Cove Chatter 100: #3 (Not a typo)

Sorry for the mix-up on Mejia yesterday…

Andrew Susac | C, 23 yo, 6-2, 210, BR, TR | 2011 Draft – 2 | (AA) 84 G, 310 PA, .256/.362/.458, .820 OPS, 12 HR, 1 SB, 42 BB, 68 K | (AFL) 17 G, 50 AB, .360/.507/.480, .987 OPS, 2 HR, 16 BB, 11 K

Susac might have grown on me more in the past two months than any other prospect in the organization. He cemented his status as a top player in the Giants system with his strong showing in the Arizona Fall League. A 1st round talent who fell in the 2011 draft because of injuries at Oregon State, he’s starting to perform like a guy who has big league dreams in his future. He’s an offensive-oriented catcher who’s no slouch behind the dish either, although even he admits that he needs to concentrate on his defense a little more. Those types of players don’t come around all the time… just ask Buster Posey.

Speaking of Posey, Susac may have to be open to playing different positions if he wants a spot with the Giants down the road, as the front office seems committed to keeping Buster behind the dish for the long term. While Susac’s bat certainly isn’t Posey’s, I think a .260 average with 20-homer power and solid on-base skills is very possible for the athletic catcher. He’ll have to improve his durability if he wants to make it, as he has missed significant time to injuries over the past few seasons, even going back to his collegiate days. At worst, I can a see major league backup role with some pop off the bench in Susac’s future, but a starting gig is still very much in play at this point. If he’s healthy in 2014, he could have a big breakout season at the plate for Fresno.

They said it: “Has shown both offensive and defensive tools. Powerful and accurate arm behind plate and enough pop to hit home runs and hit for average. Solid catching tools.” ~ Bernie Pleskoff,



5 thoughts on “Cove Chatter 100: #3 (Not a typo)”

  1. I read an interesting comment somewhere recently that after the 2012 season, the Giants were concerned by Susac’s K’s + Pop Ups referring to that sum as “wasted AB’s”. He and the Giants worked on improving those numbers in 2013 with apparently excellent results.

    Just another tidbit/clue that the Giants are not as naive about secondary stats as some would imagine and are looking at things traditional sabermetricians may be passing over. I have not seen a lot in sabermetric literature about the role of pop ups, but one of the reasons why Matt Cain has confounded sabermetric types is his success in inducing popups and short flyballs.

    1. That stuff cracks me up. Anyone who calls an organization with two WS titles in the decade naïve needs to take a hard look in the mirror. This is a sport run by intelligent people at every level. They think of aspects of the game that not even the greatest sabermetrician has a clue about.
      Susac likes to use right-center, showing a very strong swing. The HR he hit in the AFL was a strong man’s dinger, very Posey-esque. His approach reminds me so much of Posey, even if he hasn’t shown the results yet. He’s got to stay healthy, that’s all there is to it.

  2. Hey, no worries, not a big deal.

    I like your aggressive ranking of Susac. I don’t think the Giants have said that they are sticking with Posey at C forever, just that there is no need to talk about it right now. I think Posey understand and also that he knows his time there is limited because of his injuries. Susac is only 23 YO, he can come up as backup for a few seasons, then fight it out with Hanchez for the starting position when Posey is ready to move to the infield corner somewhere.

    1. Having too many catchers is certainly a good problem to have. The big concern is durability/health for Susac. For Sanchez, we know it’s conditioning. So both of those guys have things they need to improve, but both are 25 years old and should continue to develop. It’s definitely a position of strength in the system right now, in my opinion.

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