Cactus League Opener Sights and Sounds

I’m not sure who recorded these videos, but I found them on this morning. The game was only offered as audio yesterday, so I’m glad we’re able to get a look at a few of the highlights. I have to give credit to Rainball for posting the link to Ehire Adrianza’s home run in the comments section at “When the Giants Come to Town.” Keep that power stroke going, Ehire!

Reddick’s robberies of Morse were the plays of the day, obviously, but Adam Duvall’s moonshot is a sight to see as well. That guy looks like he’s ready to turn some heads this spring. If you haven’t seen it yet, give it a look.


2 thoughts on “Cactus League Opener Sights and Sounds”

    1. No problem! I agree, Ehire is looking very strong early. What a great development that would be if he can run away with that job. Playing like he wants more than just a roster spot these days, that’s for sure.

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