Cove Chatter 100: #10

Keury Mella | RHP, 20 yo, 6-2, 200 | IFA 2011 DR | (AZL) 10 G, 9 GS, 36 IP, 2.25 ERA, 8.5 H/9, 2.8 BB/9, 10.2 K/9

Mella was a Dominican signee a couple of years ago, and is still very much an under the radar prospect. That should change in the very near future, as his stuff is about as good as anyone’s in the organization. A fastball that sits 92-95 and a sharp-breaking slider have me believing he could make an Adalberto Mejia-type ascent up the ladder, and soon. If the Giants take the training wheels off him this year, don’t be surprised to see him in my top 5 come midseason.

They said it: “…he projected to be a power arm and has already added velocity…has pumped his fastball up to 95. He also has a good curveball that helps him miss bats. He needs to bring along his changeup…showed good feel for pitching last year.” ~ Ben Badler, Baseball America

Mella Video:


(Mike Janes/Four Seam Images)


6 thoughts on “Cove Chatter 100: #10”

  1. Wow, only 20 YO and already reaching mid-90’s heat, he showed good command having a K/BB of over 3. I especially loved that his BB/9 was much below league average while his K/9 was much above league average, even though he was roughly one year younger than most pitchers in the league. That was what caught my eye when I was trying to populate the rotations in AAA, AA, AdvA, and A. I ended up placing him in the Augusta rotation.

    Mejia, I would note, was in Augusta at age 19, so he was a little more advanced than Mella, just to set other’s expectations (I’m sure you were aware of it). But yeah, it would be nice to see a quick rise up the system (though, were you actually talking about Escobar, not Mejia, as Escobar rose to AA the season after being in Augusta while Mejia only made it to the AFL, or are you referring to Mejia’s one start in AAA?). The more ready for the majors soon, the merrier we fans would be.

    I know we should not count our chickens before they hatch, but I’ve sometimes wondered how loaded our pitching staff would be if just half of these guys develop as nicely as we think his potential is, That would replace Hudson/Vogie at some point, plus Affeldt/Lopez/Casilla/Romo at some point as well, and upgrading on whoever is the 7th reliever. Plus, we could have incredible depth in AAA for both starters and relievers for a number of years, as we hold onto these guys, and be able to trade them at some point for good players, as needed, like for LF or CF.

    1. Hmmm, I was a little misleading with that Mejia comment, wasn’t I? I guess what I was getting at is Mejia has gone from the DSL in 2011 to likely AA in 2014, a pretty impressive rise up the system. I know Mella won’t be as young as Mejia was in the SALLY, but if his stuff plays in the way that I’m hoping it will, I could see him moving through the system quickly.
      While Crick is easily the arm that I’m most excited about in the organization, I don’t think Mella is too far behind. Everyone has their favorites, and there’s quite a list to pick from!

    2. What Tampa Bay and Oakland have done with graduating pitchers from their farm systems is pretty impressive, and that is what I am hoping for from this crop of Giants prospects. Sure, people will tell you to temper your expectations, but I will tell you that the odds are in our favor this time. It’s not like we’re relying on Crick to be the savior of the franchise. As we’ve said many times, there are at least 10 arms who have very exciting potential… and those are just the starters. There’s no way the every single one of those guys will flame out… if even two of these kids are stalwarts in our rotation in a few years, I’ll be ecstatic.

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