Cove Chatter 100: #44

Jarrett Parker | OF, 24 yo, 6-4, 210, BL, TL | 2010 Draft – 2 | (AA) 131 G, 524 PA, .245/.355/.430, .785 OPS, 18 HR, 13 SB, 11 CS, 60 BB, 161 K

He was drafted one round behind Gary Brown in 2010, and has now caught up to the former first round pick after having to repeat San Jose in 2012. Offensive performance has been pretty consistent between the Cal and Eastern Leagues, including surprising power numbers from the left side this year in Richmond. He was assigned to the AFL, where he showcased some pretty good defense in CF. Has an athletic 6-foot-4 frame. Strikes out in bunches, but can take a walk as well. His success on the bases fell pretty drastically with the move up to AA. He wasn’t protected on the 40-man this month, but he still has a chance to pass Brown in the pecking order next year if he performs.

They said it: “He made a lot of good adjustments in spring training. I think Kenny Joyce has done some good things with him to kind of smooth out his mechanics a little bit, simplified it, and he’s swinging the bat good right now,” ~ Dave Machemer, Richmond Manager

Parker Video:



9 thoughts on “Cove Chatter 100: #44”

  1. I suspect Jarrett Parker may be a bit of a sleeper in the system. He spent 2 years at SJ with almost identical results, low BA’s with excellent OBP and better than decent power. That didn’t look too good coming from the Cal League, but then he went to Richmond and did pretty much the same thing only a little better. I just wonder if that particular statistical pattern is perhaps more stable than others and he is likely to do that in the majors as well? A line like he had for Richmond would be very valuable at the MLB level.

    1. Thanks for the comment DrB. Originally, I had Parker about 10-15 spots higher… near the top 25. But I think the decision to leave him off the 40-man roster soured me a bit. I was surprised he wasn’t taken in the Rule 5 as well. And I agree, if he can keep the power and OBP going, he could one day earn a shot.

      1. The 40 man roster was very tight this year so somebody good was going to get left off. I’m kind of surprised he didn’t get drafted too, but it seems like teams have pretty much given up on the Rule 5 draft except to take fliers on bullpen arms.

      2. I was a little surprised the Giants didn’t take anyone in the MiLB portion… this was about the most uneventful Rule 5 I can remember. Personally, I think Brett Bochy would have been a decent pickup for some club… maybe a Dan Otero type. I guess those kinds of relievers just don’t get much glamour, but I do think Bochy could be a productive big leaguer… Don’t know about Parker yet, but next season could give us some insight.

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