Cove Chatter 100: Top 50 Links

ICYMI – This is the final time I’ll repost the Top 50 prospect links. Now, this should be the first post to show when someone clicks on the “Cove Chatter 100” category in the side bar. Instead of just fading away, I’d like for these profiles to be used as a reference (for myself, as well as others) as we go through the season. So know that these links, as well as the rest of the CC 100 series posts, will be only a click away, whether it’s two weeks from now or 3 months into the season. Thanks for following along, and remember that I’m always open for feedback on any of these profiles!

Honorable Mentions

50. Gustavo Cabrera
49. Rando Moreno
48. Chris Dominguez
47. Ian Gardeck
46. Chris Marlowe
45. Ricky Oropesa
44. Jarrett Parker
43. Dylan Brooks
42. Jonah Arenado
41. EJ Encinosa
40. Steven Okert
39. Tyler Mizenko
38. Tyler Hollick
37. Chuckie Jones
36. Johneshwy Fargas
35. John Riley
34. Shilo McCall
33. Jesus Galindo
32. Tyler Horan
31. Mason McVay
30. Hunter Strickland
29. DJ Snelten
28. Nick Vander Tuig
27. Dan Slania
26. Stephen Johnson
25. Bryce Bandilla
24. Matt Duffy
23. Chase Johnson
22. Brian Ragira
21. Angel Villalona
20. Adam Duvall
19. Cody Hall
18. Josh Osich
17. Ryder Jones
16. Gary Brown
15. Derek Law
14. Joan Gregorio
13. Martin Agosta
12. Kendry Flores
11. Joe Panik
10. Keury Mella
9. Chris Stratton
8. Ty Blach
7. Christian Arroyo
6. Mac Williamson
5. Clayton Blackburn
4. Adalberto Mejia
3. Andrew Susac
2. Edwin Escobar
1. Kyle Crick


5 thoughts on “Cove Chatter 100: Top 50 Links”

  1. Once again, you’ve got a real nice top 50. If there’s a correct answer to a top 50 list, it feels like you’ve just about got it. There’s a lot to work with here in the organization.

  2. 1. Kyle Crick
    2. Mac Williamson
    3. Christian Arroyo
    4. Martin Agosta
    5. Chris Stratton
    6. Adam Duvall
    7. Joe Panik
    8. Gary Brown
    9. Andrew Susac
    10. Edwin Escobar

    My thoughts on a top-10. I’m have Duvall and Agosta ranked much higher, two guys I think will be productive big leaguers in SF. Crick is Matt Cain with better stuff and low mileage arm. Also big on Arroyo and Williamson at the dish, don’t see as much upside as you do in Edwin Escobar–but I’d love to be proven wrong there as a Giants fan.

    1. Hey thanks for the comment Lyell! Appreciate your feedback. I like the aggressive ranking for Mac. He really was the most impressive hitter in the system last year, and I think he’ll more than hold his own in Richmond this summer. It’s pretty exciting to read the reports about Arroyo, a lot of poise for such a young kid.

      I just value what those pitchers did last year in San Jose so much. For them to dominate the league like that, all either 20 or 21, and Blach in his first pro season, we haven’t seen that kind of pitching in our system in a few years. Escobar may not have the upside of some of the other guys, but his 2013 season was just too impressive for me to ignore. Sabean has raved about him this winter, and it sounds like he’s not far off from the bigs. A lot to like in this system right now, in my humble opinion.

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