Maxpreps Top 100 Seniors

Say, while I’ve got you on the subject of the draft…

I paid a visit to (my go-to for high school sports) this morning, and found Kevin Askeland’s newly published Top 100 seniors list. As high school ball starts to get under way across the country, I thought this would be a good time to start brushing up on some of the names (both well known and unknown) that we might hear in this summer’s draft.

Askeland and the crew over there used a number of different factors in determining the formula for their rankings, including mock drafts and various recruiting rankings. Alex Jackson comes in at #1 on the big board, with Michael Gettys and Jacob Gatewood right behind him.

The top arms that you’ve likely heard of include big Texan Tyler Kolek (#4), Grant Holmes (#5), Luis Ortiz (#6), Touki Toussaint (#7), and Brady Aiken (#10). Lots of Californians and Floridians on the list (making up almost half the 100). I know there are a few sites that do very good work on high school baseball coverage, but I thought this list could serve as a nice reference as the season gets going.

Maxpreps 100 List

If you’re not familiar with Askeland’s work, I would highly recommend you give this piece – and others – a look. His articles are almost always featured on the homepage over at Maxpreps, and he covers the gamut of sports.

A little background here: Kevin and I are alumnus of the same small high school in northern California. When I was in high school, I took on a major sports journalism project as part of my graduation requirements. All told, this “project” would ultimately become a 100+ page book on football and basketball at my high school in the 1950’s and 60’s.

Kevin was my mentor for this project, and really helped give me the spark that would drive me throughout the entire process. He’s one of the most knowledgeable sports people I’ve ever met… you literally cannot have a conversation with him without learning something new. He puts in tireless work for Maxpreps, and he’s a high school teacher by day. If writing were his full-time job, I have no doubt he’d be one of the household names in sports journalism.

I got to catch up with Kevin for a few minutes this week, and told him about the (newish) blog. So if you happen to see this Kevin, thanks for all that you do for the high school sports community.


4 thoughts on “Maxpreps Top 100 Seniors”

  1. Cool background story. No wonder you have such a good feel for this.
    Luis Ortiz is in my area. In fact, my friend at work has a son on his team and I intend to go watch them play. They are in the finals of a tournament tomorrow and I would like to get down and see some ball. Ortiz threw on Wednesday and should be eligible to go 2-3 innings if needed. He has racked up almost 2Ks/IP so far. Some exaggerated reports of “98”. I’ve tried to glean some background about Ortiz. I think he had some troubles at school and is currently on home-study. File that away. May not be the Giants MO. They want guys that get it done in all facets of their lives. See Christian Arroyo and Ryder Jones.

    1. Thanks for the report, that’s very interesting. I would love Ortiz based on his raw stuff, but you’re right about the Giants shying away from “intangible” issues. We’ll have to monitor that one.

      Some exciting prep arms out there this year, but man, those college guys (Beede, Weaver, Nola, Finnegan) just keep rolling out big time performances. I don’t know why, but Finnegan is a guy I have my eye on. Not real big, but lefty and legit stuff… Although if someone decided Touki Toussaint wasn’t a top 13 pick, it’d be very hard to pass on him.

    2. I would like to comment on your thoughts about my son, first of all you don’t know him and I wish that everyone would stop spreading rumors about him especially the media, reading all the comments and false information are very disturbing to me and can’t believe of all the people that are hating on my son. You don’t know Luis and of how hard he has worked for this these past several years to get where he is at, so before you start commenting on my son and stating that the giants wouldn’t want a natural talented RHP your so wrong he’s humble, caring, loving and has shown leadership to his team ! But of course you don’t hear about the good in Luis and for your info he attends hallmark charter school in Sanger, a highly distinguished school, you might want to google it and put it in your file !

      1. Thank you for reading and commenting. I’m sorry you feel offended by the comments about Luis. I believe Ryan was simply relaying what he’d been told by a coworker. I think I speak for everyone who participates at Cove Chatter that we hold no grudges… Ok, maybe against the Dodgers… But as far as players like your son and others, I wish them nothing but the best. I don’t know much about Luis, except that he’s incredibly talented. I think he will find a good home on draft day. If he is indeed called by the Giants, you can bet we’ll be rooting for him all the way. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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