 29 teams play their home games outside of Arizona, and you have to wonder if the Mariners’ front office even knows what it’s doing anymore… trying to build an offense with a bunch of thumpers to play in a severe pitchers park doesn’t sound like the best idea in the world to me.

Yesterday was a day to forget for all of us. So yes, let’s look ahead. Today is an exciting day for the organization, as Madison Bumgarner and Kyle Crick square off in a “futures game” intrasquad matchup. That should be a fun one, and I would imagine you’ll be able to find some video from that game over at Giant Potential when all is said and done. Conner P. is down in AZ right now, and he’s been giving us some sweet updates and footage from Giants minor league camp. Remember, his site is linked on the right.

In the day’s main event, we get to see Edwin Escobar match up with Clayton Kershaw. And guess what, it’s another MLBtv broadcast. I’m pretty stoked for this one, as it’ll be my first real look at Escobar. With Yusmeiro Petit struggling big time and David Huff still on the shelf, this is a huge opportunity for Esky to jump into the running for that long-man spot. Good luck, kid.

That’s all for now. I hope everyone has a relaxing, baseball-filled Sunday. And remember, today’s games start at 1 pm on the west coast, and 2 pm for those of us out here in Big Sky Country. 





11 thoughts on “Giants Thumped by Seattle”

  1. Hey there…can you help me find the skinny on the minor league camp? I signed up for the online spring training newsletter, but not getting any info on the standings/games for the minor league kids, mainly Matthew Duffy, my nephew. I’d like to see/know how he is doing down there in AZ. Thank you! Aunt Lisa

    1. Hi Aunt Lisa. Thanks for the comment! Minor league camp information can be pretty tricky to come by. I honestly don’t know of any sites that put out regular coverage of Giants minor league camp, but I can tell you that Conner Penfold has been reporting some nice stuff lately. He writes a blog called Giant Potential (you can find it linked on my blog), and is in Arizona this week to write about the kids. I know he mentioned that Matt was very impressive in batting practice the other day.

      As for games, I don’t believe the minor leaguers have started playing against other teams yet. I think they have just been scrimmaging against each other, and played a “futures game” against some of the MLB Giants today. I’m thinking they’ll start playing against other organizations pretty soon, but others who comment here may have a better scoop than I do.

  2. Arizona can be a very tough environment for certain types of pitchers. The parks are huge. The ball carries far. The ball is lighter because it is drier. I’m pretty sure they do not have humidors in spring training parks! It seems counterintuitive, but power pitchers who work up in the zone tend to fare better than control pitchers who have to work down in the zone.

    It looked to me like the ump’s strike zone was kind of odd too. I don’t think he was favoring anyone, but it was just an odd zone. Speaking of which, I was just watching the Giants-Dodgers on Gameday. It looked like the ump was squeezing Escobar big time. Lots of pitches called balls that were in the K-zone on the Pitch Fx.

    1. That does make sense. Neither of Vogey’s pitches on the HR were up, and Kruk had made a comment from the outset about the wind blowing hard to right.

      That’s funny you mention the K zone against Escobar. I’m glad that game day reported what I was thinking. He certainly was amped up and missing his spots at first, but even after settling in, I thought Esky definitely got squeezed a few times. I’m pretty sure he had 5 BB, and at least two of them I thought were pretty iffy.

  3. Ha! Vinnie is just sore because Bochy is playing mind games with the Dodgers again. He sent a bunch of regulars on the road to get a good look at Kershaw, but kept Bummy at home so the Dodgers hitters wouldn’t get a preview.

    I remember when Ray Black was drafted out of Univ. of Pittsburgh. Big, hard throwing college closer. Then he disappeared. I figured he was out of baseball entirely. Good to hear that he’s back. He must be pretty old by now and has a long way to go, but with relievers, who cares? He’s yet another power arm in the organization.

    1. I know he’s a legend and all, but man, I have a hard time listening to Scully. I’d say about 20% of what he says is not true. Mentioned CHRIS Carpenter getting a 6-year extension from the Cards. I actually had to check and make sure I wasn’t crazy, that Carpenter was still retired!

      Black’s situation is so odd. It sounds like Conner P is going to try to talk to him and get the scoop. But 97-98 sounds just fine to me, especially for a guy who hasn’t done much pitching in the past few years!

      1. Vinnie talks incessantly. What ever happened to a little dead air here and there? He also repeats the same stories over and over. He has to tell us that Buster Posey’s real name is Gerald Dempsey Posey III every single game. He also has to tell us how long Timmy was and how much he weighed when he was born every single time Timmy pitches.

        I cut my baseball fan teeth on Russ and Lon back in the day. I grew up in a small college town and a lot of my friends were expatriate SoCal Dodgers fans. I had to listen to them taunt me about how much better Vin Scully was than Russ and Lon. Then when I visited relatives down here, I would listen to him on Dodger broadcasts. I have to tell you, I have never been able to see it. I find his voice annoying. I don’t like his style. The endless repetitive stories just set my teeth on edge. I know I’m in the minority, but I just don’t get Vin Scully and never have.

      2. Well you aren’t alone DrB. I grew up in Northern California, listening to Kruk and Kuip (and Jon/Dave on the radio more recently), and I don’t think there’s a comparison. All I know is, I dread listening to opposing team broadcasts. I don’t have to do it often, but today was a grind to get through Scully – all by himself – for 3 and a half hours. Had the radio broadcast not been quite a bit ahead of the video, I certainly would have just muted the tv and listened to KNBR.

      3. One more Vinnie story: One day as I was watching the Dodgers feed on TV because the Kruk and Kuip were blacked out down here, my daughter, who I don’t think had paid any attention to baseball at all up to that point, walked in the room and said, “that man never stops talking!” LOL!

  4. Peguero got off to a 4 for 7 start with Baltimore then went oh fer 8 and. typically, with no walks. He’s had about a hundred spring training AB’s in his career with 2 walks. It seems that plate discipline is near impossible to teach.

    Surkamp had a rough first outing with the White Sox then did OK his second time out. I’d love to see him win a starting job there.

    1. Thanks for the updates Walter. Good to hear from you. I hadn’t really been keeping up with Peguero or Surkamp, although I’d heard both were listed among their clubs’ top 20 lists this winter. Peguero never was one to take a walk, but I do wish all those guys well.

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