Cove Chatter 100: #24

Matt Duffy | SS, 23 yo, 6-2, 170, BR, TR | 2012 Draft – 18 | (A) 78 G, 339 PA, .307/.405/.418, .823 OPS, 4 HR, 22 SB, 6 CS, 45 BB, 41 K | (A+) 26 G, 115 PA, .292/.342/.509, .852 OPS, 5 HR, 3 SB, 1 CS, 7 BB, 16 K

Duffy was easily the most consistent hitter in Augusta last summer, but he really burst onto the scene after his promotion to San Jose. He’s a jack-of-all-trades type who can take a walk and swipe a bag, but I think I’m most impressed with his ability to drive the ball. Watch those videos – now that’s a pretty good-looking swing (and great bat speed!) for a guy billed as a light-hitting utility infielder out of college. He certainly wasn’t young for the SALLY, but he just seems like a guy who has confidence in his abilities, which we already saw with his move to San Jose. The reports say he can hold his own in the field while playing multiple positions as well.

I wrote a pretty detailed piece on Duffy last summer, and I have to admit I really like the guy’s game. If he can maintain his solid walk rates while stealing a few bags and adding even some gap power, he could become a valuable big leaguer down the road. A few have mentioned this already, but there’s a chance we’ll see him in Richmond next year. Can he get over the Eastern League hurdle? I’d say the former Dirtbag has a fighter’s chance.

They said it: “Duffy won’t wow you with tools, but he’s a hard-nosed player with a feel for the game and an approach at the plate…his type of profile often makes it in utility form. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.” ~ David Lee, Augusta Chronicle 

Duffy home-run:

Duffy BP:


(Tom Priddy/Four Seam Images)


10 thoughts on “Cove Chatter 100: #24”

  1. Duffy is my best call since I went down this rabbit hole of looking past the top 100 in the draft. Really liked his Cape Cod, looked past his pretty drippy stats in the pitchers park at LBS. Was pleasantly surprised when the Greybeards decided to take a chance (well, and a break from drafting pitchers) in 2012.

    Looking at the video, it looks like there might be a little projection on that lanky frame as well. Nice swing, and really nice results this past year. Sleeper scrappers are awesome. Duffy is a good one.

    1. Good call! I love that swing. I’ll admit I didn’t really pick up on him until mid-season, but I was very impressed with his production at both levels. Moved to SJ and didn’t miss a beat. And he’s got some wheels… keep it rolling, Mr. Duffy.

    1. He certainly does, and you got to love those Long Beach Dirtbags… he’s a Long Beach native too, I believe. If there’s one thing the Giants could use at the MLB level, it’s a young utility-type player (who can hold his own with the bat). Maybe Adrianza will be that guy, but I’m still not sold the Giants will even keep him past spring training. Obviously Duffy has a long way to go, but his contact #’s and walk rates look just as good or better than Panik’s so far. If he can keep getting on base and not embarrass himself at the plate, he could be a valuable player. The Eastern League should tell us the truth.

      1. What other Dirtbags are we talking about? Tulo, Longo, Weaver, ???, …

        Adrianza is just about the biggest mystery the Giants have left. Trade?

        As for the utility label, I don’t like it all that much. I know it’s tough, but their goal is to be good enough to start. The utility label on Panik is a letdown.

      2. No other Dirtbags specifically. I just think that’s one of the coolest programs around. The fact that Duffy was a Dirtbag, and plays like one, makes it even sweeter… I coached some Little League the past couple summers, and we called ourselves the Dirtbags. Tried to play the game the right way.

        Actually, I wouldn’t consider Tulo, Weaver or Longoria dirtbags in the baseball sense of the word. They are more pretty boys, in my opinion. I’d have to say the Giants already have the ultimate baseball rat, and that’s Hunter Pence. 100%, all the time.. that’s a dirtbag!

        I don’t like the utility label for Panik either… I think it’s a bit rushed. But Panik was a 1st round pick with a lot of hype. He SHOULD be a MLB regular. Duffy was an 18th round pick with no hype. He plays multiple positions and grinds it out, and that’s what guys like that have to do to make it. If Duffy makes it to the bigs as a “utility” type player, I think that’s a victory for the Giants.

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