Camp Notes: More Love for the Kids

Just a couple of videos/links here. Kyle Crick pitched in an unofficial “B” game this morning against the Cubs. After a shaky first, he struck out phenoms Jorge Soler and Kris Bryant in his second frame. Now the kid is getting some more love.

Crick Baggs Story:

Crick Story:

Speaking of pitching prospects, Alex Pavlovic did an interview with catcher Jeff Arnold, and asked him about the gang he caught in San Jose last year. Some repeat information here, but still interesting.

I find it kind of funny that Pavs thought he came up with this grand idea to get all the golden nuggets from Arnold… Conner Pennfold already interviewed the backstop last summer, gaining a ton of knowledge about guys like Escobar, Blach, Crick and company in the process. Check the video out on his site, Giant Potential, linked to the right. I definitely don’t want to take anything away from Arnold, who’s a pretty impressive guy, and a very good defensive catcher. I just find it ironic that bloggers don’t seem to ever get the credit.

Other tidbits: Tim Hudson and Tim Lincecum pitched pretty well in their 2014 debuts, the video clips are below. And Ehire Adrianza continues to get rave reviews. He’s off to a fast start, let’s hope it’s the real deal!

That’s all for tonight, from RAINY northern California! Have a good evening all.


4 thoughts on “Camp Notes: More Love for the Kids”

  1. Great to hear it’s still raining up in NoCal. Man, this has been a DRY winter! It’s like the March Miracle all over again. Hope we can get at least 1 or 2 more storms through before the dry season sets in.

    Almost nothing but good news coming out of the Giants spring training. I know spring stats don’t mean anything, but I’v learned that if everybody in the starting rotation is throwing down zeros, it’s usually a good sign as long as everybody stays healthy.

    1. You all sure do need the water out here. Raining like crazy, but it sure beats the cold and snow of Montana! Things have been very positive so far in Giants camp, and that is a good thing. Every day, I’m getting a greater feeling that Adrianza will be the big camp surprise this year. He’s not playing like he wants a spot, he’s playing like he wants a starting gig!

  2. Cove Chatter is back! Not to be confused with The Cove. That place gets slanted to the pessimistic. Dolphins may get clubbed there. I digress…

    Your fellow Montana-an posted a picture of lots of snow in Missoula. Work them shovel muscles, son. Your creeks will be rivers and your rivers will be raging.

    I think spring training stats are pretty meaningless when pitchers are laying fastballs over the heart of the plate. But hitting the ball is better than not hitting the ball. Petit may have cause for alarm should he continue his rate of 5 baserunners per inning. Up is the only direction for him. His job may seem secure, but he’s a guy who could slip through waivers if need be.

    1. The Cove…don’t get me started. I think a solid goal for this blog is to never end up like that one. I’ve gotten into it with the author over there a couple times. The quote that put me over the edge was, “if the Giants happen to make the playoffs next year, it will have been completely on accident.” Check please!

      The stats certainly don’t mean much this time of year, but the performances make a difference.. One week down, Abreu and Petit need to step it up. Petit doesn’t have a ton in the way of competition at the moment, but he will if Huff can get healthy.

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