Sign Him Up: Hudson Deal on the Brink

Sounds like the Tim Hudson to San Francisco rumors had some strong backing. It’s all over Twitter, and apparently was first reported by the Bay Area Sports Guy… a blog being the first on the scene, now that’s legit! Anyway, it sounds like Hudson’s deal will be 2 years for $23 million – in other words, right on par with the numbers we’d been thinking (although a lot of speculation had him signing a 1-year deal). Buster Olney said it looks like he’ll have a full no-trade clause too. What’s that, veteran pitchers love AT&T Park? It sure looks that way. Oh, and by the way, in case we forgot, the Giants have money. Lots of it.

So, one former member of Oakland’s Big 3 departs, and another apparently enters the picture. A couple of weeks ago, I said that Hudson was probably the least likely to come to San Francisco, in large part because he’s 38. Wrong. I also said that I’d be happy to have him, and I am. I’m sure Sabean will take some heat for this deal, as he’s dropping one 30-something finesse pitcher in Zito for an older 30-something finesse pitcher in Hudson (who’s coming off a serious injury to boot). But with Hudson, we’re talking about a guy who’s pitched 8 of 9 years in the National League with an ERA under 4. I think he’s going to be a great addition, and he’s an ultimate pro. .649 career winning %? Sign him up! What abou t the ankle injury? Again, from the mouth of Hank Schulman, “There’s nothing wrong with his arm.”

I was just thinking this morning about writing something on the quiet before the storm with all of these free agent pitchers. I had a feeling the first card would fall soon, and we’d start to see the action pick up. Leave it to Sabean to get his guy while the rest of the league sits back. The Braves lowballed Hudson, and Uncle Sabes moved in pretty quickly… just like we thought he would. Good work, Sabes. Four-fifths of the rotation is set…Now who’s next?

Tim Hudson is on the brink of coming back to the Bay Area, this time in the orange and black… looking for that elusive World Series ring. The Giants know a thing or two about rings… maybe they’ll help him finally get one.

14 thoughts on “Sign Him Up: Hudson Deal on the Brink”

  1. Yup, gotta like this one. Huddy is a tremendous competitor. He’s the guy you hate your team to face, but in the back of your mind you are wishing like hell he was on your team. One year deal might’ve been ideal. Can’t complain about 2. At this point I don’t think anyone needs to care about the money.

    Even Dave Cameron seems to like it! LOL!

    1. The only downside is that we didn’t pick him up years ago! Would have been awesome to see him and Zito reunited in SF… but maybe we don’t win the two titles?? Anyway, yes, I am very happy with this deal. Hudson has been pitching without plus “stuff” for years, so I see him as the perfect veteran leader for this staff… he should fit right in.

      Wonder if the Giants will turn to the offensive side of the game now, or snag another pitcher… Now Josh Johnson is being linked. I would have to guess pitching, as we all know the offensive limitations. Shankbone mentioned Rajai Davis as an option earlier, and I have to admit I wouldn’t be opposed… Although I’d still like to try my hand at a trade for Ruggiano first.

      1. Personally, I’m still holding out for either a 1 year Chris B. Young signing or else a trade for Ruggiano. Might want to wait on Ruggy to see if he gets non-tendered first, though.

      2. Well, the last time he was available, we were headed into the 2010 season with Lincecum, Cain, Zito, Sanchez, and Wellemeyer (with Bumgarner in the back pocket, waiting for the call). So I guess if we could have signed him, we could have traded Sanchez for another bat. That would have worked for me.

        But he signed with Atlanta in the first place because that was his boyhood team (he lived 1.5 hours south of Atlanta), and he was coming off a TJS (though pitched nicely), so even had the Giants pursued him, he probably would have still signed with Atlanta (though at $9M per, that was cheap for him). And this time, it took him to contact them to initiate their interest, because they assumed he wanted to stay home again. But once that interest was noted, it didn’t take long for a deal to be done!

  2. I love this signing, too. Not especially interested in JJ; that guy seems seriously broken to me. Ruggiano is a good idea, too. I actually thought of Raj Davis last year as a platoon partner for Blanco after the Jays signed Melky…will be interesting to see what happens next. Javi Lopez?

    1. Thanks for the comment! Johnson is a big risk for any team that signs him, for sure. I don’t know that I’d spend the money on him either, but his name has been connected to the Giants recently. Sounds like Lopez is getting lots of interest, so Sabean may have to give him a little more than what had been planned to get him back. That seems to be the theme this winter: if you want to get the player, you better be willing to pony up some serious cash!

