Night at the Yard

My apologies for the inactivity on the blog over the last few days. I flew to SF for a quick vacation with my girlfriend, who I’d been promising to take to a Giants game for the last couple of years. We attended the opener against Pittsburgh, which as you know went extremely well… for Pittsburgh. My first Giants game also came against the Bucco’s – in 2001 – so I thought it would be a kind of full-circle experience when I bought the tickets a few months ago. Little did I know…

We actually had a very good time at the stadium (how can you not at AT&T?), and I enjoyed showing her around my favorite place in the world. We got to the park early, walked around the cove, and sat in the bleachers above the Splash Landing wall to watch a little BP and take in the sights. There was hardly anyone in the stadium until about a half-hour before the game, which was nice. I was very surprised to see the place almost full by the 2nd inning, but somehow the Giants manage to keep pulling in sellouts.

We watch the games from our home way out here in Big Sky Country, so we knew what to expect once the teams took the field. But I certainly wasn’t expecting a blowout. In fact, I don’t think I’d ever seen the Giants lose by more than 2 or 3 runs in any game I’d attended (probably about 20 or so over the years) prior to last week. And they definitely won more times than they lost in those games. So I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit disappointed when Cain started serving up meatballs to the Pirates’ lineup. Garrett Jones’ moonshot just about made us fall out of our seats, and Mercer’s was a total head-scratcher.  Seriously, those guys were hitting Cain’s pitches farther than they hit anything in batting practice. At least that’s how it felt, anyway.

The first big wave of fans packed up their belongings after Mijares served up a bases-clearing double off the wall in the 5th. I couldn’t blame them, as the rout was on at that point. 0-2 mistakes will kill you, and that pitch was one of them. What has happened to that guy lately?

The most deflating part of the game was Cain’s injury. 8 years without a trip to the DL. I’m not a superstitious guy, but come on. We pick one game to attend and Cain gets hit by a comebacker?!

Anyway, if our night at the Yard taught me anything, it certainly was a reminder of how much I’ve been spoiled as a Giants’ fan during the last 10+ years. Watching bad baseball is no fun. Luckily we haven’t been exposed to a lot of it since the team moved to the China Basin. Getting blown out in your home park though, that’s just not for me… and I imagine it’s probably not for you either.

Minor league seasons are winding down, and many of the Giants’ affiliates are making a push for the postseason. I’ll try to give some updates on from the farm throughout the week. In the meantime, it’d sure be nice if we could see a little more Francisco Peguero and a little less Andres Torres out there. Also, Barry Zito and Yusmeiro Petit are now members of a major league rotation together. Oh, the joys of last place.



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