February 28: Minicozzi Lifts Off, Cordier Throws Gas

A couple notes and video clips from the Giants ST win against Milwaukee yesterday (the other half of the split-squad lost to Oakland). 

We’ll keep this very short, but do yourself a favor and check out Alex Pavlovic’s piece on Mark Minicozzi, who homered against the Brewers. What a cool story. 

Minicozzi Story:

Andy Baggarly’s newest gem talks about Erik Cordier, the 40-man signee who threw some serious cheddar yesterday in Scottsdale. Apparently the reports of him hitting 100 on the gun last season were the real deal.  You can see it on the video below, the batters are WAY behind Cordier.

Cordier Story:

Just a heads-up; I’m in California for the week visiting family, so things might be a little light around here. But if I find some worthwhile clips or articles as the week progresses, I’ll definitely try to throw a couple quick posts together (like this). 

Sounds like it’s raining in AZ today, as it is up here in the valley as well. If they go, it’ll be Matt Cain on the bump against the Cubbies. The lineup goes as follows:

Blanco 8, Perez 7, Belt 3, Morse DH, Sanchez 2, Arias 5, Crawford 6, Kieschnick 9, Adrianza 4 

Have a good weekend everyone!


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