Giants Moments of the Year

There’ll probably be a break from the Cove Chatter 100 series for the next few days, so I thought I’d put together a little compilation of the good times from 2013 (as I’m sure many of you have been reminiscing about the good times at Candlestick Park this week… I know I have). I’m sure the second half of the season made a few people forget just how many great moments there were. Just in case you’re doubting whether the Giants can bounce back next season, allow me jog your memory a bit. No need for chatter here, I’ll let the videos do the talking. Man… I forgot about a couple of these!

Hector Sanchez, crowd silencer.

What’s that about Brandon Belt coming off the bench?

Suck it, LA.

The MVP shot.

The big man’s shot. 

A new hero every night.

One foot short.

Tim Freak-ing Lincecum.

That. Is. The. Ball. Game!

Ok… Not 2013, but come on, does it really matter?!

Happy Holidays everyone, and thanks for supporting Cove Chatter over the past six months. I’m very excited about our first full season in the Giants blog world.


3 thoughts on “Giants Moments of the Year”

  1. Awesome list. Let me add two of my favorites: (1) Quiroz’s walk-off HR in extra innings against the Dodgers. He was just so happy and it was great to see a journeyman backup catcher have his moment at AT & T like that.

    (2) Everything about Game 162. I was gifted with a pair of tickets a few days before the game and went with my brother. The place was packed and the atmosphere was great. You would have thought the Giants were headed to the World Series rather than fighting for a third-place tie.

    The moments came early and often. Pence’s pregame presser after he signed his new contract. Bryan Stow in the house and waving to us on the scoreboard. Zito’s goodbye–a strikeout!. A come-from-behind win, a walk-off hit by the man of the weekend (Pence). It was such a great ending to a disappointing season. I took a great photo of the park from our seats that day and made it into a framed poster for my brother for Christmas.

    1. That’s awesome! I had just made it to my hotel in Chicago (on a work-related trip) and got the feed up on my phone just in time (literally) to see Pence send everyone home. It really was a great ending to the season.

      I made it to a couple games against SD early in the season. Second homestand of the year, I believe. The first was a Pagan walk-off single. The next night, Lincecum pitched a nice game and Pablo hit a HR in another win.

      My girlfriend and I flew out from MT for one of the games against Pit in late August. It was her first game, and a birthday present. We were throttled that night (Cain got hurt), but I was still very impressed with the turnout. I believe that’s the only time I’ve ever seen the Giants blown out in person. Doesn’t happen too often anyway!

      Here’s to a fresh slate, a healthy squad, and one of the best franchises in baseball! Thanks as always for your comment!

  2. Good stuff CC. Reminds me of Chris Stewart’s first MLB HR being a highlight on 2011. A little bit of fun in a downer season. The Pagan walk off was the highlight of the year for me, and man did the season turn right there. The Marlins came to town, a big funk developed, and things went sideways.

    Like you said, Juan C Perez has a nice set of highlights in little action. Hope he gets a good ST under his belt, makes the squad as the fifth OF/emergency IF.

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