Red Sox (and their fans) to Visit AT&T

For the next three days, AT&T Park will be filled with more fair-weather Red Sox fans than fair-weather Giants’ fans. That rarely happens in San Francisco, but so it goes wherever Boston plays. Actually, I guess I should rethink my definition of “fair-weather.” The Giants are in last place, yet the stadium is still packed every night. 40,000 die-hards? I’m not so sure. I think it has more to do with people loving their pandas and giraffes and Freaks more than anything, even if those pandas can’t hit home runs and those Freaks can’t win games. Maybe most of the ticket buyers still assume the Giants are a first place club. Who knows? Whatever the case, their butts in the seats – and more importantly their money in the team’s bank account – will ultimately allow Brian Sabean to build a better club this winter. But still, don’t be surprised if you hear plenty of “Let’s go Red Sox!” chants during this series.

Doesn’t it seem like these guys were just in San Francisco? Probably because they were, back in 2010. That series didn’t go so well for us, but I would say the month of October was just a little better that year for the Gigantes than it was for the Red Sox. This time around, though, only one of these teams has postseason aspirations, and it’s not the team with all the animal nicknames. The Giants and Sox both have two World Series titles in the past 10 years, the Giants winning theirs a bit more recently obviously. But the two franchises are headed in opposite directions at the moment. Boston is in first place, and just called up young phenom Xander Bogarts. The Giants are in last place, and now 17 games back of the Dodgers in the west. 17 games… that almost makes me laugh at this point.

If you want a little optimism, look at the resurrection the BoSox have had since last season, when they finished with over 90 losses. Just because the Giants have bumbled their way into the cellar this year doesn’t mean they should be written off for 2014. However, it’d be a little easier to stomach the losses if we didn’t have to see Andres Torres and Jeff Francoeur in the lineup… on the same night… against the first-place Red Sox.

When the schedules were released for this season, the thought of August and September interleague play was very different, but the fact that we would be playing teams like Baltimore, Boston and the Yankees this late in the year was pretty exciting to me (if not a little frightening). This was supposed to be a huge series for the Giants, a chance to show their dominance on the national stage once again. I’m not saying it’s not a little intriguing still. I love Woodland’s Dustin Pedroia and Daniel Nava of the Chico Outlaws, but it’s just not the same when your club is in last place.

Let’s go GI-AN…. Dammit, those Boston guys are drowning us out again…   



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