Cove Chatter 100: #42

Jonah Arenado | 3B, 18 yo, 6-4, 195, BR, TR | 2013 Draft – 16 | (AZL) 12 G, 42 PA, .211/.286/.263, .549 OPS, 0 HR, 8 RBI, 4 BB, 8 K

Another exciting (and surprising) high school signing from the 2013 draft class. Doesn’t yet have the polished bat of older brother Nolan, but he does have a professional frame, strong arm and solid infield glove. He takes a monster hack and should be able to develop some power as he gains experience. Should be another fun prep bat to follow going forward. Maybe it’s a long shot, but It sure would be something to see the brothers Arenado duking it out for NL West hot corner supremacy down the road.

They said it: “Average or better arm; steady glove; interesting power; average upside with hit tool.” ~ The Baseball Draft Report

Arenado Video:


8 thoughts on “Cove Chatter 100: #42”

  1. I read a story about how one day during instructionals, a coach was walking along the warning track on one of the fields and heard someone hitting in the batting cages. He looked over and saw Arenado. The Coach said, “It’s 110 out here, what are you doing?” Arenado replied that he would rather hit than go back and do nothing at the hotel.

    That’s gotta be either a great sign of a terrible one. I’m betting on the former.

    1. He’s from Southern California… 110 is nothing! He doesn’t seem to have the hype of big brother yet, but maybe he’ll open some eyes next season. I love guys with baseball pedigrees, and this kid has one.

  2. Arenado is great value drafting, and a good sign that the Giants will continue to field a mixed group of prospects (these sweet youths everybody gets hopped up about as well as the older sleeper college guys like Jeremy Sy).

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