Midsummer Dud

If you’re a Giants’ fan and you tuned in for the All-Star game, you’re probably wishing you hadn’t. Four Gigantes on the NL squad, Bochy managing, and all we get is a couple innings of defense and one AB from Posey (a strikeout). Sure, it was great seeing the four of them together for player intro’s, but had I known that’s the last time Bum, Romo or Scooter would touch the field, I’d probably have chosen to watch something else. The Mo Rivera ending was pretty special – guy’s a class-act and a legend – but Leyland brings him in for the HOLD??? Nathan gets the save to steal Rivera’s thunder… because Leyland was afraid the AL would lose the lead and Rivera not get to pitch in the 9th? Doesn’t make much sense to me.

The NL sure didn’t put up much of a fight. Two hits, and you’re telling me Bochy couldn’t have sent Scutaro to the plate in the 8th or 9th? 1) Marco has good history against Rivera. 2) He has one of the best approaches in the game. 3) Nobody on the NL squad was hitting!

Other Giants’ highlights: Chapman walks a batter, shots of Romo warming up in the pen. Buck reveals Bochy’s plan for his WS closer to face ONE batter. Last we see of Romo. Posey faces Delabar, Buck to McCarver: “Who do you want to talk about?” McCarver chooses Delabar’s elbow, as “We all know about Posey.” Bumgarner is shown applauding Rivera’s grand finale from the railing in the 8th. Lots of stud young pitchers going in this one, but one of the game’s best young lefties (Bum) is left out (would’ve been on 5 days rest).   

Little to no mention of last year’s AS Game or WS. Just goes to show how fast success is forgotten these days. Congrats to the AL on the win. Enough ranting for one night, but certainly a bummer for the loyal SF faithful.



2 thoughts on “Midsummer Dud”

    1. Just not a lot of passion last night DrB! 2 hits for the NL… still can’t figure out why Bochy didn’t get Scutaro in for an AB, or Romo for even a couple hitters. I thought maybe he didn’t want Scutaro in the field, but he could have easily pinch-hit him for Matt Carpenter to lead off the 9th. Either way, I felt like I’d wasted an evening when the game was over.

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