Arroyo Named MVP

Giants’ 2013 first round pick Christian Arroyo was named MVP of the Arizona Rookie League today. 2nd round pick Ryder Jones, catcher Fernando Pujadas and 21 year-old lefty Luis Ysla were also named to the AZL All-Star team, while Giants’ skipper Nestor Rojas took Manager of the Year. The Giants, led primarily by young 2013 draft picks, finished first in the regular season standings at 41-14 this summer. They earned a bye into the AZL semi-finals, which will be played tomorrow. I don’t know exactly how rookie league playoffs are formatted, but having a bye certainly doesn’t hurt.

If I’m Arroyo, I accept that MVP award with a hearty “F-You” to the draft scouts who called me the biggest reach of the first round. That “reach” logged a .326/.388/.511 line with 2 HR, 18 2B and 39 RBI in 45 games this summer while manning shortstop for the first-place Giants. According to, his OPS (.898), doubles and RBI were best in the AZL this year. He also tied the league lead in slugging. If you want to read the brief article, you can find it here.

We know the Giants have plenty of pitching depth in the lower levels of the system. But I don’t think many people realize the Giants are also starting to build a nice base of position player talent as well, although many of those guys are very far off. We can hope that Jones and Arroyo, the gems of this year’s draft, continue to push each other (if they are assigned to the same level next year). The same goes for international babies Gustavo Cabrera and Nat Javier, college bats Tyler Horan, Brandon Bednar and Brian Ragira, as well as 2013 high school draftees like Jonah Arenado and John Riley.

The Giants may have gambled on some of these guys, but I think Arroyo’s play this summer shut a lot of people up, and hopefully showed some “experts” that Bobby Evans, Brian Sabean and crew may know a thing or two about scouting talent. Keep those bats coming, fella’s.


4 thoughts on “Arroyo Named MVP”

  1. I may be misremembering here, but I think the AZL have expanded their playoffs. I think it used to be just the two top teams in a 1 gamer. It looks like each round is still just 1 game each but there are 3 rounds. Go Giants!

    Lots to be happy about on the farm. I don’t know how much success in the AZL means, especially for a hitter, but it sure beats failure! Arroyo’s debut is the most exciting I’ve seen from a Giants draftee since Timmy and Buster Posey and definitely the best from a HS draftee. Gotta be excited about that!

    What’s also exciting, as you pointed out, is the number of young players on that AZL squad: I would add Johneshwy Fargas to your list and my own white whale on the pitching side, Dylan Brooks.

    I’m thinking Gustavo Cabrera just might be the best prospect out of them all. Love the DSL class with him, Javier and a couple of other intriguing names: Jean Angomas and Robinson Medrano. I will be most interested to see where Cabrera is assigned next year.

    Brian Sabean is a guy who has always gone back to the well for what worked and turned his back on what didn’t. I wonder with the success of this year’s HS heavy crop of draftees and the less than exciting progress of the 3 previous college #1’s if we’ll see the Giants draft philosophy take a hard turn toward HS talent?

  2. Very interesting point about the HS vs college draft picks. I guess we will certainly get an idea next June with a likely top 10 slot. Fargas has done very well, indeed. Gustavo really came on strong down the stretch… are you thinking a S-K spot for him next year? Augusta was the surprise team of the system this year, in my opinion. Great pitching, decent hitting. Maybe that flips next year with Arroyo, Ragira, and Horan leading the offense. Obviously, nothing is guaranteed from any of this… but it definitely helps to have depth at some of these positions, which I feel the Giants are building. Especially in the infield, as you have mentioned recently.

    1. I think Gustavo either goes to AZL or to Augusta next year. I would think they will bring him to instructionals in Arizona this fall and then there is spring training to further evaluate. I’ll say he goes to Augusta! I’d love to see an Augusta team with Arroyo and Gustavo on the same team.

      The Giants are building up to a serious logjam in the middle infield, especially 2B. Just take a look at what 2 guys who have gotten no attention, Alberto Robles and Rando Moreno are doing in Augusta.

      1. Agreed. Augusta is full of underrated players. Moreno has been solid since his promotion, Robles for some time now. Sounds like both are pretty slick in the field as well. Chuckie Jones with another home run tonight, as well as a double. Gustavo and Arroyo in the 1-2 spots in Augusta’s lineup sure would be nice…

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