Welcome to Baseball Season!


Ok, so games don’t start for a couple weeks, but with pitchers and catchers reporting to Scottsdale, today is the first day of Giants baseball in my estimation. In other words, one of the greatest days of the year. Thanks for spending your offseason with us here at Cove Chatter, and I hope you’ll be back even more frequently now that we actually have tangible things to discuss again!

Currently, I’m finishing my 2014 pitcher projections, and hope to have them up later in the day. (PS, go take a look at the comments section for the hitter projections, Foothills and OGC had a nice back and forth on custom projection systems. Pretty cool stuff, and admittedly I’m not intelligent enough to do something like that… although I do love crunching baseball stats from time to time!)

I’ve also got some spring training profiles in the works, and those should start to come out before Cactus League play starts. I’ve tried to profile as many of the relevant players in camp as I could, but specifically those who are potentially fighting for MLB roster spots. I try to read what the beat reporters (Baggs, Schulman, Haft, Pavlovic, etc) are putting out there daily this time of year, as I’m sure you do as well. I’ll try to do a few “beat writer compilations” throughout the spring, just so we’re all up to date on what’s going on in camp. Haft had a quick piece on his blog last night… he got a brief look at Pablo, and reported the Panda is looking as good as advertised. Great news, as long as he can stay on the field!

Anyway, that’s all for now. I just wanted to welcome everyone back from hibernation, although you probably no there was no such thing going on around here this winter. And for all you NCAA junkies, happy Opening Day.

What’s the slogan for 2014? Giants baseball: Three rings or bust! Baseball is back, folks, and it’s a beautiful thing.


3 thoughts on “Welcome to Baseball Season!”

  1. Thanks for posting the video about Jon Miller. One of my most memorable experiences was driving up the 5 a couple of years ago to a meeting in the Bay Area listening to Jon and Dave call a game on KNBR. It was a mid-season game against the Nationals and didn’t count for anything. I think it was 2011 after Posey’s injury and Whitey was catching Matt Cain. Didn’t matter whether it was a meaningful game or not, it was just pleasure to listen to it.

    1. As Giants fans, we may be the most spoiled in baseball with broadcast talent. I grew up with Kruk and Kuip, and I absolutely love listening to those guys. When I’m not around to get the game on TV, listening to Jon and Dave is just as enjoyable. Jon is such a great storyteller, while Dave paints the details so well. My best friend and I used to joke about Dave attention to detail… but he really is fun to listen to.

      1. I grew up on Russ and Lon so they will always be my favorites, but I love listening to Kruk and Kuip on TV and the few times I’ve listened to Jon and Dave on the radio have been terrific too. Giants have mostly had great announcers. I remember driving down the Central Valley coming home from college one summer listening to Al Michaels call a game that John “The Count” Montefusco was pitching. That was a good one too!

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