Giants Sign Lilly; Vogey Coming Back

Ted Lilly is coming back to Northern California… but it might be Fresno first. The Giants are in the process of signing the veteran lefty to a minor league contract as I type this. Lilly made 5 starts this season before the Dodgers parted ways with him. LA has to pay off his hefty salary, so it’s pretty much a low-risk move for the Giants. If you care to read more about this extremely exciting news, you can check out Baggarly’s article here.

** Scratch that. Sounds like the Giants nixed the deal before Lilly signed. Bobby Evans reported that they weren’t comfortable with Lilly’s medical history. Was this just something that was leaked on accident, or did the Giants not do their homework? Oh well…

In other news, the Giants announced that Ryan Vogelsong will be returning to the rotation this weekend. His first start: Orange Friday against Baltimore. Vogey has been out since May 20th after breaking his finger against Washington, and he’s got every chance in the world to earn his contract for next season. The way he pitched in April, though, that contract is far from guaranteed at this point.

There’s been a lot made about the health of Vogey and some of the other guys who played in the WBC. I don’t know about whether playing in a preseason tournament messed him up for the regular season, but I do know that it was Vogelsong’s choice to play for Team USA… and he’s certainly not one to make excuses. I’m excited to see him get back out there. His story is well known, but his competitiveness and focus on the field are impressive. Let’s hope he can regain some of his 2012 form and help the Giants win some games down the stretch.


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