Cove Chatter 100: #29

DJ Snelten | LHP, 21 yo, 6-6, 215 | 2013 Draft – 9 | (AZL) 14 G, 6 GS, 34.1 IP, 1.57 ERA, 7.1 H/9, 3.4 BB/9, 10.2 K/9

Lanky college lefty from the University of Minnesota got his professional career off to a nice start in the Arizona League. Has nice, consistent velocity with the fastball and good secondary pitches. Looks like he hides the ball well. I love this pick, and it’s starting to sound like I’m not alone in that boat. The Giants grabbed some very intriguing lefties in this draft, and Snelten could turn out to be the crown jewel of the group. If he does, that’s a big time value pick in the 9th round.

They said it: “Snelten’s fastball sits in the low-90s and he regularly touches 94 mph. His curveball and changeup both need work, but with some improvement he could have a solid Major League arsenal.” ~

Snelten video: (not the best)
Minnesota Profile:



7 thoughts on “Cove Chatter 100: #29”

    1. I could be wrong, but I believe he was a reliever in college. The Giants stretched him out in rookie ball… looks like he was a little advanced. I’m pretty sure he was also the first lefty taken in this draft. I’d like to see him in Augusta next year, but there will be a ton of kid fighting for spots on that pitching staff. We’ll see how it shakes out.

  1. Snelten is a very interesting pick. He was the Giants first LHP taken. (They also took other good looks Nick Jones, Christian Jones, Garrett Hughes, unsigned Brandon Zajac, Nick Gonzalez). I keep close watch on lefties. The 2012 draft was crazy with them, the Gints put up 25% of their draft capital there, including high picks Okert, Blach and Kurrasch).

    Snelten was BA #143, he dropped because of his reliever profile. 95 MPH fastballs cannot be taught. Breaking balls can sometimes. He has a good change, and he is a bit of a thinker, having consulted sports psychologists.

    The bet here is the Giants think they can send him to the bump. I really like spending draft capital at this point in the draft (over maybe a tad earlier – but the Giants love their hard throwers like Hembree, Stephen Johnson, Dan Slania and take them early, reliever label be damned).

    You are wrong though, he was a starter in college, and was running mates with Tom Windle, the Dodgers 2nd rounder who is more refined but throws much softer. Its all about changing Snelten’s arm action enough to get the breaking ball refined. But you just can’t teach 95 MPH, especially from the left side.

    More than half of baseball was gaming the draft at this point, signing 5K college seniors with no leverage in order to pay bonuses in the 11th round. The Giants played it straight, and I think they got a good catch in their net here. I think its good to be contrarian, especially at this point in the draft. BPA ruled.

    1. Thanks for the heads-up. Depending on what the Giants decide to do with Slania, we could be talking about the top 4 pitchers from this class all starting games next year. How many will hold up is the question. But between Chase Johnson, Slania, NVT and Snelten, I think the Giants quietly got a very nice group of arms this summer. Underrated, for sure, and they’ll have to prove it. But yes, Snelten’s stuff from the left side may be tops among this Giants class. When you toss in the Jones’s, Dylan Brooks and Nick Gonzalez, there’s quite a few names to watch here.

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