      1. If Johnson was the only signing, I would be worried, and I also would not want to see more than a 1 year deal. I sounds like Johnson is only looking for a 1 year deal to try to build up his value. Now that Huddy is on board, I would be intrigued by Johnson’s upside for 1 season.

  3. Great signing. Hey I like your twitter feed right there, just watched the Susac video with Bernie. Finally we have a outspoken Susac fan! About time. Susac is way too under cover for my tastes. Gonna threaten for a cup of coffee at the end of the year.

    Not sure what to think about Josh Johnson. You look at that career stat line and he just cannot stay healthy. While I would prefer him on the one year to Arroyo for big money on a 2-3 year, I think I’d prefer the Petit/Vogelsong route.

    Maybe they can make a trade. Its hard to get starting pitching though.

    LF platoon idea – that Raj Davis idea isn’t bad at all. He has very solid numbers against lefties, and he can still steal bases very very efficiently. In LF he should be pretty good, even though his stat line doesn’t look as hot. Don’t know if there could be a reunion though.

    1. All right! I’m glad someone noticed the video… that’s why I linked it. I stumbled across it last night, and thought it might be of interest to the crew around here. Don’t tell Bernie Pleskoff the Giants don’t have hitting talent in the minors… to my knowledge, he’s raved about Mac, Arroyo, Ryder Jones, and now Susac. Maybe we DO know what we’re talking about? Nah….

      You know, I’ve been trying to catch some MLB Network coverage lately. When they aren’t talking about New York or Boston, they’ve had some good things to say about Vogey. Most of the guys there sound like they think he’ll have a bounce-back season. Do the Giants think so? I’m not really sure.

      1. One huge problem is that Vogie was not throwing many strikes nor getting many swinging strikes, per Bill James Handbook, and those are huge for pitchers to do in getting their ERA down low.

        I think Vogie should have a bounce back season, but it’s not like he’s young though, plus he was really bad all around last season. If the Giants thought he would have any sort of bounce-back season, picking up that option would be a no- brainer, $6.5M is cheap for a bounce-back type of season, based on what he did in 2011-2012. So that gives me a lot of pause, though it does not stop me from rooting for him to do well.

      2. Thanks for the comments OGC. I’ll be completely honest: No part of me wanted the Giants to pick up Vogey’s option after his return from injury this season. You’re right, he wasn’t getting swinging strikes, and really, that was the case all season for him. By the end of the year, he was throwing 5 innings with only 1 or 2 K’s… when he did make it to 5 IP. He’s not a huge strikeout pitcher to begin with, but he could definitely get them when he needed in 2011 and 2012. Now, if he’s lost that ability to get the K, as well as 2-3 mph on his fastball, I don’t know that he’s a very reliable option.

        I love Vogey’s spirit and tenacity, and there are many in the media who think he’ll have a bounce back season. But I can’t blame the Giants for turning down the $6.5 million option, when they can probably get a better replacement for only a couple million more…

  4. When Melky got busted back in 2012 it got me thinking more about PED’s. Every season there are suspicious performances. One season the entire Seattle team played way above their heads in winning a gillion games.
    I would suspect, in fact I’d bet on it, that all thirty clubhouses have that “guy” you can see about getting some “stuff.” I’m hearing that the chemicals are being continual modified to stay a step ahead of the detection systems. The Players Assoc. won’t allow harrassment of a player just because he’s doing well. I’ve little doubt that players are tipped off that their turn to pee in a cup is coming up.
    You can’t blame them too much considering all the money at stake. A few chemicals could mean millions to a guy near the end of his career who has never seen a big payday. We’re talking millions here.
    Vogelsong’s effectiveness fell off about the same time Melky got busted. He pitched well in the post-season but that can be explained. It makes me suspicious is all I’m saying.

    1. Thanks for commenting, Walter. It would be pretty naïve on my part to criticize you for that take. We all know the deal with baseball culture, and I heard Peter Gammons speaking this morning about the intricacies of PEDs and chemists, just as you were saying.

      At this point, I’d hope that more of the players in the game are clean than not, but we know that there is still use going on in every clubhouse… no doubt in my mind.

      What I know about Vogelsong is his work effort and determination are second to none. He’s also getting older, and losing velocity… which happens to just about every pitcher. Whether he cheated his way to the top for those two years or not, I have no idea… But that’s the beauty of baseball these days. Any outlier performance like that will probably always be questioned at some point, and who’s to say you’re wrong?

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