Gut Feelings and Two-Seam Fastballs

Just a quick post on an otherwise quiet, snowy day out here in Montana. Call me cheesy, but exactly one year ago today, I was as fidgety and unfocused at work as they come – just waiting for 5 o’clock. There wasn’t a doubt in my mind that it was over, but I couldn’t wait to watch the final out. To be honest, I had known it was over long before game 4 – when Justin Verlander was sent to the dugout in the 5th inning of game 1, the Tigers were all but shot. Of course, there was still a lot of baseball to be played, and the Giants battled, but I just had that feeling in my gut. I’m sure some of you did as well. The Tigers’ rotation got ALL the hype, but those of us who’d been watching Cain, Zito, Bum, and especially Vogey, knew which group had the upper hand. They’d been through too much that postseason to give in on the biggest stage…

I remember it like it was yesterday: Theriot singles, Crawford bunts… Scutaro does what he’s done for nearly three months. Enter Romo, and a two-seam fastball to a Triple-Crown winner, on a gut feeling.

That’s the gold standard, folks, and it’s why I decided to start this blog. The Giants are a proud, proud franchise. They were written off as a fluke by so many after 2010, and they responded. I hope there were lessons learned, a year ago today.

So… today marks the anniversary of one of the great memories I have as a Giants fan (there were so many others before the titles, but none quite like them). It’s also a nice little reminder for the entire organization, and its fans, to stick their chests out a tad. Remember, the Giants are still champions for a few more days. Enjoy it, take some pride in it. They won’t be down for long… I’ve got a feeling in my gut.


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