2014, Full Steam Ahead

It’s a brand new year here at Cove Chatter, as it likely is wherever you are too, I’d imagine. We’re a couple months out from Cactus League play (eight weeks to the day, to be exact), but there’s still much to do until then. I’ve made some 2014 resolutions for the blog, and wanted to share them with you briefly.

Obviously, the top priority is to provide all of you a place that brings consistent, reliable year-round Giants coverage – wall to wall, wire to wire, and what not. I don’t think we’ll have a problem there. When I look back at the last six months and how far Cove Chatter has come, I’m very proud of the dedication I’ve put into this project. And the support I’ve gotten from all of you has been humbling. But still, there just seems to be something missing. I think I’ve finally pinpointed it.

It’s humor, ladies and gents. That’s what’s been missing, and it’s something that I’m committed to providing a bit more of to you in the future. Why? If you’ve ever read Grant Brisbee’s stuff, you know exactly why. That guy is one of the most knowledgeable, and absolutely hilarious writers I’ve ever read. He kills me, every single time. That’s like being a 5-tool player in my book, and it’s the exact reason why I think being a blogger is so much more rewarding than being a sportswriter. Sportswriters are so restricted, while bloggers can let it all hang out. Sure, there’s no money in running a blog, but had I wanted to write for money, I would have pursued a journalism degree in the first place.

Anyway, I realize I’m nowhere near as witty as a pro like Brisbee, but do I think I’m a funny guy. In fact, scouts have called my humor tool projectable on a number of occasions. There’s more in the tank (as one high ranking fellow blogger might say) and I’ll need to tap into it if I ever want to reach my ceiling as a writer. Is it likely? I guess we’ll find out. So, there you have it folks. My resolution is to lighten up a tad, and provide you with a little more humor into the New Year.

I suppose you were thinking there’d be some actual substance in this post? Let’s get to it then. Like usual, I’m late to the party. This time it’s the Masahiro Tanaka posting. I figured I’d let everyone else talk about him for a while, and honestly I don’t think there’s any traction with him and the Giants. Do I think they’ll put in the $20 million max bid? I couldn’t tell you, but I’d hope so. I can tell you this though: If they do pay the posting fee, they most certainly won’t make the largest offer. Theirs probably wouldn’t be top 5, and maybe not even top 10 in dollar amount.

If you think the Giants have any inkling to give Tanka the money that the Dodgers or the Yankees or Mariners (or maybe Astros) are going to, you need to sober up. It’s January 2 – the New Year’s parties are over, and the rest of the world is back to work. The Giants aren’t going to pay $100M+ for a guy who’s never pitched in a major league game. That’s just the reality, and it’s unfortunate one.

If all factors were equal, I really couldn’t think of a better fit for Tanaka than San Francisco. Successful franchise, proven pitching staff, great crowds, vibrant city, mild climate… I haven’t even mentioned the large Asian-American influence. Frankly, I think he’d love being a Giant. Unfortunately, the weather’s even warmer in LA, and they may even have more palm trees down there. The pockets are also much deeper, as you well know. And the almighty dollar will ultimately matter the most.

So, while most of the baseball world (and the top pitchers on the market) wait for the Tanaka extravaganza to play out over the next few weeks, Brian Sabean and the Giants front office will likely stay inside by the fire, swapping old stories and playing cribbage. Their winter shopping’s all done, as is the usual case. It’s amazing how much pitching is still out there at this point. I’d imagine the next 6 weeks are going to be highly, highly entertaining. There will likely be some overspending of the grandest variety, with a ton of harsh criticism sure to follow. But not for the Giants. They’ll still be inside, sipping away on their Folgers Original, waiting for the spring to come.

I don’t know if it’s the optimism of the New Year coming out in me, or if I’ve just learned to accept the “Giants way” over the years… but I’d say I’m just fine with them staying cooped up for the winter. If the MLB market is anything like Montana this time of year, it’s best to stay inside anyway, and let the crazies take their chances out in the cold. Those roads can be pretty slick, you know.

That’s all for now. Although there’s not a ton of Giants news at the moment, there are still plenty of things to discuss around here in the coming weeks, as well as the rest of the Cove Chatter 100 series (which is just starting to get into the meat of the system). So I hope you’ll stick around for the remainder of the offseason. 2014, here we come…

File:AT&T Park.jpg

(Terry Foote)


3 thoughts on “2014, Full Steam Ahead”

  1. My advice is be yourself. Let the humor come out naturally. Serious analysis can be compromised by silliness. If I want to laugh about the Giants, I’ll check out Grant’s Cove. If I want something with depth and insight, I’ll go elsewhere, like this cove. Keep up the good work.

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